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    Jul 27, 2010
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    So, I guess this is meant more as a general thread for what everyone would like to see with TF3 toys but for me I had a couple specific...thoughts on the whole line.

    Specifically, I was thinking about this as I put down Pre-orders at BBTS For a Just it Toys Masterpiece Prime Trailer for my original release 20th Anniversary Prime and MP Rodimus.
    What do you guys think the chances are, especially with all the talk, we'll see a Leader Prime with a trailer? Especially by Hasbro here in the states.
    Let's face it TT is known for going the extra length for fans and collectors, Hasbro Not so much. We've Seen the awesomeness that is the ROTF Leader Prime Mold and the amazing detail TT added to it with Buster Prime. It's really got me curious if they'll go that extra mile and add the trailer. To Further that question will we only see it in a Possible MP release, much like MP-M001.

    Hell maybe this has been all discussed to death already and Im just late to the party(Damned collecting spurts).