Taiwan “TF: The Movie” Hasbro viewing event

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    I guess this is the right place for this thread.
    The event was yesterday evening at 西門 Xīmén. Hasbro put it on in celebration of the 35th anniversary.

    Before the movie there were new Siege and Studio Series on display. And before going in they gave us a series 3 single-pack Botbots gift.
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    Like most TF events here, people brought their own toys to share in the appreciation of. It’s a great way to easily go around and mingle (I brought Legends Hot Rod, Kup, & Blurr + their [custom] Targetmasters). While in the theatre waiting, I went around and talked to some people who had brought figures of their own.
    E7ECB973-3093-4C98-891A-0B97AAECF337.jpeg 1DDF4FE4-379B-4116-BA29-B873A67FBBC4.jpeg D6354B7D-48A5-4499-A020-DA1CC06F0A08.jpeg 0BF040FD-BFEF-4D35-94C5-28566A849EAF.jpeg 391914E8-46E2-4BFE-A91A-6B35049D4621.jpeg ECF138B3-0E6A-42D3-AE2E-B8B7433A3376.jpeg B76E34BB-942C-4BA7-8F20-2D7F84E0FFCF.jpeg 4B06B3E9-C36B-40F4-9157-667564E58D20.jpeg

    Before starting, a rep talked about the new upcoming “War for Cybertron” Netflix series. Talking about the feeling aimed for with the series, they used several war movies as exampjles, such as Dunkirk, Saving Private Ryan, & Band of Brothers, emphasizing words like ‘stakes’, ‘grit’, and ‘brotherhnood’. And some team pictures and group shots were shown in the Siege style artwork, presumably the look also for the new show.

    On the way out they handed each of us a TF: The Movie poster. And some people stuck around for a bit to chat and hang out some more.
    87323F88-45E5-4774-BACF-9433E9F6143C.jpeg F59C9187-8DFE-43AA-B28B-D94879C0B104.jpeg CCC6B1CC-80C8-4717-95D1-D09AED0D09A5.jpeg 10E2FF4C-13A7-44D2-AA0F-38003DD6767E.jpeg
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