Takasa Tony KO Masterpiece CMP-20 Wheeljack

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    Feb 3, 2016
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    I was honestly excited to look at this guy after the success of Bluestreak and because I love Wheeljack. While he is good, there are issues here that really bug me. In the end, call me a perfectionist, but masterpiece, by definition, pretty much means we are getting a perfect, definitive version, as we should for those costs (Of course the KO is cheaper because, well, it is a KO after all). Still, even if I expect too much, it is what I would expect for such a pricey figure for the size. This guy, unfortunately, is a mixed bag, at best. The niggling parts just ruin the experience for me and left me feeling a bit deflated. See the good and bad for yourself. And, to be fair, I had heard so many good things that I was really built up for fantastic. Instead, I got a little better than mediocre.