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    Hey guys
    Haven't been on these boards in a long time, but I'm clearing out some of my figure collection to generate extra funds for my wedding. I'm not trying to scalp I'm just trying to offload at reasonable prices. If there's anything that interests you, talk to me and we can negotiate.

    I ship in US only. I take paypal/venmo, and can ship Monday-Friday via USPS.

    I have more to add to this list in the oncoming weeks. I have pictures of everything if interested. All sales final figures sold as is. I have a sales feedback thread available here


    Revoltech Starscream Loose $20.00
    DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime Loose $30.00 HOLD
    DOTM Leader Bumblebee Loose $25.00
    Human Alliance Jazz Loose $20.00 HOLD
    Human Alliance Bumblebee Loose $20.00
    ROTF Mail-in Recon Ravage MIB $45.00
    ROTF Optimus Prime Loose $45.00
    MP3 Player Soundwave Loose $40.00

    ROTF Legends Devastator Loose $30.00
    Classics Voyager Megatron Loose $30.00
    ROTF Voyager Demolishor Loose $10.00 HOLD
    DOTM Shockwave Loose $15.00
    Beast Wars Transmetal Megatron Loose $30.00
    War for Cybertron Megatron Loose $15.00 HOLD
    Beast Wars Quickstrike Loose $15.00
    Titanium Megatron (GI Joe) Loose $20.00
    Animated Arcee Loose $30.00
    DOTM Crankcase Loose $10.00 HOLD
    Titanium Jetfire Loose $20.00
    Revoltech Megatron Loose $30.00
    Revoltech Optimus Loose $30.00
    ROTF Ravage Loose $12.00
    War for Cybertron Bumblebee Loose $15.00
    HA Skids Loose $20.00 HOLD
    Classics Rodimus Loose $30.00
    HA Sideswipe Loose $20.00 HOLD
    ROTF Arcee Loose $10.00
    ROTF Long Haul Loose $15.00 HOLD
    SDCC '06 Alternators Nemesis Prime Loose $60.00
    Generations Red Alert Loose $15.00
    Generations Sunstreaker Loose $15.00
    Animated Rodimus Loose $30.00

    Generations Perceptor Loose $15.00
    ROTF Skystalker Loose $12.00 HOLD
    HFTD Hailstorm Loose $10.00
    Generations Wreck-Gar Loose $15.00
    ROTF The Fallen Loose $15.00 HOLD
    HFTD Terradive Loose $10.00 HOLD
    Generations Darkmount Loose $12.00
    ROTF Bludgeon Loose $20.00
    ROTF Brawn Loose $10.00
    ROTF Ice Cream Truck Twins Loose $12.00 HOLD
    Cybertron Primus Loose $50.00 HOLD
    Cybertron Metroplex Loose $30.00
    Cybertron Dark Scorponok Loose $20.00
    Cybertron Swerve Loose $10.00
    Cybertron Excellion Loose $10.00
    Beast Wars Spittor Loose $10.00
    TFTM Longarm Loose $10.00
    BW Neo Big Convoy Loose $50.00
    BW 10th Anniversary Megatron Loose $15.00
    BW Ramulus Loose $10.00
    ROTF Jetfire Loose $45.00
    Cybertron Galvatron Loose $45.00 HOLD
    Cybertron Optimus Loose $45.00

    Iron Man
    Iron Man 2 Mark V Loose $5.00 Missing hands & briefcase
    Loose Iron Men Loose $5.00

    Star Wars
    3.75" X-Wing Pilot Asty Sealed $4.00

    Thanks for taking a look!
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    Added and removed a few items. Thanks for taking a look!
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    ROTF Ice Cream Truck Twins Loose $12.00 HOLD

    Has this sold? Interested in it? Let me know. Someone walked off with mine.