TF3 - The Route of All Evil

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    Coming up with everything was a pain, but it's done. Therefore, I can post this here! Yay!



    • Optimus Prime
    • Ironhide
    • Bumblebee
    • Ratchet
    • Sideswipe
    • Arcee
    • Skids
    • Mudflap
    • Jolt
    • Wheelie
    • Crosshairs
    • Sunstreaker
    • Bluestreak


    • Megatron
    • Starscream
    • Thundercracker
    • Skywarp
    • Shockwave
    • Blitzwing
    • Soundwave
    • Laserbeak
    • Barricade
    • Rumble
    • Ransack
    • Reflector
    • Protoform army
    • Some Scorponok look (read?) alikes
    • A few Constructicons here and there (no Devastator though)
    • Overlord

    • Motormaster
    • Dead End
    • Drag Strip
    • Breakdown
    • Clench
    • Wildrider
    • Runabout
    • Slicer

    • Bombshell (not actually an insect, just the guy who leads them)
    • Scalpel/The Doctor
    • Flamefeather
    • Shrapnel

    Yes, there's eight Stunticons. I wanted Menasor to be big so he could punch the Eiffel Tower out of commission.

    Putting together the cast was a pain. I'm pretty sure I went through at least three cast lists before I did this. Highbrow, Silverbolt, Wheeljack, Thunderwing, Scourge, zombified Jazz, the Combaticons, even Nemesis Prime.....all of these guys were in at least one of the cast revisions. I even had a big fight planned between Optimus and Nemesis, but it got dropped when I axed Nemesis.

    No chapter yet, because I can't write something that would start off this kind of fanfic in twenty minutes.
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    Because, really, no one looks beyond page 1, I'm bumping this topic with a new chapter.

    Chapter 1

    (Optimus Prime voiceover)

    A year after the Cairo incident and the destruction of the Fallen, we believed that our Decepticon enemies would trouble us no more.

    We were wrong.

    (end Optimus Prime voiceover, cut to title screen)


    At first, this appeared to be a regular day.....if there were regular days in space. Satellites were floating around, as usual.

    The space shuttle Genesis orbited the Earth. It was on a perfectly ordinary mission to the ISS, delivering supplies and new crewmembers.

    Crewmember 1: "Forty-seven minutes to omega point."

    Crewmember 2: "Hold on. What's that on the rear camera?"

    Crewmember 1: "Looks like a really weird satellite....."

    While the crew of the shuttle argued on what the satellite was, its eyes lit up. Naturally, satellites don't have eyes, so there had to be something wrong.

    Soundwave: "Laserbeak.....eject."

    Laserbeak flew out of a compartment in Soundwave's chest and growled while extending blades from his wings. His mission: eliminate human space shuttle.

    None of the crew even had time to scream.

    Laserbeak crashed right into the shuttle, ripping through the hull and into the vehicle. The air was sucked out almost instantly. The Decepticon flew up to the nearest computer console and revealed several wires, which attached to the computer and began uploading.....something. The idea was that the humans would download the contents into their computers, playing right into Soundwave's, and by extension Megatron's, hands.

    Soundwave: File upload complete. Return immediately.

    Laserbeak silently disconnected himself from the computer and flew away, but not before placing a tracker on the shuttle, so other Decepticons could find it and blow it out of the sky.