TFA: A Nemesis Prime Problem

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    Nemesis Prime regains consciousness. He is wearing a Saw esque reverse bear trap around his head. His wrists are locked in stasis chains that are hanging from the ceiling. His ankles are also locked in stasis chains. Nemesis Prime looks up and sees Scorponok staring him down. Blackout is standing in the doorway behind Scorponok. Onslaught, Vortex, and Barricade are standing on either side of Scorponok. Nemesis Prime struggles to reach towards Scorponok.

    Scorponok: "Hello, Nemesis Prime. You don't know me, but I know you."

    Nemesis Prime narrows his eyes.

    Nemesis Prime: “How do y'all know my name?”

    Scorponok: “The same way I know everything else about you.”

    Nemesis Prime: "Y'all better let me go before I do something I might regret!"

    Scorponok: "Incidentally, regret is not in your programming."

    Nemesis Prime: “Who are you?!”

    Scorponok: “You don’t remember? Why, I’m Scorponok, or as I wish to call myself very soon, Megazarak.”

    Nemesis Prime: “Sorry, cowboy, but that name ain’t ringing no bells.”

    Scorponok: “No surprise there. That fool, Scalpel, probably programmed you to know nothing of your creation or any of the events surrounding it.”

    Nemesis Prime’s eyes widen.

    Nemesis Prime: “Master?”

    Scorponok grins.

    Scorponok: “Why yes, of course, your master, Doctor Scalpel.”

    Nemesis Prime frantically looks around the room.

    Nemesis Prime: “Where is he? Tell me, where’s my master?!”

    Scalpel: “Right here my son.”

    A small, spider-like robot scurries between Blackout’s legs and climbs up onto Scorponok’s shoulder. Nemesis Prime gasps.

    Nemesis Prime: “Master, I’ve missed y'all so much! This world, it’s so strange. The people here are primitive and violent. I’ve been traveling around the human city for almost a decacycle, and they’ve done nothing but fire at me. And the robots, they’re all against me. I tried to stop them. Honest, I have, but there’s this little girl who’s just too strong. I…I’ve failed you, my master. Please forgive me.”

    Scalpel speaks with a Peter Lorre-like voice.

    Scalpel: “Do not worry, my dear, dear, boy. Master forgives you, and he always will. You are strong, Nemesis. I believe in you. However, while you have in fact caused untold amounts of monetary damage to this city, I am, in a word, under whelmed that you could not defeat the Autobots, let alone a stupid little girl.”

    Nemesis Prime: “I know, I know, but Master, she has powers. She has powers that even I can’t combat on my own. It’s the All-Spark, my master. Its holy power counters the aura originating from my Dead Matrix, thereby rendering its godless power useless.”

    Scalpel stalls and looks at Scorponok. He turns to face Nemesis Prime.

    Scalpel: “I know, my son. I know, and that is why I’m afraid it must be taken from you.”

    Nemesis Prime: “WHAT?! NO!!!”

    Scalpel: “Try to understand, Nemesis, my son…”

    Nemesis Prime: “Straxus entrusted the Dead Matrix to me, and now you expect me to hand it over just like that, and to who, dare I ask?!”

    Scalpel: “...Scorponok.”

    Nemesis Prime roars and tries to break free from his chains. Scalpel closes his eyes and sighs. He shakes his head.

    Scalpel: “Do it, if you must.”

    Scorponok looks at Onslaught out of the corner of his eye. Onslaught nods his head and looks at Vortex.

    Onslaught: “Go ahead, initiate Code Yellow.”

    Vortex chuckles deviously.

    Vortex: “Oh dear, I thought you would never ask. It’s time for the light show, boys and girls!”

    Vortex walks over to the control panel and pulls a large red lever. A strong electrical current travels through Nemesis Prime’s chains and electrocute him at about six thousand volts. Nemesis Prime roars in pain. Scalpel flinches. Vortex laughs maniacally.

    Vortex: “So, are you ready to talk now, you zip-lipped drudge?! Come on, Vortex doesn’t have all orbital cycle! On second thought, maybe I do! Oh, what the heck, I can do this all night long!”

    Vortex resumes laughing maniacally. Nemesis Prime continues to roar in pain.


    Scorponok: “Oh, relax, Doctor Scalpel, nothing can simply hurt Nemesis Prime. Trust me, whatever torture Vortex puts the trog through will be about as effective as trying to decapitate him with a feather. However, I advise that you not assume that Nemesis Prime is unstoppable.”

    Scalpel: “Nemesis Prime is unstoppable. That’s how I created him!”

    Scorponok shakes his head.

