TF from many generations (some rare) + vintage gi joe

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    Oct 29, 2003
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    Transformers: (C9 loose complete unless specified)

    Wheelie $7
    Crosshairs $10 (C7 no TM)
    Pointblank $45 (mint)
    Big Powered $300 missing most accessories, C7 box, C8.5/C9 figures
    Sky Garry $100 C8 in C7 box no accessories
    Minerva $30 yellowed, no accessories, broken chest cover. Good stickers though - and it's Minerva after all... Looks ok in alt mode.
    Goshooter $35 broken chest cover, missing small guns
    g1 Bludgeon $20 C9 Shell and helmet only
    Kup $17 missing some stickers
    Snaptrap $15
    Piranacon L foot $7
    Reissue Powermaster Prime $80 MiB stickers applied
    Galvatron $75

    Laser Prime $90 C7.5, C6 box may not be complete (missing a disk or something)

    Beast Machines
    BM Silverbolt $5
    BM Strika $10
    BM Obsidian $8

    BW II
    BWII Lio Convoy $35 C7.5 box

    Scourge $70 MiSB
    Clear Spychangers $10 (all six, but missing at least three of the guns)
    Bludgeon $25 (I have the card and bubble somewhere...)

    Kicker glued ankle $17 MiB

    Gi Joes: C8 or C9 complete with filecard unless specified

    Baroness $25
    Destro $12
    Cobra Commander $23
    Tomax, Xamot $15
    Major Bludd $10
    Zartan $35
    Serpentor $25 (with air chariot, but no dagger or fc)
    Scrap Iron $15
    Firefly $35 (no fc)
    Storm Shadow $40 (no fc)
    Scarlett (straight arm) $35 (no fc)
    Beach Head $12 (no fc)
    Dusty $7 (no fc, missing tripod)
    Lady Jaye $14 (no fc)
    Duke $25
    Barbecue $13
    Mutt&Junkyard $11 (no leash)
    Chuckles $10
    Roadblock $13
    Snake Eyes v.2 $42
    Recondo $13
    Doc $13
    Tripwire $11
    Rock & Roll $20
    Law&Order $10
    Flint $12
    Falcon $16
    Hawk $10 (1986)
    Shipwreck $12 (missing harpoon)
    Snow Job $9 (one broken handle)
    Wild Bill $5
    Rip-Cord $11

    Note that I am in Norway, and shipping is expensive. I will give discounts if you order lots of stuff.