TF Armada the game- Demolishor Boss Fight

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    ok, so if anyone knows the transformers armada game, they you know thatd emolishor wasn't in it, which totally sucks. he was supposed to be in someice caves or something but was cut for a rematch with starscream. this fic reworks him snuggly into the plot again, especially in a portion of the game where there is a large gap between boss battles. please give feedback.

    Optimus Prime climbed through the dark caves with his mini-con sparkplug on his shoulder. He had just trekked through the Alaskan wilderness, through various canyons, and
    fought past hordes of decepticlone troopers. He entered a large cave system at the base of the mountain and was climbing his way up through its insides. He had already dealt with some decepticlones that were hiding in the many corridors and paths. He reached the next cave opening from his steep climb up one of the inner rock faces. He turned and looked back down through the path he had come. It was a long way down to the base again, and he had come far.

    The only thing lighting the inside of the mountain was the warp gate at the base of the cave system. As big as he was in the human world, he would certainly not survive a fall from that height. He turned and headed into this next cave which led into a large open chamber. As he went to walk forward the cave suddenly rumbled with the blast of weapon fire. An explosion at prime’s feet sent him flying backwards. He landed hard on his back but quickly rolled into a battle position with his weapon ready. From the smoke he saw the decepticon demolishor stalk out; bulky but powerful. He was megatron’s most loyal lieutenant. Despite being a strategist, he wasn’t all too bright and valued brawn over brains.

    “you’re not going anywhere autobot” he barked

    “I’ve already bested your comrades. Starscream, cyclonus, and tidal wave are all out of commission”

    “HA, so what, starscream was arrogant, cyclonus was psychotic, and tidal wave could barely walk without directions. All it means is that I’ll be megatron’s favorite, especially after I destroy you” demolishor declared as he flexed his gun-barrel fingers.

    Optimus walked slowly across the cave, his weapon aimed at his enemy, demolishor did the same parallel to him.

    “these caves will be your tomb, autobot!” demlishor shouted as he transformed into his anti-aircraft tank mode and speeded towards optimus, lasers blasting.

    Optimus dodged the laser shots and rolled to the side away from the charge attack. Demolishor’s tank mode wasn’t to stable so he wasn’t able to stop before smashing into the rock wall. Optimus used this opportunity to start nailing his enemy with gun fire. Demolishor transformed and charged prime. The battle continued for quite some time. Demolishor would try to bash prime with his bare hands or his shoulder mounted laser turrets. He would continue to try attacking in vehicle mode but it only limited his attack accuracy. Desperate he began to blast the stalactites from the cave ceiling in order to damage his enemy. Eventually, optimus inflicted enough damage on demolishor that he decepticon fell backwards to the rocky ground, parts of his body smoking. Optimus looked over the fallen warrior, whose eyes suddenly lit up again. Demolishor looked up at prime with a look of pure rage. Optimus calmly aimed his gun at demolishor’s head.

    "you havn't figured it out yet have you prime, it was all a trap, you were meant to find those coordinates from tidal wave. we tricked you, hehehe" demolishor barked

    “stay down” prime warned

    Optimus then walked away from demolishor, heading towards another cave where he could see light from ouside coming in. It was likely the exit from the mountain interior that would bring him to the top. He suddenly heard a heavy stomp from behind.

    “DIE!” demolishor shouted as he stumbled forward and charged his shoulder cannons.

    In one fluent, fast motion, prime spun around, gun in hand and shot off one well aimed blast which nailed demolishor square in the chest. Demolishor stumbled backwards and accidently shot the ceiling instead. Huge chunks of rock began to fall collaps around him and the ground began to crumple. Demolshor roared in anger and surprise and the rock beneath his feet cracked and shattered and he fell. Optimus ran over to the edge of the cavern where it had collapsed. He watched as demolishor and all the rocks fell down through the interior of the mountain, smashing and destroying its internal structure. Suddenly, with a thunderous bang and massive rumbleing, it all came crashing in a large pile on the cavern floor. Optimus looked down as the smoke cleared and saw the motionless arm and legs of demolishor protruding from the rock pile. After a moment he turned and headed back towards the exit from the mountain, intent of completing his mission of finding megatron, and stopping him.