By Generation: Terrorcon Combiner You Can Make

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    Ok, I know this is old and it's not my idea. [However,] I've figured out how to make him, and people always seem to want instructions. I hope this . . . helps somebody.

    Here's the original pic (not mine):


    You will need (all Energon Terrorcons):
    • 3 of the bird mold - arms and chest
    • 2 of the dino mold - legs
    • 1 insecticon - upper body
    • 1 Ravage - lower body
    • All of the Energon bits that came with each [of them]

    No modding or gluing is needed (apart from flattening the peg on Insecticon's drill so it can fit into Ravage's launcher on the weapon assembly). Everything pegs together or is held on with friction.

    Start with the body:


    Make the chest piece:


    Combine the two. [The] bird legs go around Insecticon's torso, [and] Ravage's rear legs fold up and hold under Insecticon's armpits ([it] takes a bit of fiddling; it will be solid if you get it right):


    Right arm (reverse for left) - peg on [the] Energon bit [that] goes into hole on Insectcon's arm assembly:


    Left leg (reverse for right) - Peg on [the] Energon wing [that] goes into hole on Ravage, and Ravage's paw goes into space in [the] dino head:




    Back view of assembled combiner:


    Hopefully from the pics, you will be able to figure out how it all goes together. I will answer any questions if you want to make this and need pointers.

    The only real issues I've found with it are the knee joints. They hold and he can stand, but you need to careful picking him up, because the legs tend to fall off/come unclipped. I've considered doing a bit of modding to make them more secure.

    Everything else is very solid with mindful handling.

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