2D Artwork: TF/Voltron Crossover Project - Entry 4: PIDGE

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    Gang, Entry # 4 has been completed in my TF/Voltron mash-up series.


    - The youngest member of the Voltron Force, Pidge was often mistaken as "the weakest link" of the bunch due to his size and his lack of strength. His true gifts lay in his speed, stealth, and ability to wear out opponents through his acrobatic skills. Now reborn as an Autobot, he has gained more strength and tactical prowess. His youthful demeanor has waned as well, as he has shown signs of maturity, and takes his assignments more seriously than he did in his past existence.

    In robot mode, Pidge is an extremely skilled sniper, using a high powered rail gun with anti-Nucleon tipped slugs for maximum damage. He also carries a long katana for close quarters combat. His lion form still takes solace in wooded environments, but is extremely versatile for all environments. His acrobatics skills are enhanced thanks to his Cybertronian designs, and he can perform extremely complicated stunts in either modes. He enjoys psyching out opponents in Lion mode with what he calls his "Lion-Fu" - an overzealous display of flips and tumbles paired with kicks and swipes. He can deploy his self-constructed scout drones for reconaissance missions. As a tribute to the "Space Mice" who were his companions in his earlier life, he has modeled them in their appearance.

    Background story

    At the start of the great Autobot Exodus from war torn Cybertron, several "sleeper" ships were commissioned under orders from Optimus Prime for deep space excursions. These ships were manned by a skeletal crew of Autobots, and carried hundreds of "blank slate" protoforms - protoforms with no pre-entered personality modules or attributes (gender, size, abilities).

    One of these sleeper ships had eventually made it to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, and passed through a powerful ionic storm that crippled the majority of the ship's systems and terminated most of the protoforms on board. Before entering permanent stasis lock themselves, the Autobot crew managed to isolate five surviving protoforms within a sealed bulkhead of the ship, and rerouted the remaining life support and power systems to preserve them. The ship then drifted for what turned out to be several million years.

    Finally emerging near the Arus system, the ship's remaining sensor palette detected a robotic signature approaching the vessel. It turned out to be another robot adrift in space - the defeated protector of Planet Arus, Voltron. The ship's sensor drone scanned the broken remains of the robot, and the remains of the five human pilots who were connected to it. With no pre-coded personalities or attributes in them, the new Autobots were formatted in appearance on Voltron's components, and the personalities and limited memories of the Voltron Force.

    Just like the others, Pidge was completed with watercolor marker and Sharpie pen. The goofy Lion pose was done on purpose - I imagined Pidge trying to do crazy stunts in his alt mode, and it seemed to fit the character.

    As always, comments and crits are welcome. I'm gearing up to draw Keith's design son, and I have 2 main designs for Voltron in the works - I might post them as a poll for you to vote on.

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    I think this is still a really cool idea. I like the style of the illustrations as well; I think they fit the concept well :thumb 
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    where is black lion keith at already?

    for crying out loud THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME