TF Animated Is OVER!!! PLEASE Sell Me Your Animated Figures FOr A Good Deal!!

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by GrimlockAutobot, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Now that TF Animated is over, I'm looking to get the figures that I still need and I'm looking for a good deal.

    I know that there's some of you out there who are looking to unload some of your Animated figures now that the show is over and done with. I also know that there's some of you looking to make some $$$ and shelfspace for your new ROTF figures.

    I'm looking for the list of figures below. They can either be MISB or Loose as long as they have all of the parts and are in near-mint condition. Please PM me with a price INCLUDING shipping and if you want to trade, a list of the figures that you're looking for.

    Also, if you have a good ebay auction for one or more of these figures please direct me to it.

    Here's the list:

    Transformers Animated Jefire/Jetstorm 2-pack x1

    Transformers Animated Voyager Lugnut x1

    Transformers Animated Voyager Blitzwing x4

    Transformers Animated Voyager Shockwave x3

    Transformers Animated Voyager Wreck Gar x2

    Transformers Animated Voyager Starscream x2

    Transformers Animated Voyager Skywarp x2

    Transformers Animated Activators Optimus Prime x2

    I'm looking for them in the quantities listed because I would like to have one to display in each mode. THANKS for taking the time to look at my thread.