Customs: Tamiya putty and epoxie putty

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    i know that T.putty are used to fill gaps and etcs...but wat are the other uses?

    and further more how do i use tamiya epoxie putty? i also know thaqt it is used for sculpting and such.....(does it affect skin when im not wearing gloves?)

    sorry if i ask too many questions and for being blunt(?)
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    Being in Japan, Tamiya products are about all I use. You can use the putty as a sculpting compound in certain situations. You can slather a thin coat on a surface and use a scribe to etch in panel lines and such while it is still 'wet', and then sand it all down after it has dried so that the surface is smooth again.

    Epoxy putty is not harmful to the skin. I've never used gloves when working with the stuff, although I probably should, if only because it makes your fingers sticky after using it. It is also a good sculpting medium, and can also hold parts together well enough. It won't do the job as well as a true adhesive such as super glue, Plastruct, or Plastic Welder, though. With enough pressure you can separate whatever you pressed together in between the epoxy putty. I would use it like any other sculpting clay or gel, though, like Super Sculpey or Aves Apoxy Sculpt. There are a few tutorials here in the Radicons, as well as Sector 70 and that detail how better to employ these tools.

    Drop me a PM if you have any more questions.

    - Alty