TakaraTomy Generations Selects TT-GS11 Volcanicus

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    so if i want slag to use as a leg how can i prevent the broken happen? do you get any ideal?
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    The only thing i can think is ti re-enforce the external side of the hole with paper stripes and superglue. Once dried, it makes the paper waterproof and it's as strong as fiberglass as far as i can see.

    The only problem is i'm not sure you'll be able to peg the legs together then
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    Just got mine from Pulse today. The guns on the chest filler parts were on the wrong sides, so I had to pop those off and swap them. They fit much better now.

    Overall love the set, huge improvement over the PotP versions.
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    I just need GS Abominus and my chiminey will be on fire even without wood.
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    I love this set.
    Here are some comparison photos I took with the G1 counterparts this morning.

    This was my first Dinobot as a child (G2 version). My brother got Slag. We had a Pretender Grimlock, which was noticeably inferior, but held his place as the leader of are incomplete Dinobot gang.
    [Leg mode beside G1 Stegosaurus mode]
    IMG_1544.JPG IMG_1545.JPG IMG_1546.JPG
    [Stegosauruses comparison]
    I like the G1 version more in dinosaur mode, which I think goes for pretty much all of these updates.
    The new versions are *very nice* but lack the heft and shine of their predecessors. So while I'm stoked about the paint apps and overall appearance, it would be insincere for me to say I like them better.
    I do really love the new head sculpts and general proportions of these updates. It's also super fun to have the added poseability. Snarl looks great. I'm chomping at the bit to see what a Studio Series update will do for this beloved by me Dinobot. At this scale, I think this mold absolutely nails the look!

    As mentioned above, my brother had this one when we were kids. I think I've now owned 5 copies of the G1 mold? The junker pictured here is my 'shelf copy'. Currently I have also a really lovely MIB Japanese version.
    [Arm mode beside G1 Triceratops mode]
    IMG_1561.JPG IMG_1562.JPG IMG_1560.JPG
    [Triceratopses comparison]
    The Triceratops mode on the new version of Slag is especially diminutive next to its G1 counterpart. That said, I really love all the sculpted detail and paint apps on this new version.
    The colors on this Selects version really pop! I love the old Diaclone heads on the G1 guys, but the red face and silver robot legs on this Selects update really unify the robot appearance for me.

    Pictured is my 2nd G1 Sludge copy, the first time I owned him I bought a real junker at a vintage toy shop that was a flopsy-dopsy mess. I still was overjoyed to get to experience the old sauropod in person. Having this semi-crisp G1 copy to display with my Selects update is a joy. Despite being the only mold here to not get a 'full update' (Sludge recycles parts and sculpting in his anterior half from Slag), I think he really looks the part.
    [Leg mode beside G1 Brontosaurus mode]
    IMG_1548.JPG IMG_1549.JPG
    [Brontosauruses comparison]
    It's a subtle thing, but I love how in swapping out the tail of the Snarl portion, they made the number of spines / ridges match G1 Sludge. One of my favorite aspects of the G1 Dinobots is the mechanical details beneath the smokey plastic dinosaur parts. I believe the Brontosaur head on Sludge might be the only example on these updates where this effect is achieved through two separate pieces, as with the G1 Dinobots. I think the painted reverse molding used elsewhere is a very nice facsimile of the effect, but it's cool to see it done 'properly' here.
    It bears mentioning that with the glaring exception of Swoop's wings, I believe most of the 'lighter' silver areas on the new Selects Dinobots are fully painted. While I'd have preferred chrome, the wings on Sludge really do gleam to my eye. It's a good look!

    I only very recently came to possess my first G1 Swoop. It was a minor ordeal, the beak broke in transit, but I was able to glue it back together. Honestly, owning the G1 version has diminished my appreciation for this update. He is still very cool, but I really don't love the way the wings are articulated yet cannot compress to form the G1 robot mode silhouette. Nonetheless, he pleases in most other ways. The cartoon face is especially charming!
    [Arm mode beside G1 Pteranodon]
    IMG_1564.JPG IMG_1567.JPG IMG_1566.JPG
    [Pteranodons comparison]
    Dinobot (aka mechanical Mesozoic flying reptile) mode is so great! This is more of a nitpick, than a huge strike against Swoop, but I do like better how the robot legs form individual boosters in Dinobot mode on the G1 toy and animation model. The squared up brick atop this new Selects version isn't as dynamic. I also wish they'd included the missile launchers. The paint job and mechanical greebling is super satisfactory though.
    Robot mode is 'good enough'. I love that Diaclone / animation model blue chest. Swoop also feels a bit light and loose in the limb and construction department, when compared with his Selects update brethren. Still, I'm very happy to have him on the team!

    Out of all the updates Grimlock has received over the years, none of the newer versions come close to touching how cool the G1 Tyrannosaurus rex mode is. The head is more menacing, stouter in proportion (without the elongated canine nose of the animation model); I also really love the bulging mechanical eyes on his G1 Dinobot mode.
    [Torso mode beside G1 Tyrannosaurus rex]
    IMG_1572.JPG IMG_1573.JPG IMG_1574.JPG
    [Tyrannosauri reges comparison]
    Despite not dethroning the G1 alt-mode, and having some glaring compromises to accommodate the third Torso mode (fat tail, back kibble), I really like this dinosaur mode. It is cool looking, the colors are so nice, and the articulation is pretty great for this scale.
    I think this robot-mode version of Grimlock is actually my favorite of all time. It's such a nice size in hand, not being so massive and premium to be fun to handle (MP-03). The novel way that the hips deforms to create the chest is so cool. I love that this set came with G1 Grimlock's blasters ( x 2 ! ).

    Overall I'm extremely pleased to own this set.
    I would really love to make room in my toy chest for the SS86 versions, although looking at the photos posted by @ziltama in the beginning of this thread, the size makes me hesitate. I know that the scale is a major selling point, but I have limited play / display space.

    In any case, three cheers to the Dinobot resurgence we're currently experiencing!
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    Really split if I want to get some 5mm adapters so I can stabilize the hands to hold the sword or if I should just go all out and get the upgrade kit.