    Scorponok: “You’re mistaken, I’m afraid. You see, Nemesis Prime is only unstoppable when he is actually using the Dead Matrix’s power. When it’s just sitting in his spark chamber, he renders himself vulnerable, but when Nemesis actually uses the Dead Matrix, he is completely unstoppable.”

    Scalpel: “Yes, yes, I know this! I know this! But still, that does not explain why we actually have to take the Dead Matrix from him.”

    Scorponok: “The girl almost killed Nemesis Prime today. Had that come to pass, the Dead Matrix may likely have been destroyed by the girl or perhaps could have even fallen into Autobot hands. The Fallen’s megacycle is upon us, and we can’t afford to lose the Dead Matrix or the All-Spark to the Autobots.”

    Barricade: “But the girl is already under the Autobots’ supervision. Obviously, the latter should not even be considered an issue now.”

    Scorponok turns to face Barricade.

    Scorponok: “Why do you think I had you send Frenzy to watch over her?”

    Barricade: “Right, if we can keep the girl away from the Autobots long enough, which, in retrospect, is virtually impossible, we can kidnap her and bring her back to Tidal Wave so we can tear her limb from limb.”

    Scorponok raises his hand, and then lowers it and shakes his head.

    Scorponok: “Barricade, you close minded idiot, nothing is impossible.”

    Barricade steps up to Scorponok and raises his fist.

    Barricade: “I’ll thank you to never talk to me like that again, Commander, or else I’ll be forced to…”

    Scorponok: “What?”

    Barricade snarls. Scorponok points his stinger at Barricade’s forehead.

    Barricade: “Don’t finish what you can’t start, Barricade.”

    Barricade turns his back to Scorponok.

    Barricade: “Permission to leave…Commander?”

    Scorponok: “Granted.”

    Barricade walks over to Blackout and looks up at him. Blackout looks down at Barricade and growls.

    Barricade: “You heard the bot, out of my way, Lurch!”

    Blackout pounds his fists together and snarls. He steps to the side and allows Barricade to leave. Barricade turns left out the door and walks down the hallway.

    Barricade: “I didn’t join the Decepticons so I could be some arachnid’s glitch...”

    Sideways walks along side Barricade.

    Sideways: “So, Operation Antivenin is still in effect?”

    Barricade: “Scorponok has the Dead Matrix now. There’s nothing we can do to stop him.”

    Sideways: “…Now what?”

    Barricade: “The girl may be the only one who can stop him now. Frenzy will keep us posted for the time being.”

    Sideways: “What are we going to do with her?”

    Barricade stops walking and looks at Sideways.

    Barricade: “All in good time, brother, all in good time.”

    Back in the torture chamber, Scorponok turns to face Onslaught.

    Scorponok: “So, are we going to do this, or not?”

    Nemesis Prime: “You can’t take the Dead Matrix away from me! I won’t let you. Without it, I’m powerless! I’m just another token Decepticon whose only purpose is to serve as cannon fodder. I ain’t gonna die!”

    Scorponok: “No, you're not.”

    Nemesis Prime: “Say what now?”

    Scorponok smirks.

    Scorponok: “Oh yes, I’m going to have you reprogrammed so you can become a harder, better, and faster Decepticon weapon of mass destruction. You have my word.”

    Nemesis Prime: “And why should I trust a rotten little varmint like you?”

    Scorponok: “If your master trusts me, would you trust me?”

    Nemesis Prime: “……”

    Nemesis Prime looks at Scalpel. Scalpel sighs.

    Scalpel: “Yes, I trust him, and so should you, Nemesis.”

    Nemesis Prime stalls. He nods his head.

    Nemesis Prime: “Fine, when do we begin?”

    Soundwave steps out of the shadows with his Ratbat keytar in hand.

    Soundwave: “Right now. Let Operation Reprogram commence.”

    Soundwave plays a hypnotic guitar solo on his Ratbat keytar. Nemesis Prime closes his eyes and struggles to break free from his chains. Scalpel looks away.

    Scalpel: “How long must he suffer this?”

    Scorponok snickers and counts his fingers.

    Scorponok: “Ju, kyu, hachi, shichi, roku, go, shi, san, ni, and, wait for it, ichi.”

    Nemesis Prime opens his eyes. They go from blood red to jet black. Nemesis Prime stops struggling. Soundwave keeps playing his Ratbat keytar. Nemesis Prime chuckles evilly. Scalpel stares at Nemesis Prime in disbelief.

    Scalpel: “My spark, his optics. Scorponok, what have you done to him?!”

    Scorponok grins ear to ear and walks over to Nemesis Prime.

    Scorponok: “Congratulations, Doctor Scalpel.”

