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    first off let me tell you a bit about what we are doing. i am the head of a group of fandubbers. we are currently working on two projects {Transformers masterforce, and transformers headmasters} with the hopes to move on to some non transformer anime in the future. we are looking to increase our crew members to increase production.

    basically what i am in need of is a sound effects editor and a dialogue editor. with that said i will explain the two positions

    souund effects editor: the position entails synchronizing sound effects to the animated video to acheve maximum viewing pleasure while sounding correct in the fasion of relavancy to the movement,attack,general composition of object ect. also experiance is required and by experiance i mean that you have done some projects on your own to have fun or whatever and that you have a sample to show me

    dialogue editor: this position is almost the same as the above exept it involves the synchronizing of the dialogue audio files to the mouth flaps. the lines must be put in correct order and as close to the flap movements as possible again experiance is required and a sample of your work will be needed

    if you are interested then please email Brenton Eschman (fyerman_34) at [email protected]

    please only actual interested applicants please

    and as this is fanwork it means by fans for fans not for sale