Temporal Escalation (AKA, Revenge of the Repaints)

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    I created this story about a year ago, and left it un-updated for quite awhile. It’s been archived, so I’m reposting. Keep in mind that this was written prior to the seeming stay of execution for the Universe line, the news of the G1-Neo line, the new BW molds and many of the GF/Cyb molds. Also, please note that I’m attempting to keep the character sizes along the lines of the toys sizes, meaning that if Toy A is bigger than Toy B, then Character A will be bigger than Character B. The general rule is toy height in cm*1.6 = character height in feet for most characters, gestalts and giants might be cm*3.2 = feet, but that’s not hard and fast. Enjoy:

    (Original author notes): In light of what appears to be the demise of 'Transformers: Universe', I figured I'd come out with a different direction for a repaint line. As I introduce the characters, I'll be presenting the applicable toy in [ ]'s. I’m envisioning this for a post Galaxy Force/Cybertron era, probably one coinciding with the post-movie line, so several of the ‘repaints’ will be Galaxy Force toys. I’m currently planning 6 parts, but that’s not a hard and fast number. Oh, and this LOOSELY takes place in the G1 cartoon universe.

    Temporal Escalation A.K.A. Revenge of the Repaints

    Part 1: If At First You Don’t Succeed

    Sounds; sounds and blackness. Was this godhood? Surely the feeble attempts of one pathetic idealist weren't enough to stop him in his rise to omnipotence, but godhood should certainly not have left him feeling so...so...powerless. The sounds were trickling in much the way his final memories were, memories of unimaginable power and greatness, a sudden shift from absolute certainty to terrifying doubt, and the feelings of an emasculating reformation of his physical being, before slipping into utter oblivion.

    The oblivion had apparently ended, as both his audio processors and mental faculties were now functioning to the point where he was aware of many individuals around him. Light slowly bled through the blackness, an indication that the optical sensors were now coming on line as well. Megatron looked up to see the blurry outlines of over a dozen forms standing in front of him throughout the room that he had awakened in. Concentrating on the form closest to him, the former conqueror slowly made out features that were his own. But as colors made their return to Megatron's visual capabilities, the deviations became abundant. What was once red was now blue; the face of black now light gray. And the stance combined with the infuriating smile on display revealed to Megatron the identity of his apparent body thief even before the voice confirmed it [BLUE REPAINT OF BEAST MACHINES DRAGON MEGATRON]. "Welcome back to existence, my dear Tyrotron."

    Though still extremely weak and disoriented, the former warlord snarled angrily in reply. "You will address me as Megatron, Cryotek!"

    "And continue to humor your delusions of greatness? No, my protégé, I think it's time you were dragged back into the real world; a world where you are nothing more than my useful lackey." The blue criminal leaned in and widened his grin. "But it is good to see that you have made it through your own death without any apparent complications." The smug Predacon smirked as he turned back around and looked to the group of robots standing throughout the room. "Some of those here doubted that I would have the skill to revive you after your disgraceful fall from grace. Your second fall from grace, actually, both occurring at the hands of a fledgling Optimus who had chosen a civilian lifestyle." Cryotek shook his head in shame as he turned back to his former pupil. "I used to feel pride at how your words and accomplishments reflected upon me, but now I feel only disgust."

    Finally realizing that he was on his knees, Megatron rose from the ground, and recognized that he was once again in his original, yet Earth modified body [RobotMasters Megatron]. At least it seemed to be his original body, but there was one significant difference; at a little over nineteen feet, he was more that twice his original height. He then noted that Cryotek and the other Predacons present had been scaled up in much the same manner. Deciding to question this development later, Megatron addressed Cryotek's unflattering remarks. "If I am such a disgrace, then why revive me? Certainly a disappointment such as me is unworthy of being reawakened." Megatron smirked back, knowing that he must have something that Cryotek wanted for his former teacher to have re-animated him, and having no intention of giving whatever that was up without adequate compensation.

    A predominantly green Predacon stepped forward and addressed the newly awakened Megatron [Beast Wars Cicadacon]. "We have summoned you here for a purpose."

    Megatron peered up at the speaker, the voice bearing some familiarity but the physical form bearing none. "Who are you?"

    Cryotek laughed at his former pupil's question. "Ah yes, I suppose you wouldn't recognize General Line of the TriPredacus Council in his new form." The blue robot then turned and waved his hand in the direction of the two Predacons that had been standing next to Line prior to him stepping forward [Beast Wars Ram Horn and Sea Clamp]. "And these are the other two members of our governing body, Hook and Sinker."

