By Generation: TF: Prime - Ratchet: McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Sticker Sheet

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    Feb 27, 2012
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    [I got] one of these [sticker sheets] with the little [Happy Meal toys] at the local McD's.

    After looking over Ratchet's sticker sheet that comes with the Happy Meal toy, [I decided to take] a chance at adding them to my Deluxe TF: P Ratchet.

    Below is a quick peel and stick picture on the left side of the deluxe TF: P Ratchet toy with the Happy Meal toy stickers applied.

    [It's] a fairly close fit.

    For a dollar, these seem to offer a nice alternative/addition to a cool figure that's missing a few important paint elements. Obviously these aren't the highest quality decals one could use!

    I hope you all enjoyed looking!



    Front grill headlight decals:


    (Many thanks to both DonoPrime74 and ^o^CORVUS^o^ for the contributions here! ~Superquad7)

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