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    Exactly three minutes after the end of Space Bridge: TFA. Sari and Sixshot are at a familiar location in the Detroit City Park.

    Sixshot: “Okay, I’ll bite, haven’t we been here before?”

    Sari smiles playfully.

    Sari: “Yes…”

    Sixshot strokes his chin in thought.

    Sixshot: “There’s just something about this place that’s important, but I can’t seem to figure out what it is.”

    Sari: “Well, it has been a little while.”

    Sixshot looks around and snaps his fingers.

    Sixshot: “Oh yeah, I remember now! This where we…where I…where you…”

    Sari puts her hand on Sixshot’s leg and looks up at him with a smile.

    Sari: “This is where we first met.”

    Sixshot: “This is where I saved you from that Decepticon, too, isn’t it?”

    Sari nods her head.

    Sixshot: “Vector Prime, how long has it been?”

    Sari: “Five months, today.”

    Sixshot whistles.

    Sixshot: “Just one month away from six. How ‘bout that?”

    Sari: “You know, you’ve changed so much since then.”

    Sixshot: “Yeah…I guess I have.”

    Sari: “I’m really proud of you, Sixshot. When I first met you, you were kind of a jerk, but now, you’re really sweet and kind-hearted, but I get the feeling that that’s how you always were. You were just too shy to show it.”

    Sixshot gets down on his knees in front of Sari.

    Sixshot: “Thank you, Sari. That really means a lot to me.”

    Sari smiles eagerly. Sixshot chuckles softly.

    Sixshot: “Oh, go ahead.”

    Sari gives Sixshot a hug.

    Sari: “Aw, you’re welcome, Uncle Sixshot, and thank you.”

    Sixshot rubs Sari’s head.

    Sixshot: “Hey, anything for you, Monkey.”

    Sari looks up at Sixshot.

    Sari: “Hey, Sixshot?”

    Sixshot: “Yeah?”

    Sari: “Can I ride on your shoulder, pleeeaaase?”

    Sixshot: “Sure.”

    Sixshot picks Sari up and sits her down on his shoulder.

    Sari: “Thanks, Big Guy.”

    Sixshot: “Don’t, it’s nothing, really. Hey, can I ask you something?”

    Sari: “Go right ahead. You can ask me anything, you great big softy…as long as it isn’t about babies.”

    Sixshot narrows his eyes and points his finger at Sari.

    Sixshot: “You know, sooner or later you’re gonna have to tell me where your species’ little monkey baby thingies come from, besides, that isn’t even what I wanted to ask you.”

    Sari’s cheeks turn pink with embarrassment. She giggles nervously.

    Sari: “Oh, sorry. Um…what did you want to ask?”

    Sixshot: “You’re never gonna give up on me, are you?”

    Sari frowns.

    Sari: “Sixshot, I will never give up on you. You’re making great progress so far, and I’m going to help you in any way I can. Don’t worry; someday soon, you’ll be ready to make the change.”

    Sixshot: “But…I have changed.”

    Sari: “I know you’ve changed. You’ve had a change of heart, but you still need to learn how to trust other people, and not just me.”

    Sixshot looks down.

    Sixshot: “I’m sorry, I just don’t know if I can do that, Sari. So far, I haven’t had any good reason to trust anyone other than you.”

    Sari: “But what about Optimus and the Autobots?”

    Sixshot shakes his head.

    Sixshot: “Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice ‘bots, really, they are, but I just don’t know…I just feel like…”

    Sari: “What?”

    Sixshot sighs.

    Sixshot: “I haven’t had a lot of luck with Autobots in the past. I’m lucky I was even able to join them as an informant. I’m sure there are plenty of Autobots out there who still hate me for what I’ve done, but at the end of the orbital cycle, can I really blame them? I know your friend, Honeycomb, doesn’t like me, and that he was just putting on a show because you asked him to. I’m not an idiot, Sari.”

    Sari frowns.

    Sari: “You’re wrong, Sixshot. Bumblebee isn’t like that. Sure, he may be a bit of a hot head, but the last thing Bumblebee would ever do is hate someone, especially you. He’s just a little overly protective of me, that’s all. He’s kind of like a big brother to me. An annoying big brother, but I promise, he means well, and so do the rest of the Autobots. You heard what they said the other night, they don’t care about you’re past. If they did, would you be living with them at the plant?”

    Sixshot blushes and rubs the back of his neck.

    Sixshot: “……”

    Sari puts her hand on Sixshot’s cheek. Sixshot looks at Sari. Sari smiles reassuringly.

    Sari: “I’ve told you before, what’s past is past. Whatever you may have done a million years ago doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is what you’re doing today, and you’re doing a really great job. I’m not just saying that, either. You’re a good bot, Sixshot. I know you are. You just need to show everyone what you’ve shown me, your true colors.”

    Sixshot: “You are such a nice girl, Sari. Your kindness has moved my heart. Without your influence, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe you so much, you have no idea.”

    Sari shakes her head.

    Sari: “No, you don’t owe me anything, Sixshot. So, what do you say?”

    Sixshot: “About…?”

    Sari: “About trusting other people.”

    Sixshot: “I don’t know…”

    Sari stares at Sixshot with her big blue eyes and smiles innocently. She speaks in a soft, sweet voice.

    Sari: “Pretty please, Uncle Sixshot? Would you do it for me, your little monkey? Pretty pleeeaaase?”

    Sixshot: “Aw, you always know how to exploit that sweet spot of mine, don’t you, Monkey? Oh, all right. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do it.”

    Sari: “Yes!”

    Sixshot: “Yeah, yeah, chalk one up for the cute jetpack girl, as usual. I guess that leaves me with, oh, nothing, as usual.”

    Sari: “Hey, come on, don’t be that way.”

    Sixshot: “You’re right, sorry about that. Now listen, I promise I’ll do my best to learn how to trust other people, but only on one condition.”

    Sari: ‘What?”

    Sixshot: “I want you to be there with me every step of the way. You know, for support? I doubt I can do it without you giving me confidence. So, what do you say, can you help old Uncle Sixshot, Monkey?”

    Sari nods her head and smiles.

    Sari: “Of course I’ll help you, friend.”

    Sixshot: “Thank you.”

    Sari: “You’re welcome.”

    Sari gives Sixshot a small kiss on his cheek.

    Sixshot: “……”

    Sari: “And thank you for agreeing to trust the Autobots for me. Don’t worry, they’ll love you, I promise.”

    Sixshot: “Okay.”

    Sixshot and Sari look up. The Decepticons fly over the park.

    Blast Off: “VICTORY SHALL BE OURS!!!”

    Sixshot and Sari look down. An Abrams tank and a Buffalo armored vehicle stampede towards Sixshot and Sari. Sixshot picks up Sari and jumps out of the way.



    Dispensor runs after Brawl and Bonecrusher.

    Dispensor: “Yeah, well I hate that I have to run all the way because all I can transform into is a soda machine! Wait up!”

    Sixshot and Sari look up. A helicopter flies over them, unable to fly a straight line.

    Vortex: “Bloody pit, slow down, please!”

    Sixshot: “Well, that can’t be good.”

    Optimus Prime contacts Sixshot over his com link.

    Optimus Prime: “Sixshot, I need you and Sari to get over to Sumdac Tower, now!”

    Sixshot and Sari look at each other knowingly.

    Sari: “This should be interesting…”

    Sixshot transforms into a humvee. Sari climbs in. Sixshot drives away.
    To be continued…
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    Nice start... epic battle FTW? 8D
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    Can't wait to see what happens next!
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    Yay!! More Sari and Sixshot!! Such a sweet moment for them too!
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    Part Dos (Father, Daughter, and Uncle)

    Professor Sumdac is typing on the space bridge’s main control panel. Bulkhead is behind the control panel.

    Professor Sumdac: “Okay…try unplugging it again.”

    Bulkhead: “Got it.”

    Bulkhead unplugs the control panel.

    Bulkhead: “Did it work?”

    Professor Sumdac: “No, the screen’s still frozen. Just…plug it back in.”

    Optimus Prime stands behind Professor Sumdac.

    Optimus Prime: “How’s it coming along?”

    Professor Sumdac: “Not good. We’ve tried restarting it, unplugging it, we even tried to turn it off, and nothing happened. If Sari was here right now, she could probably fix it.”

    Sari sneaks up behind Professor Sumdac.

    Sari: “Hi, Daddy.”

    Professor Sumdac jumps. He turns around.

    Sari: “Gah! Oh, Sari, it’s just you. Hello.”

    Professor Sumdac looks up at Sixshot.

    Professor Sumdac: “Oh, hello to you, too, Sixshot. It’s nice to see you again.”

    Sixshot says nothing. Sari nudges Sixshot.

    Sixshot: “Oh, right, it’s good to see you again, too, uh…Professor.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Oh, don’t be silly. You can call me Isaac.”

    Sixshot: “Really?”

    Professor Sumdac: “Sure. It’s no trouble at all. After all, I owe you for saving me from that Decepticon a while back. Not to mention you’ve taken such great care of my daughter for me while I’ve been busy with work these past couple of weeks. She seems to like you a lot.”

    Sixshot: “What can I say, I have a way with kids, I guess. Speaking of which, Sari is a great kid, really. You’re lucky to be her father.”

    Professor Sumdac grins.

    Professor Sumdac: “Oh, well thank you, Sixshot. Say, don’t you actually have a so…”

    Professor Sumdac looks at Sari. Sari shakes her head and motions Professor Sumdac to stop talking. Sixshot looks down and catches Sari. Sari looks up at Sixshot and blushes. Sixshot takes a deep breath.

    Sixshot: “It’s okay, Sari. Yes, I did have a……son, but we didn’t really…you know…get along too well.”

    Professor Sumdac frowns.

    Professor Sumdac: “Oh, I’m sorry. Sari had once mentioned that you were a father, but I didn’t know that you didn’t like to…”

    Sixshot raises his hand for silence. He looks at Sari, and then at Professor Sumdac. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head.

    Sixshot: “No, don’t. Let’s just forget about it. You didn’t know. It’s fine, really.”

    Sixshot gets down on one knee in front of Professor Sumdac. His battle mask retracts and reveals his mouth.

    Sixshot: “I can tell you’re a nice guy, even though I don’t know you all that well. You seem like the kind of person who would never purposely say anything hurtful, or offensive, or…just plain stupid.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Uh, thank you?”

    Sixshot: “For the record, I meant that in the best possible way. Now, normally I would slaughter anyone who mentions my worthless, deadbeat drudge of a son in my presence, but I like you, and you are the girl’s father, so I’m willing to make an exception.”

    Sixshot extends his hand to Professor Sumdac.

    Sixshot: “Tomodachis?”

    Professor Sumdac: “Come again?”

    Sari walks over to Professor Sumdac and whispers into his ear.

    Professor Sumdac: “Huh? Oh, yes, of course.”

    Professor Sumdac and Sixshot shake hands.

    Sixshot: “Believe it or not, I wasn’t always this nice, but Sari, her kindness has moved my heart. She’s made me a different bot than what I once was. She’s a really great kid. Now I know where she gets it from.”

    Professor Sumdac: “I know, she’s wonderful, isn’t she? I’m so proud of her.”

    Sari smiles modestly. Her cheeks turn red.

    Sari: “Thanks guys, you’re the best.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Of course, Princess.”

    Sixshot: “Sure thing, Monkey.”

    Sixshot smiles and stands up.

    Sixshot: “Well…”

    Sixshot switches on his battle mask and narrows his eyes.

    Sixshot: “This little love fest is beginning to give me heartburn. Can someone tell me why we’re here again?”

    Optimus Prime: “Apparently, the Combaticons hacked the space bridge and invited an army of Decepticons to Earth, and that can only mean one thing.”

    Sixshot: “Bad stuff’s gonna go down.”

    Optimus Prime: “Right, and what’s worse, the computer’s frozen. There’s no telling how we’ll be able to fix it.”

    Bulkhead walks up to Optimus Prime.

    Bulkhead: “Why not just have Sari fix it?”

    Optimus Prime: “Oh, good thinking, Bulkhead, so how about it, Sari?”

    Sari looks at Sixshot and smiles.

    Sari: “Why not let Sixshot give it a spin?”

    Sixshot: “Hubawha?!”

    Optimus Prime: “Sixshot?”

    Sari: “Yeah, I’m sure he probably knows a thing or two about this kind of stuff.”

    Sixshot strokes his chin.

    Sixshot: “Actually, I was a pretty good hacker back in the orbital cycle. Why not? I’ll give it a go.”

    Bulkhead: “You can’t, the space bridge controls were designed with anti-Decepticon protection codes. How the Combaticons got past it is a miracle in itself.”

    Sixshot scoffs.

    Sixshot: “Don’t worry, Tubby. I’ll take more than some anti-virus code to slag me over. Watch and learn.”

    Sixshot walks over to the control panel. Sari kisses Professor Sumdac on his cheek and smiles.

    Sari: “Thank you for being nice to Sixshot, Daddy. I think you might have gotten through to him a little bit.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Sure. I still can’t believe he used to be a Decepticon. He just doesn’t seem the type, although he is a bit intimidating, and kind of scary, and just a little too big.”

    Sari: “Dad…”

    Professor Sumdac: “Right, sorry.”

    Sixshot stands in front of the control panel.

    Sixshot: "The last time I had a shot at this was eighty-five thousand stellar cycles ago. Let's see if old Uncle Sixshot can get the gears to spin again."

    Sixshot puts his hand out over the keyboard and opens his eyes. His eyes glow bright green. The frozen screen blacks out and becomes overcrowded with glowing green Cyberglyphs moving up and down. Sixshot concentrates on the computer screen with great intensity. His hand vibrates. Everyone stares in astonishment as the space bridge restarts itself and creates a new portal out of thin air. Sixshot eyes return to normal. He gasps for air and steps back.

    Sixshot: “Whoa! I’ve forgotten how much super matrix hacking takes out of you. What a rush!”

    Sari: “Sixshot…how did you do that?!”

    Sixshot winks.

    Sixshot: “Just one of my many awesome special abilities. Anyway, it should be up and running again. It just needed a…wait, what’s this?”

    Optimus Prime: “What?”

    Sixshot: “According to the screen, we’ve got inbound targets coming through the space bridge portal.”

    Bulkhead: “More Decepticons?”

    Sixshot shrugs.

    Sixshot: “Pit if I know, but you should probably take precautions anyway.”

    Optimus Prime: “Right, Autobots prepare to attack on my signal. We don’t know who or what could be coming through that space bridge.”

    The Autobots turn to face the space bridge. Optimus Prime draws his battle axe. Bumblebee deploys his stingers. Prowl crouches down and draws two shurieken. Ratchet aims his EMP generator at the portal. Bulkhead twirls his wrecking ball in the air. Sixshot slips into the shadows and draws his guns. Sari transforms her hand into an energy projector and charges up a large ball of energy. Professor Sumdac picks up a stapler and growls menacingly. A mysterious figure emerges from the portal.

    To be continued…
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    Here's some more characters and their respective (and IMO, potential) voice actors.

    Cosmos and Nightbeat = Maurice LaMarche (The Brain and Inspector Gadget)

    Frenzy and Kremzeek = Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim)

    Barricade = Jess Harnell (The more orignal voice actors, the better.)

    Hound = Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)

    Obsidian = Matthew Wood (General Grievous)

    Onslaught = Kelsey Grammer (Sideshow Bob)
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    "he just said 'good thinking.'"
    "and 'bulkhead.'"

    they have isaac with a stapler, the 'cons don't stand a chance
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    Good chapter... and I can totally picture Obsidian and Frenzy/Kremzeek's voices. xP
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    Part Tres (The All Spark has Eyes)

    Roadbuster emerges from the portal and lands on the space bridge panel below. He slowly turns his head to look around. Optimus Prime lowers his ask.

    Optimus Prime: “MASTER CHIEF?!”

    Roadbuster cracks his neck.

    Roadbuster: “Well, it sure as pit ain’t Big Daddy.”

    Optimus Prime: “Autobots…stand down.”

    The Autobots lower their weapons and salute Roadbuster. Sixshot crosses his arms and grumbles. Roadbuster salutes the Autobots. The sun reflects off of Roadbuster’s armor, causing him to shine angelically. Sari stares at Roadbuster in awe.

    Sari: “Wow…”

    Sixshot rolls his eyes.

    Sixshot: “Oh, for the love of…I bet I know where this is going.”

    Roadbuster looks at Sari.

    Roadbuster: “Hmm…”

    Roadbuster walks over to Sari and lifts her up off of the ground. Sari and Roadbuster look at each other. Roadbuster’s green visor turns dark grey. He scans Sari’s body up and down.

    Roadbuster: “Hmm…no internal damage of any kind…and your external shell appears to be unscathed.”

    Roadbuster’s visor turns green again. He raises his hand and lifts three fingers.

    Roadbuster: “How many fingers do you see?”

    Sari: “Uh…three?”

    Roadbuster lowers his hand.

    Roadbuster: “What’s the capital of Cybertron?”

    Sari: “Uh…I don’t know.”

    Professor Sumdac whispers to Optimus Prime.

    Professor Sumdac: “Is that bad?”

    Roadbuster: “It’s Iacon, but I don’t expect you to know that. You’re fine.”

    Roadbuster gently puts Sari down on the ground. Sari brushes the dirt off of her skirt.

    Sari: “Uh…thank you.”

    Roadbuster nods his head.

    Roadbuster: “Generals Kup and Hound will be pleased to know that you have not been harmed by the Decepticons…yet.”