    Megatron peered at them in confusion. "Why organic traits?" It was then that the black and purple Predacon realized that all of the Predacons in attendance were configured much as his crew had been shortly after crashing on pre-historic Earth.

    The fearsome looking Hook replied. "Your failure in the conquest of Cybertron resulted in the entire planet being covered in technorganic material, and the entire populace possessing the ability to consume this material for sustenance."

    Sinker snapped his claws before continuing. "That is, the entire populace with the exception of myself and my colleagues on the TriPredacus Council."

    Megatron peered quizzically at each member of the TriPredacus Council as he asked a question. "Why would the Oracle not include you three when upgrading Cybertron's populace?" A gleam came over the fallen warlord's optics as he considered a possibility.

    "We have yet to determine that," Line responded "but in order to consume the new technorganic material, thereby conserving our energon for endeavors beyond basic survival, we had to have an organic alternate mode. So we rebuilt ourselves into these current forms."

    Megatron nodded. "I see, but why organic forms that seem to be Terran in origin? Planning a trip to Earth?" The black and purple Predacon snickered.

    Cryotek turned to his former student and smiled. "As a matter of fact, we are, which is precisely why you were awakened."


    "You really should see about getting your frame reformatted." Cheetor [Beast Machines deluxe] whispered.

    "Slag that." The large Optimus [Big Convoy] replied in a louder, yet still whispered tone. "Being off-world and missing that salad toss was the best thing that could have happened for me. Now be quiet and get your mind back on business. I want this thing wrapped up quickly so I can see these creeps off to the detention facility and get back to cleaning up the mess you guys left on Earth."

    "Mess?" Cheetor replied quietly, yet indignantly. "Sorry if we left a few paw-prints while rescuing existence, Optimus Grand."

    The horned Optimus turned and sent a stern stare at the smaller Maximal to be silent, but softened as he saw the hurt look on Cheetor's face. "I guess you’re not familiar with my brand of humor. Your team did a magnificent job in both the Beast Wars and in the Beast/Machine conflict, and the entire galaxy will be forever in your debt, even if the majority of it will never know it. But there is still a lot of work to be done on prehistoric Earth. There's a Decepticon warship embedded in the Andes that needs to be returned to the bottom of the Pacific, there's the lab of a mad scientist deep below the surface of Easter Island that needs to be removed, there's debris from two modern ships that needs cleaning up, and few more stasis pods that need retrieving. I'm just glad that Agent Cerberus was able to retrieve and return Waspinator and the remains of several other Predacons." The normally serious Optimus allowed himself a quiet chuckle. "Though having returned during the height of the Vehicon occupation, Cerberus' opinion of his homecoming is far less positive than mine."

    "I know, sorry to be so defensive." Cheetor replied.

    "No problem kid, pretty normal for a Max your age to have a short fuse." Grand whispered as he raised the communicator on his left wrist to his faceplate. "Now let's get ready to break this party up and arrest these dirt bags. I've been waiting vorns to catch the TriPredacus Council in the middle of one of their schemes, and tracking them to a meeting with several Predacon criminals, including Cryotek, is an even bigger payoff than I could have hoped for." With a mental command, Optimus Grand switched on his communicator. "Optimus BattaLion, come in."

    A voice quietly came through the speaker in Grand's wrist. "BattaLion here. I'm in position, just give the word old friend."


    "Is all ready for launch, Magmatron?" Cryotek called out as he and the other Predacons entered a large hangar.

    Megatron looked up to see a saurian Predacon [BW Neo Magmatron] standing nearly thirty and a half feet in height standing in the middle of the room next to a larger version of Covert Agent Ravage's transwarp ship. The enormous Predacon replied as he watched his comrades’ approach. "The stealth ship is fully fueled and ready for launch." Magmatron then turned to Megatron and growled. "Has the pretender provided the information that you need?"

    Cryotek turned to Megatron, and then looked at the TriPredacus Council. "Ask away, my lords. I couldn't care less about your fallen Lieutenant."

    Line drew a blade that was attached to one of his wings and pressed it against Megatron's throat. "The Maximals have been very tight lipped about the specifics regarding the Beast Wars. Most of these specifics are of no importance to us, but we do wish to know of the final location of Tarantulas. So please, let me know where we can pay our final respects to our fallen agent." With that the green Predacon increased the force to the blade against Megatron's neck.

    Megatron raised a finger to the blade, slowly and politely pushed it away a few inches, smiled and cleared his throat. "No need for such dramatics, I'll be happy to tell you where you can find the remains of that treacherous arachnid. In what is now called Easter Island there is a cave, and in that cave you will find one of Tarantulas' labs, as well as bits and pieces of his carcass littered across the floor."

    Line turned back to the two other members of the Council, both of whom stared at Megatron in disgust. Hook calmly, but angrily addressed Megatron. "We had you rebuilt and rescaled because we felt that you might be an asset in the battles to come. But your utter disrespect for your most valuable fallen comrade sickens us."

    Sinker turned to Cryotek. "He's served his purpose, he's of no more use to us."



    No sooner had Grand's command blurted through Optimus BattaLion's [RM LioConvoy] wrist communicator than the warrior was charging toward the secondary entrance to the facility that was holding their Predacon quarry. His team following closely behind him, BattaLion kicked in the metal door and charged in with pistols drawn. "Hard and fast Maximals! We're not here as executioners, but we're not here to take chances either! So no second chances, either they surrender or we take them down!"

    The team of Maximals charged through the hallways, following their sensors to a room that apparently held all of the Predacons they were hunting. On the opposite end of the complex Optimus Grand's team was doing the same. Several seconds later BattaLion was kicking in another door and looking upon a group of giant Predacons next to an enormous, yet sleek craft. An enlarged Cryotek looked to be moments away from blasting what appeared to be an enlarged version of Megatron. Immediately brushing aside his surprise at the size of the Predacons, Megatron's apparent existence, and the presence of a ship identical in design to the one that reportedly had been used to transport Ravage to ancient Earth, BattaLion called out to the Predacons. "Release or power down your weapons now and prepare to be taken into custody!"

    Cryotek, as well as the other Predacons present, looked at the seven Maximals and started laughing. The blue crime lord turned and called out to the largest member of the team. "Magmatron, eliminate these idiots."

    Magmatron smiled and took a step toward the intruders, but the door on the other end of the hangar was torn off of its hinges by a massive kick and sent flying toward the center of the room. Grand came charging in, his big cannon drawn and ready for action. Upon seeing Magmatron, Grand growled and pointed his weapon directly at the massive Predacon's chest. "Nice upgrade, Magmatron, and a very considerate posture I might add. It gives me an easier target." With that Grand unloaded on the giant Predacon, the ordinance sending Magmatron stumbling back and falling to the ground.

    "Predacons, return fire!" Line called out, and a moment later the hangar was awash with speeding rounds of various types.

    "We don't have time for this!" Cryotek called out. "Board the ship, board it now!" The other Predacons, including the only marginally wounded Magmatron, began filing into the craft. The blue crime lord looked back at his protégé, whose execution had gone uncompleted due to the interruption of the Maximals. "Once again you cheat death, Tyrotron, but if the history that I am about to write deems you worthy of existence, know that I will make sure that existence is short and painful." The closing door removed Cryotek from view of Megatron and the Maximals, and the opening ceiling and the ignition of the thrusters made it clear that a Predacon escape was imminent.

    Though more than a dozen feet shorter, BattaLion was able to tackle Megatron to the ground, and then point a pistol directly at the Predacon's face. "Don't move!" Covering Megatron with one pistol, BattaLion then pointed his other pistol up at the underside of the departing ship and fired with the rest of the Maximals.

    Despite the combined firepower of the Maximals, the Predacon ship seemed to have no difficulty ascending into the sky and disappearing. Cryotek replaced Line in the pilot’s seat and casually steered the craft up into Cybertron's orbit, and only upon noticing the approach of several Maximal ships did he engage the stealth mode. The criminal laughed as he watched the blips on his sensor that represented the Maximal ships zip around in confusion at the apparent disappearance of the Predacon ship. "Maximal fools. I often wondered how evolution failed to weed your kind out of existence; I now realize that with my help, it will." The Predacon laughed as he sped farther out away from Cybertron and eventually catapulted the ship into transwarp space.


    Although he was almost nine feet taller than the horned Maximal, Megatron took a submissive posture when Optimus Grand approached him. "Why if it isn't the great Optimus Grand. Your timing is, of course, impeccable."

