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    It is planet earth in the year 2010. The planets already dwindling supply of energy seems to be mysteriously disappearing. This however is known by only a few powerful individuals, companies and countries. Over the last decade humanity has seen a number of wars directly related to who controls the interest of the worlds oil. With the growing consumption of oil, the experts have predicted that in 40 years all of it will be gone. Not so long ago, their figures weren’t so grim, in fact the early models showed at least a 300 year supply. None of this however is public knowledge. Consumption of resources has not changed in the least. Prices have been kept down in order to conceal the facts.

    In a small desert town in Nevada/ Texas (?), life is tough. Most people are employed by the oil drilling and refining company (no name yet). The Witwicky family struggles to make ends meet. Sparkplug and his son Spike both work the oil fields. Spike is still in high school, so he only works part time. Sparkplug use to own a very successful car repair shop -but after he upgraded all of his equipment to handle newer fuel efficient cars… soon found himself to deep in debt to remain in business. Forced to work the oil wells… he feels like a failure. He sees a lot of potential in his son… he is saddened and proud that he works so hard to help out financially. At the work site, Spike often does his homework… and his older co-workers gladly cover for him… going so far as doing some of his work. Spike has become some what of a surrogate son to the crew of middle aged workers. The other member of the family include a Janice Witwicky (Sparkplugs wife).. And Kate Witwicky (Sparkplugs daughter and Spikes younger sister).

    60 miles out of town there is an archeological dig of some importance. The area has been fenced off, and the military protects the site with a small number of troops. This however is not the only dig site, there are actually hundreds of such sites sprinkled across Nevada, Texas and California. This dig is considerably larger than most of the others.
    …. A huge crane is pulling something out of the large hole… an impressively sized artifact. The wind is picking up, and throwing dust around. A couple of men in suits, and looking out of place… observe the recovery process. A man off to the side is working on his lap-top.. Looking at a physics model of 2 objects colliding and falling from the sky, giving locations where they figure there are more pieces. It shows the objects in motion and falling apart.. designating the path of each piece. He is inputting the new data, on the size of the piece now being pulled from the ground. He changes the model and indicates to someone, where they should be looking for more chunks of the object. The artifact is now in view, it’s massive and strange looking. Along the side is some insignia of sorts. It’s only partial, because it goes right up to the side of wear it was broken off. One of the suited men speaks (he seems to be the one in charge)….

    Bruce Harley

    “Damn, another red one.”

    The fragment is processed, and loaded up on a truck; then is hauled from the site.

    It is moved to an old military air base. There are huge hangers on this base… one of them however seems to be more active. With people moving about in the hundreds. Out both sides of the hanger there are blue tarps covering something. The new piece is moved into the hanger. Inside are countless pieces of what seems to be a unbelievably large object… it is obviously one object because all the pieces are orange. The new piece is moved to a numbered lot amongst the debris. The whole area looks like that of an investigation of a plane that crashed, only on a much larger scale. Once the piece is settled, Bruce is on his Cel to his superiors giving a full update. He however is cut off before he can finish.

    In the skies near the base two jets are zipping through the air. They drop from high altitude as they near the base. Workers on the ground notice the planes, soldiers who are manning radar stations are confused; as they have detected nothing. The first jet, a black one; flies extremely low. Low enough that the tarp comes loose and the fragments underneath are in plain view. The second jet, a white one, stays cautiously higher and simply takes pictures and scans of the area. On a screen in it’s pilot less cockpit, there is a detailed scan of the hanger and it’s contents. The jet receives a communication over its radio.

    Very synthesized voice ( Soundwave)

    “Return to base.”

    The jet give no reply, it simply weaves off changing directions. The other black jet turns to fallow.

    On the ground, Bruce and some other men are standing around a computer looking at pictures that were just taken of the planes. They are arguing over the situation… how can such planes evade radar? Who’s fighters were they? Are they connected to the other strange events in recent weeks…? Most of the men are under the impression that they are being spied upon by some corporation. Bruce hints to something much larger than that, but he wont say much more. They are in a different hanger…. Bruce looks over at a fragment, that appears to be from a completely different object. This area has much fewer pieces… these are all blue. He looks at an insignia , this one is very different from the red one… it’s purple. He then looks to the computer screen… and looks at a purple blob on the jet… that is just to blurry to make out. He is putting things together…. But can’t prove anything.