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    Jan 28, 2008
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    I think the animated toyline release date is one of the most annoying decisions I've encountered in my time collecting(a little sad there isn't more complaining), so I've decided to solve this problem by loading up eBay and looking at test shots and dealer samples!

    But ho! I'm stuck here. I can either get Starscream for a bit less than he'll cost when he comes out here in the UK or wait on and hope that Prowl comes up. I REALLY want Prowl, but chances are, the SS will be better value. I'd get SS if he were to appear in a new episode soon, but as far as I can see he doesn't appear to Episode 23, by which time the toys will nearly be out(it sounds ridiculous even saying that, though). Whereas Prowl looks like a more fun toy, and I really want him ASAP.

    What should I do? Does anyone know when SS is likely to appear next?