    Grand kept his cannon pointed at the Predacon's face as BattaLion pulled the prisoner to his feet. The golden optics of the burly Maximal narrowed as he peered at the Predacon captive. He then turned to Cheetor, who was approaching from behind him. "Is it him, Kid?" Cheetor stared, hatred burning in his optics. The infuriated Maximal started raising his rifle, intent on blasting his enlarged enemy to pieces, but Grand's hand came down, gripped the top of the rifle and directed it away from Megatron. "I guess that's a yes." Turning back to the prisoner, Grand addressed him. "Megatron, AKA Tyrotron, you are under arrest on the charges of grand theft, murder, attempted murder, attempted genocide, attempted...” Grand shook his head and looked toward BattaLion before once again addressing Megatron. "We don't have time to go over the entire list, but answer our questions regarding your cohorts, and we might get a few charges knocked off. Refuse, and I let the kid fire away."

    Megatron chuckled lightly. "Yessss, Cheetor does look to be especially hopped up on catnip today, but unfortunately I haven't the slightest idea as to where my fellow Predacons are headed. As your mane-bearing colleague will attest to, they were about to kill me when you arrived."

    "LIAR!" Cheetor called out, but refrained from reacting violently.

    Grand looked to BattaLion, who nodded. "From what I saw when I first entered the hangar, that is very likely the truth. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have an knowledge concerning the other Predacons."

    Grand cocked his cannon and looked up at Megatron. "I'm not going to play any games with you. Just know that unless there's a valid reason to let you live, I won't."

    Megatron grinned, but there was a hint of fear displayed in his face. "That's not very Maximal of you, Grand. Why, I do believe that they could kick you out of the Optimus club for even saying such a thing."

    Grand extended his arm and pointed his canon directly between Megatron's optics. "I trust you know my reputation. Other Optimii deal in ideals, I deal in realities. You are beyond redemption or rehabilitation, you are without conscience, and you have a knack for escaping internment. I feel completely justified in sparing existence from your presence, and I have no fear of any and all repercussions for this justice. If you know anything about me, then you must realize that these statements are true. And these reasons for why I would have no problem killing you are strictly business."

    Grand's optics narrowed in anger. "But I have personal reasons for wanting you dead as well. There are several, but one clearly outweighs the others. My primary function is to train Optimii, to take Cybertronians with vast untapped potential and shape them into the pinnacle of our species. I have trained many, and am immeasurably proud of each, but there was only one whom I looked upon as a human would his own son. He was brilliant, physically gifted, and a hopeless idealist. His idealism and my cynicism led to many heated arguments, but each argument only increased my respect for the lad. Even his decision to avoid a military or law enforcement career in favor of scientific exploration only made me more proud of him." Grand's right index finger shook, his eagerness to squeeze the trigger and blast Megatron's head to oblivion clearly evident. "And while I immensely respect the one for which our order is named, Primal is truly Cybertron's greatest hero; a hero who died bringing an end to your tyranny. So believe me when I tell you that not only will I kill you, I'll be smiling beneath my faceplate as I do so."

    BattaLion stepped forward, genuinely nervous that Grand might actually murder the prisoner. "Megatron, please tell us what Cryotek and the Council have on their agenda. If you don't, he will kill you. I promise that I'll do all I can to stop him, but in his current state, I know that I'd fail. So please, tell us what you know about your comrades."

    Though fully aware that Grand would in fact pull the trigger, Megatron grinned as he replied. "I have no doubt that Grand would kill me, but he won't. You see, while I have no knowledge as to what my old mentor is up to, I do have some knowledge that you Maximals would find valuable."

    BattaLion looked nervously at Grand, who was now shaking slightly out of fury and anticipation, before looking back at Megatron. "You'd better share it right now, Megatron. What do you know?"

    "Only the whereabouts of Cybertron's greatest hero."


    "Man, that thing gives me the creeps." The Predacon [G.F. Dinoshout] muttered as he looked out the port window upon the decapitated head of Unicron floating in orbit above Cybertron.

    "Your comments are unnecessary, Ravenous." Sinker replied, almost angrily. "We have returned to the final days of the Great War to succeed where Tyrotron, or Megatron as he had taken to calling himself, failed. Only our attack on the past will be far more ambitious, far more encompassing, and will be impossible to stop."

    "Yes,” Cryotek continued. "Our attack on the Autobots will be brutal, our assistance to the Decepticons will be immeasurable, and our victory will be assured. The Earth year 2007 will mark the point where history took a divergent path, one that ushered in the age of conquerors. Predacons forever!"
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