    Optimus Prime: “What do you know about…?”

    Roadbuster: “Those Decepticons that came through the space bridge before us, they hacked the connecting space bridge in an attempt to get to Earth. Obviously, it ended up being more than an attempt.”

    Bumblebee: “Did you say ‘us’?”

    Rodimus Prime, Drift, Jazz, and Ironhide emerge from the portal and join Roadbuster.

    Jazz: “I always dig that crazy space bridge trip.”

    Bumblebee: “Oh, that’s what you meant.”

    Roadbuster: “Wreckers, sound off.”

    The Wreckers salute Roadbuster.

    Rodimus Prime: “Rodimus Prime, reporting for duty at your command, Sir!”

    Jazz: “Jazz, ready to kick it on Earth, old school style.”

    Ironhide: “Ironhide, ready to bust some ripe Decepti-chop chassis!”

    Drift: “Drift, armed to the teeth and ready for action.”

    Drift looks over at Sari. Sari waves her hand and smiles.

    Sari: "Hi, Drift."

    Drift smiles eagerly.

    Drift: "Earth Girl! It's been so long. How are you?"

    Sari: "I'm great, thanks. I spoke with Captain Springer not too long ago. He told me you're a first lieutenant now. That's really cool. I'm happy for you."

    Drift rubs the back of his neck.

    Drift: "Yeah...I've kind of know...soaring through the ranks. I still have a while to go and a whole lot more to learn. I trust your training has progressed since we last met? Not that you'd need any, anyway. You know, because you're already such a great warrior."

    Sari: "I've been training pretty hard, but I don't think I'm much of a great warrior just yet."

    Drift: "Nonsense. You're a much better fighter than I'll ever be. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn't for your generosity. I owe my career to you.”

    Sari: “Aw, thanks. That’s really sweet, but really, you don’t have to do that.”

    Drift: “Oh, I insist. If there’s ever anything you need, anything at all, I promise I will do everything in my power to make it happen.”

    Sari: “I…thank you, Drift.”

    Drift nods his head.

    Rodimus Prime: “So, is this that girl General Hound kept blabbering about?”

    Rodimus Prime gets down on one knee in front of Sari and strokes his chin.

    Rodimus Prime: “I don’t see what the big deal is. She looks just like any other human.”

    Roadbuster crosses his arms.

    Roadbuster: “Are you sure?”

    Rodimus Prime looks into Sari’s eyes. He gasps and takes a step back.

    Rodimus Prime: “So, it’s true. The All-Spark really does live on in a human shell.”

    Ironhide huffs doubtfully and steps up to Rodimus Prime.

    Ironhide: “Are you out of your processor?! That ain’t no All…”

    Ironhide looks into Sari’s eyes and gasps.

    Ironhide: “Well, I’ll be a dried up sharkticon in the middle of a burning hot desert! She’s got the power of the All-Spark in that puny little body of hers!”

    Jazz walks up to Sari.

    Jazz: “Come on, boys, don’t be acting like a bunch of jive turkeys. There’s nothing crazy ‘bout this girl other than her style, and that’s crazy cool style.”

    Jazz looks into Sari’s eyes.

    Jazz: “Whoa, bro, where did you get those peepers, girl?!”

    Drift: “Yeah, its funny how those eyes are blue, huh? A little too blue, if you ask me. Kind of like…”

    Jazz backs away.

    Jazz: “The All-Spark.”

    Roadbuster: “Now you realize the importance of this mission?”

    Rodimus Prime, Ironhide, and Jazz nod their heads in unison.

    Optimus Prime: “I’m sorry, but could you explain this…mission to us?”

    Roadbuster: “Well, after our little get-together a few months ago, we went back to Cybertron with those escaped prisoners. Sometime after that, there was a massive jailbreak at the Cybertron Stockades. Blast Off, who I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of meeting more than once, escaped from the stockades and made his way over to Trypticon, where most of the Decepticon armada is stationed. He met up with the top brass and told them that the All-Spark was online and kicking on Earth, despite the rumors that kept flying around after Ultra Magnus returned to Cybertron. Don’t ask me how or why, but they actually believed him. An inside source told us that the ‘Cons were planning on leading a fleet of destroyers to Earth. The Elite Guard eventually tightened sky patrol, thus grounding the ‘Cons. What we didn’t count on, though, was that they had a Plan B.”

    Bulkhead: “The Space Bridge Nexus.”

    Jazz: “No, the Nexus is still offline. The Decepticons used a space bridge that was waaay out of Funky Town.”

    Drift: “We tried to stop them from getting through, but they had us outgunned.”

    Optimus Prime: “And now you’re here to finish the job?”

    Roadbuster nods his head.

    Roadbuster: “Direct orders from General Hound and General Kup themselves. We have to stop the Decepticons by any means necessary.”

    Ironhide: “Those Decepticons are the biggest, baddest powerhouses this side of the Milky Way.”

    Jazz: “And their leader is a total square.”

    Ratchet: “Who's their leader?”

    Roadbuster: “The acting leader of the Decepticons while Megatron is MIA, Commander Scorponok.”

    Sixshot narrows his eyes furiously and clenches his fists tightly.

    Sixshot: “No…”

    To be continued…
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    didn't expect that part of your past to catch up to you, did you sixy?:ev: 

    i dig all the autobots in the wreckers,:rock  exept maybe drift.
    but that's not your fault, just don't like him.

    scorpy's gonna have his hands full.

    don't forget, i still think sari's the one who will kill scorpy.
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    Eeeee now Earth's got some more awesome 'bots to their crew!!
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    Well, I have some pretty epic win stuff in store for Drift, so maybe I can change your mind. :wink:  Believe me when I saw that Sixshot's past is seriously screwed up! Sari kills Scorponok? Hmm, well, it's possible that Sari has a dark side hidden beneath that sweet, innocent exterior. Besides, it would be foolish to assume that Sari is just a pretty face with a heart of gold who would never do hurt anybody...
    Maybe there are even more on the way? Bam! Pow! ;) 

    Is it time already for a voice actor update? Okay then. I think it's about time I do the reveal for old Uncle Sixshot's potential voice actor. Are you ready?

    Sixshot = J. Grant Albrecht (If it weren't for Sari's positive in fluence on him, Sixshot would gladly destroy all humans!)
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    ^ Dundundun...

    Here comes Skorpy, Sixshot.

    The Wreckers are awesome. xP
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    Spoilers: Scorponok is killed by sixshot or sari

    just live everybody else
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    Part Cuatro (Trust is one letter away from six.)

    Sari looks at Sixshot with concern.

    Sari: “Sixshot, what’s wrong?”

    Sixshot: “Oh, I’ll tell you what’s wrong. The Fallen’s Advocate is on Earth now. That’s what’s wrong!”

    Roadbuster: “Again with those rumors? Come on, Scorponok is not the Fallen’s advocate. That’s just a story some conspiracy theorist made up to scare the young bots.”

    Sixshot crosses his arms.

    Sixshot: “Is it? Come on, you’ve heard all the stories. You’ve seen first hand what Scorponok is capable of.”

    Ratchet closes his eyes and shakes his head.

    Ratchet: “Scorponok. There’s a name I was hoping I’d never have to hear again. Half of the bots I treated over the course of my career during the Great War were POWs, his POWs. I had never seen anything so gruesome, so morbid, and so…macabre.”

    Sari: “Who’s…?”

    Sixshot: “Not who, what.”

    Rodimus Prime: “Scorponok is about as bad a Decepticon as they come. He’s just…evil. Whatever Megatron can do, Scorponok can do triple. There’s just no other word to describe him than evil.”

    Sixshot: “Then you obviously don’t know Scorponok like I do. He’s evil, of course, but he’s also arrogant, immoral, careless, merciless, sadistic, relentless, and just plain sick in the processor. He calls himself a team leader, but in reality, he’d just as soon kill his own troops as give them an order. He gets his sick kicks out of putting innocent bots, Autobot or otherwise, in cruel life or death situations. Why? So they can either tell him what he wants to know, or because he thinks they should be taught some life lesson or whatever, but really, the guy just likes bloodshed.”

    Sari gulps.

    Sari: “That’s just…just…”

    Sixshot: “I know, sick, but you think you’ve got problems trying not to lose your lunch? Well, try being his second in command for six or so million stellar cycles.”

    Sari: “What? But…you told me you were just a bounty hunter, didn’t you?”

    Sixshot: “I haven’t been perfectly honest with you about a lot of aspects of my life. I’d like to have a little tell-all right this nanoclick, but we have bigger Sharkticons to fry at the moment.”

    Optimus Prime: “Sixshot is right. Right now, we have to figure out how we’re going to stop Scorponok.”

    Sixshot chuckles doubtfully.

    Sixshot: “You’re kidding, right?”

    Optimus Prime shakes his head.

    Optimus Prime: “No…”

    Sixshot: “You can’t stop Scorponok. It’s just not humanly possible. He’s got more juice than me, you, Megatron, and Roadbuster combined. Not to mention he’s about as sharp as my shadow katana. If you guys go after him, chances are he’ll know you’re coming.”

    Optimus Prime crosses his arms and looks at Sixshot doubtfully. Roadbuster steps up to Sixshot.

    Roadbuster: “Well, what do you suggest we do then?”

    Sixshot: “Let me handle it.”

    Optimus Prime: “I’m sorry, Sixshot, but we work as a team. If we go after Scorponok, we go together. No exceptions.”

    Sixshot: “Don’t you get it?! You don’t know how to stand up to a ‘Con like Scorponok. I do. I know how he operates, what makes him tick.”

    Roadbuster: “Then you can tell us what you know about Scorponok, and then we can work on a strategy to bring him down.”

    Sixshot shakes his head.

    Sixshot: “No, no, no! This doesn’t concern you!”

    Roadbuster: “Yes, it does. As of now, I’m calling the shots. I’m the highest ranking officer here right now, in case you didn’t notice, and you’re an informant for the Elite Guard. So really, you don’t have any say in the matter.”

    Sixshot: “Hey, I have a score to settle with Scorponok!”

    Roadbuster: “As do I.”

    Sixshot: “The guy’s been creasing me for the the last six million stellar cycles. The last time I saw him, he shot me into the cold, dark vacuum of outer space. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be the one who brings the creep to justice, in my own way, thank you very much.”

    Optimus Prime steps up to Sixshot.

    Optimus Prime: “Then at least let us help you.”

    Sixshot: “Here’s an idea. Let’s not, and say we did, savvy?”

    Optimus Prime: “We work together as a team, Sixshot, and you’re a part of that team. We have each others backs. A great team has people who can trust each other. Don’t you trust us?”

    Sixshot: “I was never much of a team player, anyway.”

    Drift: “But if what you’re saying about Scorponok is true, then you can help us stop him before he can harm anyone else.”

    Sixshot: “What, you think I’m in this for saving the universe or some other heroic crud? Well, you’re mostly wrong. Sure, I want to protect Sari, but the only other reason I'm interested in pursuing Scorponok is because I want to tell him off, tick him off, and blow him off the face of the earth. It’s about time I got a little payback.”

    Optimus Prime: “But what if you get hurt?”

    Sixshot: “I won’t.”

    Roadbuster: “You do realize you’re outnumbered?”

    Sixshot: “I have holodrones.”

    Rodimus Prime: “There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be outgunned, too.”

    Sixshot: “I have an entire armory at my disposal. Any more questions? Yes? No? Okay then.”

    Optimus Prime: “Sixshot, please, I’m asking you as a friend, please listen to reason. We can help you. You don’t have to go at this alone.”

    Sixshot turns his back and looks over his shoulder.

    Sixshot: “I’ve been a loner all my life. Why should I change now?”

    Optimus Prime smiles reassuringly.

    Optimus Prime: “Because, you’re not a loner, and you’re not a Decepticon. Not anymore. You’re one of us now.”

    Sixshot narrows his eyes.

    Sixshot: “Oh, really?”

    Optimus Prime nods his head. Prowl, Bulkhead, and Ratchet nod their heads. Bumblebee looks the other way. Prowl narrows his eyes and slaps the back of Bumblebee’s head. Bumblebee rubs his head and smiles nervously. He nods his head. Sixshot looks at the Wreckers.

    Sixshot: “What about them?”

    Drift: “I can totally relate to you. You know, the 'not a Decepticon anymore' part? Welcome to the club.”

    Ironhide: “I’ve always wanted to work alongside a Decepti-chop. Sure.”

    Jazz: “Hmm…you seem like a cool cat. I can probably put my bad vibes for the ‘Cons aside and make an exception for you.”

    Rodimus Prime: “Eh, sure, why not?”

    Roadbuster: “......”

    Ironhide smiles reassuringly.

    Ironhide: “Aw, that’s just Roadbuster talk for okey dokey”

    Sixshot crosses his arms.

    Sixshot: “......”

    Sari puts her hand on Sixshot’s leg and looks up at Sixshot with a smile. Sixshot looks down at Sari.

    Sari: “It's okay, Sixshot. You can trust them, I promise."

    Sixshot: "I don't know..."

    Sari: "You trust my judgement, don't you?"

    Sixshot: "..."

    Sixshot looks at the Wreckers and the Autobots.

    Sixshot: “Sure, whatever.”

    Optimus Prime: “So, it’s settled then. Let’s get to work.”

    Sixshot: “Hold on, Fire Convoy, if we’re going after Scorponok, we’re gonna need some pretty hard-core weapons to get the job done, and I know just were we can find them.”

    Roadbuster: “Okay…”

    Sixshot looks down at Sari.

    Sixshot: “And while it pains me to say this, we might need all the help we can get. That means we’ll need your evil little pet to give us a servo, Sari.”

    Sari smiles eagerly.

    Sari: “You mean Kremzeek can help?”

    Sixshot nods his head.

    Sixshot: “…Yes.”

    Sari: “Cool! Hey, where is Kremzeek, anyway?”

    Professor Sumdac: “Oh, I left him in your room, Sari.”

    Sari turns to face Professor Sumdac and looks at him with great urgency.

    Sari: “By himself?”

    Professor Sumdac: “Well, I was sitting with him in the family room, but then Optimus called me upstairs. I didn’t want to leave him in there, and I know he isn’t very fond of robots, so I left him in your room. I thought he’d be happy in there.”

    Sari crosses her arms and glares at Professor Sumdac.

    Sari: “Dad, you can’t leave Kremzeek by himself. He gets really lonely when no one’s around, and when he gets lonely, he gets upset, and when he gets upset, he gets destructive.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Well, I didn’t leave him completely alone.”

    Sari: “What do you mean?”

    Professor Sumdac: “I left the TV on in your room so he’d think someone was there and wouldn’t get lonely.”

    Sari gasps.

    Sari: “Dad, Kremzeek isn’t a dog!”

    Professor Sumdac: “Well, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to care for a…whatever the heck Kremzeek is. He’s probably having fun in there, at least. I left him some of those squeaky chew toys for him to play with.”

    Sari groans and rolls her eyes.

    Sari: “I don’t believe you! Sorry guys, I’ll talk to you later. It was nice seeing you again, Drift.”

    Drift looks at Sari with a puzzled expression and waves his hand.

    Drift: “Uh, it was nice seeing you ,too, Earth Girl. I’ll…uh…talk to you later.”

    Sari runs back inside. The Autobots watch as Sari leaves. Sixshot faux coughs.

    Sixshot: “Awkward!”

    Professor Sumdac laughs nervously.

    Professor Sumdac: “Teenage girls, right? Uh, nice talking with you, Sixshot.”

    Sixshot: “Yeeeaaah, sure, I guess……”

    Professor Sumdac walks back inside.

    Optimus Prime: “Uh…okay. Let’s transform and roll on back to the plant.”

    To be continued…
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    Here's the last of the Combaticons along with their voice actors.

    Brawl = Gordon Ramsey (Get the hell out of Brawl's kitchen, you donkey! :Gouki: )

    Vortex = Mark Hamill (The force is strong with this one! Sorry, couldn't resist :eek: )
  17. Vexza

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    Poor Drift. And Oh Noes, what is Kremzeek up to?
  18. TF~Starlight

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    Aawww Poor Kremzeek! Left all alone!......Hmmm, maybe I should be more worried about Sari's stuff....Or maybe more worried about what the Decepti~creeps are gonna do once they get their nasty greasy servos on Sari! Ahhh!! *tugging hair out* I ish so confused on what to expect and/or worry about!!
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    Part Cinco (Kremzeeks are a girl's best friend.)

    Sari’s jetpack is flying around Sari’s bedroom by itself.

    Kremzeek: “Needs music!”

    Kremzeek flies out of Sari’s jetpack and into her stereo. The stereo turns on by itself and starts playing heavy metal rock music. Kremzeek jumps out of the stereo. He plays an air guitar and sticks his tongue out.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek rock and roll all night!”

    Kremzeek laughs manically and jumps back into Sari’s Jetpack. The jetpack flies into the wall.

    Kremzeek: “Ow! That’s it! Kremzeek bored with stupid jetpack thingy now!”

    Kremzeek jumps out of Sari’s jetpack and lands on Sari’s bed. Sari’s jetpack falls to the floor and transforms into a scooter. Kremzeek catches his breath.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek had lots of fun!”

    Kremzeek frowns and sighs sadly.

    Kremzeek: “But Kremzeek have more fun when Sari play with Kremzeek. Kremzeek no see Sari all day. Kremzeek sad that Kremzeek no see Sari all day. Boring! Boring! Boring!”

    The door opens. Sari walks in and looks around. Kremzeek groans.

