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    for me...

    I want Grimlock to do this:

    Giant: Kill Everything - YouTube

    Except instead of pulling out guns, he transforms into T-Rex mode for the first time in the movie, in league with how he can only transform when his rage meter is maximized in Fall of Cybertron. Then, boiling to the point where he loses control of himself completely, goes on a rampage. Could set up a cool scene where someone (Optimus?) tells him how he can still choose what he wants to be, at which point Grimlock finally gains control over his unique ability.

    Think like in the trailer for the transformation, but more violent (not quicker, more like sharper motions):

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

    I like his flamethrower, however, a supremely emotional scene may require an attack that channels a bit more energy into it.

    Hypothetically, if Grimlock is mourning over a wounded/fallen comrade, After he transforms into beast mode, I would both want and think it would fit the tone of the scene best to see him do something like this:

    Skip to 2:15

    ~Pokémon - Numb~ - YouTube
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