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    Just a little thing I did, comparing heights and sizes of Transformers across generations.

    Warning: Big files.



    The Armada figures are from the video game, and RID from official info. I really woulda liked to have gotten Tidal Wave's height from the game.

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    (After Cobalt Agent's original post, some discussion took place and he answered some of the instances brought up. It's been consolidated for easier reading below. ~Superquad7)


    No they're not off. The cartoon made Shockwave subordinate size. In Marvel he's larger than both leaders, carried over from the toys. There's a lot different between continuities, that's why I bothered putting them (continuities) under their heights in feet. It's also why there's more than one G1 Metroplex. IDW can swat a tank under his fist, while Cartoon Megatron is 18 feet tall.

    Who's Who in the Transformers Universe

    Virtually. He doesn't change size in gun mode like Megatron, explicitly stated in his bio. Also stated is that his gun mode is 35 feet long. That puts his robot mode at just over 24 feet. Coincidentally, Megatron and Optimus appear to be the same size in the comics as in the show, 18 feet. That seems to set 18 as the true standard for G1 Megs and Prime, at least the original run of the 80's. Recent stories have Megs upwards of 50 feet tall.

    For the record, Cybertron Soundwave is 4.1 meters, less than 13 1/2 feet, so he is small.

    As for the Cartoon scale charts for G1, it's important to note that Devastator is out of scale with himself. The first chart shows Megatron at about a third his height, but the comparison with Omega Supreme and Optimus has Optimus around Devastator's waist. That means Devastator is considerably smaller in the bottom row. Or Optimus got a lot bigger.

    It should also be noted Devastator is over 60 feet tall according to his profile, but seeing as Optimus is shown three times taller than a 6ft human (18ft), that means Devastator isn't drawn much more than half his true height in those scale charts and at the most is only around 2/3 his true height.

    In Marvel Bumblebee is realistically at a 15 ft. height, whereas he's barely 9-10 in the scale charts.

    Back on Devastator... his profile says he's over 60 ft., and Predaking in the comics is stated 80 ft. And yet, looking at the scale for season 3 of the cartoon...


    Predaking is drawn about twice as big as Rodimus, and Trypticon/Metroplex are about 5x that. Whereas the comic shrank down Fort Max and Scorponok for character development, the cartoon had to keep larger characters shrunken down for the sake of telling a story on screen. I don't know.

    I've come across these lately and I do intend to make new charts as this is outdated and I've found errors in my work here. I'm currently focused on scaling the "giants" of different series.

    When I've finished, I'll make charts for each individual series. Similar to this:

    That's how it is. Devastator's profile says he's "over 60 feet". His cartoon portrayal is 50 feet. A UK comic pamphlet says he's 100 feet. IDW uses mass-displacement technology and is bigger than the statue of liberty.

    Eh, I beg to differ:



    His legs are pretty long in the comics. Comic and Cartoon Shockwave are portrayed differently beyond their personality; their design is also different. Shockwave is clearly bigger than Megatron in the comics, and having Megatron at 18 feet, 24 feet for Shockwave isn't that out there.

    MY GOD! Stepping over sauropod dinosaurs!


    Well let me add that just as in the cartoon, the consistency of the comics is fluid. I recall Swindle holding a jeep in his palm once.

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