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    Yeah, I know this story isn't that good.

    ROTF Cast

    Optimus Prime
    Agent Simmons

    The warm Sun’s rays glistened on the ever-out spanning Egyptian desert, not counting a few blips on the horizon. Simmons thought for sure, That’s them. For once, they’re not late.

    An impressive 18-wheeler halted in front of Simmons, adorned in red flames on its predominately blue surface. Next to it a small orange-red mini-van and a green mini-van parked as well. And finally, a dark shape descended from above: a SR-71 Blackbird jet, if Simmons remembered correctly. As soon as the jet had landed, each of the vehicles began moving.

    Not forward, backwards, or even sinking into the sand, but rather, every aspect of them was changing. Bending, folding, clanking, each one taking a new, towering form. Optimus Prime now stood before an unsurprised Agent Simmons, and flanking him were Mudflap and Skids, two young twins who had volunteered to accompany him.

    However, Simmons noticed the Blackbird was taking longer than other robots to transform. The mass, now neither jet or robot, was now simply entangled in its own body. Only after a few bangs on where it sounded like its back would be did the robot finally reveal itself: a tall, spindly and rusty titan named Jetfire, nearly as tall as Optimus.

    As if by magic, a long pole fell out of the robot’s “backpack.” Jetfire grabbed it, soon before it became clear he needed support to stand. It unfolded and formed what Simmons guessed was a cane. A cane for robots.

    Simmons, and surely Optimus, could hear Jetfire angrily muttering under his breath. Nevertheless, the four Autobots and Simmons began walking to a nearby N.E.S.T. base.

    “Are you all right, Jetfire?” the Autobot leader asked.

    “If by alright you mean same old Jetfire, Optimus!” Mudflap, the shorter of the twins snickered to his brother and then mimicked Jetfire’s slow, careful walking, who barely held back laughter.

    Jetfire, who had his back to the twins, said “And same old Jetfire still has audio receptors as well!”

    Skids whispered to Mudflap, “Man, the old rust bucket can see from the back of his head!”

    WHAM! “AND HEAR ACROSS 3 FEET!” Jetfire roared whilst whacking the Twins on the back of their heads with his cane.

    Prime sighed and said, “Mudflap, Skids. Please don’t antagonize Jetfire, okay? Or for a month, you’ll have to drive with an escort every time.

    “We promise, Optimus.” The two replied.

    Jetfire mumbled something about young ‘bots and continued walking. Optimus and Simmons led the way to the base. Aliens, thought Simmons. These guys are more of a head case then I thought. Skids and Mudflap, who were a little taller than Simmons, ran up to him and started talking.

    “Agent Simmons?” Skids asked ‘innocently.’

    “Yes, Skids?” Simmons said, nervous of what he’d ask.

    “What does antagonize mean?”

    After a hastily rushed explanation and about twenty minutes of walking and listening to the Twins babble, Simmons finally led the Autobots inside the base. It was a very large place on the inside, with a feeling similar to an amphitheater. Simmons told the spoke with Optimus Prime privately and soon asked for the Autobots to wait here, while Simmons got a situation check from the digging archaeologists.

    Optimus relayed the information Agent Simmons had told him to his troops; Jetfire seemed intrigued and slightly anxious, and the Twins just either were excited or weren’t listening and thinking about the drive-in movie(High School Musical 3: Senior Year) they had seen with Bumblebee and dancing to the music in their heads.

    “Agent Simmons has informed me that the Cyberglyph markings etched in some of the artifacts are extremely old indeed.” Optimus said.

    “Just how old we talkin’, Optimus?” Mudflap asked naively.

    “We talkin’ Jetfire old?” Skids jokingly blurted out.

    The base exploded with laughter as the two laughed at their own joke. Jetfire was infuriated.

    “OLD!?!?! Why you turbo-revvin young- just wait till I cure my rust,” Jetfire roared, once again whacking the two with his cane senselessly, “You’ll be in so many pieces that Ratchet won’t be able to tell you aft from your head! Not that he could already, now that I think of it.”

    Prime sighed. What am I going to do with these three? he thought. An evil thought, no doubt aroused by the recent strike by his newly-resurrected brother, flew through his mind: They’d make very nice extra spare scraps. Prime shook his head and decided to make peace between his men.

    “Jetfire, Mudflap, Skids. Like it or not, we’re all Autobots, united by one common goal: Protect Earth. This alliance with the humans, which has made it ten thousand-fold easier to battle the Decepticons since before you all came here, was formed by chance. Could you imagine hunting down the Decepticons without plane transport, or free fuel, or a place to call home?”

    “No.” The Twins asked, understanding his words.

    “The odds against us have risen phenomenally fast. Something is out there, friend or foe, and we are the only ones who can deal with the situation, one which is threatening our new home, ourselves, and our alliance with the humans. Understood?”

    “Understood.” Jetfire said.

    “Understood.” Mudflap said.

    “Understood.” Skids said.

    “Good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must converse with Agent Simmons further.” Prime said as he walked off.

    Jetfire sat down on the floor and began rubbing his bad leg, occasionally poring oil on it. The Twins just sat together, listening to their radios.

    “Mudflap?” Skids asked.

    “Yeah, Skids?”

    “We still don’t know what antagonize means.”