    Kremzeek: “Go away, Sari’s Daddy! Kremzeek no want more doggy food or stupid chew toys! Kremzeek want Sari!”

    Sari sighs with relief.

    Sari: “Oh, there you are.”

    At the sound of Sari’s voice, Kremzeek gasps and sits up on the bed. He turns to look at Sari and smiles eagerly.

    Kremzeek: “Sari?”

    Sari smiles and waves her hand.

    Sari: “Hi, Kremzeek. I’m sorry I was gone so long. Did you miss me?”

    Kremzeek flies towards Sari.

    Kremzeek: “Sari! Sari! Sari! Sari!”

    Kremzeek rubs up against Sari’s legs and purrs.

    Sari: “I’ll take that as a yes.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek miss Sari so much. Kremzeek not know where Sari go. Kremzeek thought maybe Sari got lost. Kremzeek thought Kremzeek would never see Sari again.”

    Sari: “Aw, its okay, Little Buddy. I’m here now. Do you want to sit on my bed with me?”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek!”

    Sari sits down on her bed. Kremzeek flies over to Sari and sits on her lap. Kremzeek looks up at Sari.

    Kremzeek: "Sari! Kremzeek!”

    Sari laughs softly and shakes her head.

    Sari: “I don’t know what I was so worried about. When my dad told me he left you all by yourself in here, I though for sure that you might mess around with my stuff. Oh, but you would never do that, would you, my sweet little cutie?”

    Kremzeek smiles nervously.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek…”

    Sari gently strokes Kremzeek’s head. Kremzeek purrs.

    Sari: “I’m sorry I left you behind. I promise that from now on, we’re gonna spend a lot of time together. Would you like that, Buddy?”

    Kremzeek cuddles up to Sari.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek want to be with Sari more. Sari lots of fun.”

    Sari: “Aw, you’re a lot of fun, too. Hey, can I ask you something?”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “Okay, well, you know my friend, Sixshot, right? Well, today is kind of the anniversary of the day we first met, and I wanted to get him something special to show him how much he means to me as a friend. I came up with something, but I want to know what you think of it before I decide to give it to him.”

    Kremzeek snarls.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek no like Six-Changer.”

    Sari frowns.

    Sari: “Oh, that’s right. You’re jealous of him, aren’t you? Well you shouldn’t be. Sixshot is my friend, and so are you. I love you guys equally, and I don’t want to lose either of you because you can’t see eye to eye with each other. Do you understand?”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek…understand.”

    Sari: “So, do you think you can be friends with Sixshot from now on, for me?”

    Kremzeek: “Six-Changer and Kremzeek…friends?”

    Kremzeek crosses his arms and shakes his head.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek no want to.”

    Sari thinks for a moment and smiles playfully.

    Sari: “Are you sure?”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek!”

    Sari kisses Kremzeek on his forehead. Kremzeek blushes.

    Sari: “How about now?”

    Kremzeek sighs dreamily and stares absent mindedly at Sari.

    Kremzeek: “Sari looks really pretty today. Pretty girl Sari is nice to Kremzeek, so Kremzeek be nice to pretty girl Sari. Kremzeek be nice to Six-Changer.”

    Sari giggles and gently strokes Kremzeek’s head.

    Sari: “That’s what I thought. Good boy. Good Kremzeek. So, I want to show you what I got for Sixshot, okay, Little Cutie?”

    Kremzeek sighs dreamily and looks into Sari's eyes.

    Krremzeek: "Sari has beautiful blue eyes."

    Sari snaps her fingers in Kremzeek’s face.

    Sari: “Wake up, Little Buddy.”

    Kremzeek blinks.

    Kremzeek: “Right, sorry. So, what Sari get for Six-Changer?”

    Sari: “Well, I was thinking I could give Sixshot an upgrade. So, I asked my dad to make an upgrade patch for him. Wanna see it?”

    Sari reaches into her pocket and pulls out a device that looks similar to her old All-Spark key. Kremzeek looks at the device in awe.

    Kremzeek: “Ooh…what is it?”

    Sari: “Well, it’s an upgrade. When I give it to Sixshot, he’ll be able to use it to give himself some new powers. Think it’s a good idea for a present?”

    Kremzeek smiles and nods his head.

    Kremzeek: “Good idea. Six-Changer will like present, but…Kremzeek want better present for his friend anniversary.”

    Sari giggles.

    Kremzeek: “Fair enough. Thanks, Kremzeek.”

    Kremzeek jumps onto Sari’s shoulder and nuzzles her affectionately.

    Kremzeek: “Sari welcome.”

    Sari: “Hey, who’s my little cutie?”

    Kremzeek smiles eagerly.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek!”

    Sari: “Aw, good boy! Who needs a dog when you can have your own little…whatever the heck you are?”

    Kremzeek: “Sari is Kremzeek’s best friend in the world.”

    Sari: “Thanks, Little Buddy. You’re my best friend, too. Bumblebee and Sixshot aren’t gonna be happy about this, so we’ll just have to keep this a secret, okay?”

    Kremzeek: “Sari’s secret is safe with Kremzeek.”

    Sari: “Good Kremzeek. Good boy.”

    Meanwhile, on the Combaticons’ ship at the bottom of Lake Erie, the Combaticons are briefing Commander Scorponok and his team on the situation on Earth.

    Scorponok: “So, tell me about this…All-Spark child.”

    To be continued…
  20. SoundFire Prime

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    Part Seis (Don't rub salt in the wound.)

    Scorponok: “I don’t believe a word of what you just said. I mean, you can’t be serious? Do you honestly expect me to believe that a techno-organic is walking this planet with the holy power of the All-Spark flowing through her circuitry?! At first it piqued my interest, but after hearing the full version of your story, I have to say, you’re insane!”

    Blast Off: “But it’s true!”

    Onslaught: “The bot speaks the truth, Scorponok. I too have seen the girl, and believe me, she is all too real.”

    Vortex: “Really, my dear boy, there are much stranger things in this universe. This one shouldn’t be too hard to believe. I have also seen the girl, up close, I might add, and there is nothing more real on this planet than her.”

    Scorponok: “What’s wrong with you glitch-heads?! The very idea of the All-Spark living in the body of some human…”

    Blast Off: “Techno-organic.”

    Scorponok: “Whatever! Anyway, the whole thing defies logic. Seriously, think about it. You’re making it sound like the All-Spark may as well be a pretender. It’s preposterous. You’re preposterous!”

    Barricade: “No, it’s not preposterous.”

    Scorponok turns to face Barricade.

    Scorponok: “Did I give you permission to question me?!”

    Barricade: “I saw her, too, and so did Frenzy.”

    Frenzy chuckles slyly.

    Frenzy: (Translated) “I savored the moment.”

    Barricade: “Upon first contact, Frenzy did a scan of her techno-organic structure. He also recorded our encounter with her. You want proof of her existence? Then hook Frenzy up to the computer over there, he’ll show you everything.”

    Scorponok sighs.

    Scorponok: “Fine, but this had better be good.”

    Swindle grabs Frenzy and brings him over to the computer. He attaches a cord to Frenzy’s head and turns the computer on. Blueprints of Sari’s techno-organic anatomy appear on the screen along with X-ray scans showing the Cybertronian circuitry underneath her human skin. Scorponok and the other Decepticons stare in amazement at the screen.

    Scorponok: “Well, I’ll be slagged, it is true.”

    Obsidian: “IT’S INCREDIBLE!”

    Scourge: “By the All-Spark!”

    Blast Off points at the screen.

    Blast Off: “Do you see her spark, right there?”

    Scorponok: “It’s…delicious.”

    Scorponok licks his lips. Frenzy wolf whistles. Barricade groans and puts his palm on his face.

    Barricade: “I know he’s supposed to be a creepy, twisted little monster, but come on!”

    Swindle: “Frenzy’s video logs are streaming now.”

    A window pops up on the screen and shows footage of Barricade and Frenzy’s encounter with Sari and Sixshot. Scorponok spots Sixshot on the screen and gasps. His eyes widen in shock.

    Scorponok: “……Sixshot?!”

    Blast Off crosses his arms and huffs angrily.

    Blast Off: “Ah, yes, Sixshot, quite a bounty hunting prude if ever there was one, eh wot?”

    Barricade pounds his fists together.

    Barricade: “I’ve been eagerly anticipating the orbital cycle I would get even with that traitor.”

    Scorponok struggles to speak.

    Scorponok: “It’s been so long. I haven’t seen him since…I thought for sure he was…”

    Scorponok’s eyes turn jet black with rage. He slams his fist down on the keyboard and roars.


    Scorponok drives his tail through the computer screen and breaks it. Sparks fly and the screen goes black. Scorponok pants heavily. Everyone stares at Scorponok in silence.

    Scorponok: “Okay, as of right now, we have three missions to accomplish on this planet.”

    Cyclonus: “And those are…?”

    Scorponok: “We need to capture the girl and bring her back to this ship so we can dissect her spark.”

    Obsidian rubs his hands together.


    Scorponok: “Onslaught, is Nemesis Prime still on Earth?”

    Onslaught: “Unfortunately, Commander, we lost track of him about four orbital cycles ago, and haven’t seen him anywhere since then.”

    Scorponok: “Well, we’re going to have to spread out and find him.”

    Obsidian: “WHY IS THAT, COMMANDER?”

    Scorponok: “Because, Obsidian, Nemesis Prime is in possession of the ultimate weapon. If we can get a hold of it, we’ll be able to combine its power with the girl’s All-Spark.”

    Cyclonus: “And that’s going to accomplish…what, dare I ask?”

    Scorponok smiles devilishly.

    Scorponok: “It’s going to win us this war.”

    Scorponok whisper’s so softly, that only he can hear himself speak.

    Scorponok: “And make me the permanent leader of the Decepticons, like I always should have been, once and for all.”

    Everyone mutters in agreement.

    Scorponok: "The thrid mission is my own personal mission, I needn't get into details. I suggest you focus on your missions, and not mine."

    Onslaught: “I say, I like where this is going, but I’m afraid we’re going to need a more in-depth explanation of how we should go about accomplishing said missions.”

    Scorponok: “That will take a while to figure out, but for now, the best thing we can do is make sure the Autobots aren’t up to anything that might thwart our efforts. That being said, I’m going to send Barricade and Frenzy to spy on the Autobots and the All-Spark child.”

    Barricade groans.

    Barricade: “Finally, something to do!”

    Scorponok: “Do you know where to find them?”

    Barricade: “Yes I do, Sir, and so does Frenzy.”

    Scorponok: “Good, off you go, then.”

    Barricade transforms into a police cruiser and opens the door for Frenzy. Frenzy climbs into Barricade and shuts the door.

    Scorponok: “Try not to draw attention to yourselves, and don’t attack the Autobots until I give you the okay to do so.”

    Barricade: “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

    Barricade exits the ship and drives along the bottom of the lake. Frenzy peers out the window at a school of fish. Frenzy tilts his head inquisitively. The school of fish is scared away by the arrival of a much larger fish. Frenzy screams and ducks underneath his seat. Barricade drives up onto the beach and gets finds his way onto the main road.

    Frenzy: (Translated) “Oh yeah, we’re going to Detroit, baby! Get ready, hot earth girl, ‘cause Frenzy’s back in town! Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!”

    Frenzy laughs evilly.

    Barricade: “SHUT UP!”

    Frenzy: “Sorry.”

    Barricade contacts Scorponok over his com link.

    Barricade: “Barricade and Frenzy en route to the human city. I will contact you once we arrive.”

    Scorponok: “Good luck, you two.”

    Barricade: “I don’t believe in luck.”

    Scorponok frowns.

    Scorponok: “Neither do I.”

    To be concluded…