    Scorponok’s eyes turn jet black. He speaks with a demonic echo in his voice.

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “By creating Nemesis Prime, you inadvertently provided a vessel for one of my reapers.”

    Scalpel: “What?!”

    Scorponok looks at Scalpel.

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “Oh, come on. Look at my optics and tell me you don’t recognize me.”

    Scalpel looks at Scorponok’s eyes and gasps.

    Scalpel: “DEATHBRINGER?!”

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “Yahtzee!”

    Scalpel: “What are you doing here, of all places?!”

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “Unbeknownst to Scorponok here, I came to Earth looking for an old friend of mine.”

    Scalpel: “Don’t tell me you’re still trying to get Sixshot to join your reapers?”

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “Of course I am, you idiot. You know the devastation he’s capable of.”

    Scalpel: “Of course I know. Everyone does, but…”

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “BUT WHAT?!”

    Scorponok jumps down from Scorponok’s shoulder and scurries over to Onslaught. He hides behind Onslaught’s leg.

    Onslaught: “Sir, I what I think this cowardly, bug-eyed pinhead is trying to say is that you are wasting your time.”

    Scorponok glares at Onslaught.

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “Elaborate.”

    Vortex: “Every bot knows by now that Sixshot has renounced his allegiance to the Decepticon cause. In a word, he’s gone soft.”

    Onslaught nods his head.

    Onslaught: “Indeed. Sixshot no longer possesses the Decepticon Matrix of Evil. So really, you have no reason to go after him now.”

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “Au contraire, my deluded mercenary. Six thousand stellar cycles ago, I made a deal with Sixshot. I asked him if he wanted to become a reaper, and he said he needed time to think about it.”

    Scorponok toys with his stinger and shoots Onslaught a look.

    Scorponok: (Deathbringer) “He’s a marked bot, my dear Onslaught, and his time’s up.”

    Scalpel looks up at Onslaught. Onslaught looks down at Scalpel and shrugs.

    Scorponok: “Oh, listen to me rattling on about my troubles with Sixshot…again. How embarrassing. Anyway, I’m gonna take five now. Sayonara.”

    Scorponok’s eyes turn blood red again.

    Scorponok: “Right, now that he’s gone, let’s get down to business.”

    Scorponok turns to Nemesis Prime.

    Scorponok: “Can I have the Dead Matrix? Yes or no will do.”

    Nemesis Prime speaks in a monotone voice.

    Nemesis Prime: “The techno-organic must be destroyed.”

    Scorponok sighs impatiently.

    Scorponok: “Would you kindly stop playing that blasted thing?!”

    Soundwave stops playing his Ratbat keytar.

    Soundwave: “My bad.”

    Scorponok: “So, as I was saying, can I have the Dead Matrix, or not?”

    Nemesis Prime: “Yes, Lord Megazarak.”

    Scorponok: “Thank you.”

    Scorponok opens Nemesis Prime’s spark chamber and takes out his Dead Matrix. He opens his own spark chamber and places the Dead Matrix inside. Onslaught and Vortex look at each other and shrug. Scorponok closes his spark chamber and inhales. He exhales and grins devilishly.

    Scorponok: “Delicious.”

    Onslaught: “Jolly good, jolly good. If I may be so bold to ask, what are we to do now?”

    Scorponok: “Now that the Dead Matrix is mine, all we need to do now is get the girl, and my transformation will have been completed. We’re going to need everyone on the job, especially Soundwave.”

    Scalpel: “Why do we need him?”

    Scorponok: “All will be revealed, Doctor Scalpel, but I can at least tell you that Soundwave shares our hatred for the All-Spark child.”

    Soundwave: “With a passion.”

    Scorponok: “Come along then, it’s time to begin preparing for the endgame.”

    Scorponok laughs evilly. He is joined by everyone else. Scorponok stops laughing.

    Scorponok: “Okay, that’s enough of that. Let’s go.”

    Blackout steps out of the doorway and lets Scorponok leave the room. He follows Scorponok as he turns the corner and walks down the hallway. Onslaught, Vortex, and Soundwave leave the room. Scalpel stays behind with Nemesis Prime.

    Nemesis Prime: “I still live to serve you, and only you, my master.”

    Scalpel: “I know, my son. I know.”

    The end
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    Is all I have to say. xD
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    does scorpy know that deathbringer lives inside him?
    creepy to the core.

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    ^ Yeah, but he doesn't really have a say in the matter. He's usually remembers when Deathbringer has taken over. However, he's only awake for bits and pieces.
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    Oooooooooooooo what will Barricade want with Sari and what will he do to her? And how creepy will Frenzy become now?! :lol