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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by inturnmike, Aug 20, 2010.

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    So, can someone kind of go into a little bit of detail...maybe give some examples of how the multiplayer gameplay works?

    Here is what I mean...I am getting fed up of absolutely plastering an enemy (I mean literally shooting them 6 or 7 times, melee-ing them), and they smack me once and I die, even w/ an overshield).

    Another example just happened today...I was shooting the tank cannon for Warpath and I hit a guy hiding behind a column 7 straight times. Now, I know that only 1 of those was a direct hit, but my reticle flashed all 7 times as if it hit him (splash damage, perhaps). He was only a't that have been enough to kill him (no overshield)?

    So I guess what I am asking for is....Do certain guns cause more or less damage to certain classes? Does a Soldier receive less damage from a Scatter Blaster than a Scientist does?

    Also, When a Soldier hits you with a Fusion Cannon, does it cause more damage to you than when a Scout hits you with one?

    Or does each gun do the exact same amount of damage, no matter who shoots it or who it hits?

    And why the hell have I NEVER been able to kill ANYONE with the Fusion Cannon? I was running backwords with a Scout following me...hitting him in the chest with that damned gun (at least 3 times) and then he dashed in and melee'd me to death in one hit.... HUH? Any tips on using this infernal contraption?

    I have almost completely given up on using the Soldier and Leader classes because I can't kill anyone with them...But I always get my azz handed to me when someone else uses them. (I know...part of that is tactics.)

    Thanks :) 
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    As far as I can tell the amount of damage dealt doesn't vary with the class using the weapon. But there are several possibilities. Warcry reduces damage, so if they're under the effect of that it would take more hits to take them out. Flak Armor can be used by both Soliders and Leaders, it reduces damage from Fusion Cannons because they're explosive weapons, same thing for tank cannon I think. I feel like there's something else I'm forgetting, another ability that reduces damage, but I can't remember.

    The other possibility is that there ARE cheaters in this game. There's some known glitches where abilities can be used by classes that shouldn't be able to use them. A couple of weeks ago I was in a game where there was a guy playing a Scout who ran around for an entire Conquest, uncloaked, getting 1 hit kills on everyone, including Soldiers with full Overshields. He had like 60 kills, whereas under normal circumstances even a really good player is probably somewhere in the 20s. Whenever I encounter people like this, I'll just finish out the match and then at the matchmaking screen for the next round, quit out and look for a different group. No sense letting them ruin the fun, they can just play by themselves.

    As for Fusion Cannons, they're supposed to do more damage with direct hits, but I find them MUCH more effective as splash weapons. Shoot at their feet and it seems to work better, I don't know why. Also try to use it as support...use the Ion Blaster first, or go into battle with a Soldier and let them take the enemies' life down, then finish them off with a Fusion blast to the feet.

    Interestingly, I think the Fusion Cannon is at its most effective when used against a smart Conquest team. The reason being, teams who play Conquest most effectively move from node to node as a group, allowing them to back each other up and take nodes quickly. But that also means they tend to be bunched together as they move around the map, which makes them suceptible to the Fusion Cannon's splash. On a couple of occasions I've actually taken out an entire five man team at once, putting me into the second tier killstreak mode in a matter of seconds.