Table Top Gaming: Running Spycraft again this Friday, how's this?

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    Sorry, I honestly didn't know where to put this on the forums. Video Games felt the closest.

    So here is the situation. The players are once again apart of my fictious agency called the ISA (Intellegence Security Agency). The ISA is an American agency that can operate within the FBI, CIA and NSA jurisdictions with the idea of fast deployment.

    The players assignment started small when they where assisting the FBI in a case of mass kidnappings. The people missing are children from the ages of 7 to 10. They went to Alabama to investigate where the most recent kidnappings occur. The players then where able to track that the suspect(s) went to Georga.

    In Georga they discovered that the suspects where from the middle east, one of them being the son of a terrorist ring leader. The players then gathered that the bad guys where collecting western children and selling them off as slaves. The bad guys are still a day ahead of the players but the players where able to track them down to Florida. The players get some bad news and that another wave of kidnappings happened in Califorina. The players cannot deploy to Califorina but the ISA sends another team to investigate.

    At Florida, they find the pilot that transported the bad guys (I havent developed a name for them yet >.<, I'm glad my buddies are laid back). The pilot paniced and took hostages at the private airport he worked at. The players where able to detain him and rescue all the hostages with no casaulties. The pilot told them that they're going to a harbor and boarding a freighter. The players quickly order Florida police to detain the boat, but the police where under fire and the boat got away.

    The players have the location of the boat and took a helicopter to meet the boat towards international waters. The players begin their assault. The shootout was pretty awsome and they have cleared the back side of the boat and are moving towards the front and bottom decks.

    So how does this adventure sound? Anything I could add in to throw a wrench to this situation, plot twists, somthing fun?