Targetmaster Scourge and other stuff for sale

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    pics are here

    I got for sale.
    For pretenders the toys are mint, but the boxes are c-7-c8. boxes are uncut and untorn just have corner wear and some small creases.

    Bomburst 100% Mib w/ insert- Has all paperwork/instructions/ unapplied stickers. Toy is Dead mint never been touched. 70$

    SKullgrin 100% Mib w/ insert- no paperwork. Toy is Mint-60$

    Waverider 100% MIb w/insert-has instructions. Toy is Unused,however The white pastic used for the soft rubber weapons is beginning to show some spots. 55$

    Targetmaster Scourge, 100% Complete-100$ Minor sticker wear joints are tight, Is a little dusty from being displayed. Tm is mint. This is cheaper than ebay prices

    Mib Japanese Divebomb 100%. Box has no flap crease, however one side has wear only I don't know how this came about. otheriwise box would be great shape. Has paperwork. Unapplied stickers. Toy is mint and unused. STyro is Clean white Sorry couldn't post pics of this, ran out of space. Pm for pics

    Mib Japanese Razorclaw 100%. Box is great shape no tears etc., Toy is mint and unused however stickers were applied.

    I'm open to trades but ONly for items on my want list. One some items i might lower the price, but on some price is firm. If your interested in more than one item then discount would be given. Pm me with all inquiries, please do not post offers. If you have a problem or offer pm PM with email address for more pics.

    Want List

    Punch Counter Punch-just the bot
    Hot-Rod Just the Bot
    Targetmaster Hot rod just the bot
    Sandstorm-just the bot
    Sixshot-just the bot
    Targetmaster Crosshairs, just the bot
    Stuniticons and protectobots good shape (just the limb bots not hotspot or motormaster)

    Wierdwolf GUn
    Grotesque Gun
    Headmaster Squeezeplay Tail and gun
    Headmaster Fangry/ Wing and gun
    Headmaster HardHead shoulder Gun
    Pretender Gunrunner 2x little side rockets
    Any big headmaster heads
    Any Headmaster Weapons
  2. megamus

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    I want that TM Scourge. Get ready for a PM
  3. TOM

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    Joe I have
    Hot-Rod Just the Bot- I have a few of the Ehobby C78 Hot Rods if you want one of those MISB
    Sixshot-just the bot
    protectobots good shape- If you take the whole defensor I'll cut you a deal cause I still have a few of them.
    PM me for trade. No, I have Scourge Already.

    Megamus- Ha Ha Brett, I beat you to Scourge! :cool: