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    It'll start out like this... With the attack on Princeton! I can adapt, so any requests will be accepted!
    Starscream was not having a good day. Even though he was having fun destroying Princeton with his Seekers, an unexpected Autobot suddenly attacked, causing him and his aerial forces to take the battle to the sky. He expected the Autobot to crumble under such forces, but the enemy followed and gave chase.
    “Ramjet! Thundercracker! Intercept the Autobot!” Starscream transmitted over a coded frequency, confident over the fact of secret communication.
    “Will do, my Lord.” Thundercracker responded, activating his axe. “The energy signature on that Autobot seems to be damped, and has traces of Decepticon code as well.” The Seeker maneuvered to dodge fire from the aircraft. “Human records indicate that this is one of their more advanced protoforms.”
    Ramjet growled in frustration as he scanned the plane. “It’s a Nighthawk. But this one has some Cybertronian parts to it as well. Be wary, my Lord, it could transform!”
    “Ramjet, you imbecile, I know that! It’s an Autobot, no doubt. Just keep attacking and we will destroy it.” Starscream replied.
    Suddenly, the Nighthawk flew upwards and rammed into Starscream, then it teleported and flew towards the atmosphere. Thundercracker and Ramjet morphed into F-22s, giving chase after the mysterious Autobot.
    “Lord Starscream, how are things on the campus, are Barricade and Alice doing what they should?” Thundercracker asked.
    Starscream was about to respond, until a blade went right past his optics. He turned and saw a familiar enemy.
    “Autobot Springer… Nice to see you’re still alive! Time for you to die!” The Decepticon activated his Gatling Gun and fired at the lime green Autobot.
    Springer raised his arm and deflected the bullets with his spinning rotors. The Autobot turned off his red visor, exposing blue optics.
    “That’s not very nice, Starscream. Can’t you and I at least exchange greetings before we fight?” The valiant Autobot responded.
    “Springer… Always the one for heroism… That will lead you to your demise.” Starscream howled. “I have better things to do that kill you.” The Decepticon transformed, flying to where his fellow Seekers fought the unknown Autobot.
    Springer snarled and plummeted downwards to Princeton. He was not keen on helping some unknown ‘Bot. What was more important right now was helping ‘Bee and Hot Rod down on land.
    He took one last look at the dogfight. Whoever the mystery ‘bot was, he or she was a darn good pilot and fighter.
    Let’s hope he’s on our side. If Optimus is right about the Decepticons and the Fallen, we’re going need to every Autobot and human we can.
    * * *

    Thundercracker struggled to catch up to the enemy fighter. He regrettably made the mistake of fighting this Autobot. Although it rarely attacked, the Autobot performed aerial maneuvers that were too difficult for even the most skilled flyers on Cybertron.
    “Ramjet, Thundercracker, use every last drop of energon you two have, we must destroy this threat!” Starscream zoomed towards the Nighthawk and transformed, attempting to catch up to it.
    Suddenly, the aircraft slowed down, and smoking gushed from the thrusters. Starscream smiled with malevolency as he prepared to finish the annoying Autobot off once and for all, behind him, Ramjet readied his arm blades and Thundercracker lifted his golden orange axe.
    As if perfectly on time, the Nighthawk converted into a robot. Dark blue armor cascaded the light, and a gunmetal faceplate covered his mouth. Sharp, clawed hands grabbed Starscream and threw him back, crashing into his Seekers.
    The Autobot opened his face plate, revealing a swarm of wires that formed a beard. His optics were hidden behind a sky blue v-shaped visor.
    “Rule number one on attacking an old Autobot- Never get too close.”
    Starscream growled, brushing aside his fellow troops. “You have won today, Autobot. But your time will end soon… Farewell…” The trio disappeared into the sky.
    The elderly Autobot turned downwards. Were those younglings looking for my brother? If they are, does Prime know? The young fool is a good leader, but he is on the other side of this damned planet. What he needs to learn is that Alpha Prime might be here… But right now, my priority is to find Jetfire. He knows where Alpha must be. In the meantime, I must use my resources to apply a proper strategy to conceal my presence… The Autobots will shun me, no doubt. I can never remove the mark of a Decepticon from myself, but I can renew my existence to something greater.
    Suddenly, Jetstorm turned and found a black blade at his vocal processor.
    “Hello! I wonder whom this belongs to…”
    “If you make one sudden move, I will kill you. Drop you weapons.” Springer ordered.
    “Well, Mr. I-am-a-heroic-Autobot, don’t you recognize your own master?”
    Springer gasped in shock. “Jetstorm! Master… What are you doing here? On Earth?”
    Jetstorm stroked his beard, contemplating the situation. “Springer, you must understand, you will have to live the rest of your life as a mad Autobot. But only if you dare listen to what I have to say. You remember my talking of the Fallen?”
    Springer nodded, slowly going down.
    “The Fallen sought to have revenge for his sealing. Sentenced to life in Hell, he was. But now, the Decepticons have a mean to break the seal. Even Optimus Prime can’t stop him.”
    “Master, are you saying you have to die?”
    “No, no. Not yet, at least. But my brother and I, we happen to know someone that could be very helpful.”
    “You and Jetfire? Isn’t Jetfire…? Dead?”
    Jetstorm laughed. It was a harsh, choking sound, but parts of his armor cracked, falling apart.
    “Eh… Looks like age is catching up to me… We’ll talk later… I need to find someone first…”