Swiftcat, The Femme That Never Backs Down

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    Author's note, I took and rewrote chapter 16 so this coincides with the rewritten chapter to avoid the confusion.
    Yes, it seems all those feeling were there already they just needed a little time and a nudge to be noticed by Bee and Swifty. :) 

    Thank you all for coming back and continuing to read this story again. I am going to break this habit of disappearing and not writing any updates. Honestly I guess I was having difficulty and felt a bit awkward writing romance into my story what with Swiftcat herself being sort of my alter ego, and perhaps it was my own lack of experience in that area got me discouraged and bashful over writing it. I put a lot of myself into what I write and wasn't ready to share that side of myself at the time.
    Once again I apologize for stalling on updating this fanfiction for so long.

    Swiftcat, The Femme That Never Backs Down
    Chapter 17

    First Aid stood with his arms crossed with.
    First Aid: “Did I not tell her to be careful? Then you both had to go and get competitive.”
    Bumblebee looked at the ceiling awkwardly remaining silent. First Aid put his arms down with his intakes releasing what sounded like a heavy sigh.
    First Aid: “Don’t do it again or I’ll… I’ll seek Ratchet on you.”
    Bumblebee cringed at the name of old medic, getting a chewing out from Ratchet was not on the top of the young Autobot’s list.
    First Aid: “Luckily neither of you took on heavy damage and it looks like she is just fine, just another episode. “
    His optics glued to the diagnostic monitor as he checked over the series of numbers and Cybertronian symbols running across the screen.
    First Aid: “It’s not something I can tell you about, Swiftcat she trusts you… She’ll tell you. In her own time…”
    Bumblebee: “Yeah I know.”
    When First Aid looked up his optics light up when he smiled at Bumblebee watching Swiftcat with concentrated optics.
    First Aid: “There’s something I need you to do for me. There’s some special grade energon cubes in my office that Swiftcat is going to need to drink when she wakes up. Could you go get them for me?”
    Bumblebee pulled his optics away from his unconscious friend.
    Bumblebee: “Yeah sure. Where are they?”
    First Aid: “In the red storage unit on the right side of my desk.”
    Bumblebee: “Got it.”
    First Aid: “Thank you.”
    The door hissed open and shut behind the yellow and black Autobot.
    First Aid: “Things are certainly in motion now. It was only a matter of time.”

    Gray smoke wrapped around Swiftcat the room filled with flames and smoke. Slowly the smoke cleared in one spot and she could see. Pyrocon standing before her then Bumblebee rushed in front of her, and then slowly Pyrocon raised her cannon. Swiftcat screamed but no sound came out her vocal processor remained silent. She tried to move but she couldn’t when she looked down her stabilizing servos were melted right into the floor making it impossible to move. Fear flooded her sense, and as Pyrocon fired her cannon the flames reflected in Swiftcat’s optics…
    “Swiftcat, Swiftcat!”
    Swiftcat jerked up right, as her optics cleared she looked around her surroundings. She was in the MedBay.
    The soft voice of First Aid reached her audio receptors. His countenance was filled with concern.
    Swiftcat realized the plinking sound of falling water, her servo reached up and realized her optic were leaking and tears rolled down her face. First Aid gently rested a servo on her shoulders.
    First Aid: “It’s normal to having nightmares when something like what you’ve been through happens. They’ll go away in time.”
    In a few couple of cycles her tears slowed and she rubbed at her optics agitatedly.
    Swiftcat: “I’m okay, really I’m alright.”
    First Aid pulled a chair up next the recharge berth Swiftcat sat and sat on the chair backwards.
    First Aid: “You have a good friend there.”
    Swiftcat: “Who?”
    First Aid: “I think you know who. He was pretty obstinate about staying; I had to all but threaten to seek Ratchet on him. I had one of our medics work out those dents and scrapes he got. I made sure he was well taken care of.”
    Swiftcat: “Thank you First Aid. …And you’re right he is a good friend.”
    First Aid reached over to a table and picked a cube of energon handing to her.
    First Aid: “You need to start eating something you’re very weak. I had Bumblebee get them from my office for you. It’ll help fight the virus down and get your energy back up.”
    Swiftcat raised the energon cube to her mouth letting the sweet tasting energon slide down her throat.
    First Aid: “It happened again didn’t it?”
    Swiftcat: “Yes… This time I couldn’t control it. No matter what I did I couldn’t stop.”
    First Aid: “It’s getting worse. There has to be something we can do. No more racing and I mean no. Next time you may not be so lucky.”
    Swiftcat: “I know.”
    First Aid: “He’s good for you, you know. You seem to brighten up when he’s around.”
    Swiftcat stared at the energon cube in her servos, the purple liquid glowing.
    Swiftcat: “Bee has always had a way of cheering me up. He’s full of life, I know he has regrets and been through some things but he still lives with a passion. He’s matured over the time he’s been away. Bee’s become a good mech…I never had any doubts about that. ”
    First Aid watched as a smile played over Swiftcat’s face, he put his arms onto top of the chair and the rested his chin atop them.
    First Aid: “Swifty you realize that there is more than likely going to be femmes wanting to chase after Bumblebee…He is a hero after all now.”
    Swiftcat tightened her grip on her energon cube as her optic ridges creased together.
    First Aid stood up out of his chair patted her on the shoulder.
    First Aid: “From where I stand it seems Primus is granting a second chance. The Allspark fragment showing up out of nowhere is no coincidence. Whatever you do…please make sure you have no regrets and listen to what your spark is saying.” The door slide open then he paused in the door way.
    First Aid: “I have no doubt you’ll sort it out. Just try to get some rest and give it some thought.”
    Swiftcat’s optics slid up from the energon in her servo and watched the door slide shut behind First Aid with a hum. Swiftcat: “It’s all that’s been on my processor already…”

    When the start of the solar cycle came Swiftcat found herself awakening from a restless stasis recharge but most of her strength restored. First Aid came and ran another diagnostic and informed Swiftcat she would be released later that cycle from MedBay, but to come in the next cycle so he could make sure no danger signs arose later. Not many words had passed between the two Autobots, just short sentences and a word of thanks when First Aid finished. No long after he had left the Jet twins decided to pay her a visit.

    Swiftcat: “Hey Jetstorm, Jetfire!”
    Jetfire: “You are to not being mad at us?”
    Jetstorm: “Yes we were to be thinking you still be upsetted.”
    Swiftcat beamed brightly at the Jet Twins, waving a servo in a dismissing manner.
    Swiftcat: “Now why would I be mad, you only glued me to my closest friend and were stuck to each other all solar cycle. No big deal.”
    The Med door slide open and Bumblebee walked through.
    Bumblebee: “Hey Swifty, how’s it going… You!”
    Bumblebee pointed a digit at the twins left optic twitching in annoyance.
    Swiftcat shouted above all the chaos; it was time to take revenge.
    Swiftcat: “Deploy the super pink sparkle bombs!”
    Jetfire: “Brother I am thinking we are to being slagged!”
    The Jet Twins hung onto one another in despair of the predicament, for there was no escape now. Bumblebee blocked the only exit and Swiftcat blocked any route to a possible hiding spot.
    Swiftcat: “It’s time to pay the piper!”
    Bumblebee: “Now Swifty!”
    Simultaneously both Swiftcat and Bumblebee threw their “Super pink sparkle bombs”. The twins’ faces were filled with terror. At the exact moment Optimus Magnus just walked into the room. Now fear filled Bumblebee’s face, and dread crossed Swiftcat’s face.
    Swiftcat: “Oh no.”
    Bumblebee: “Oh Slag.”

    Optimus looked confused at the whole scene he walked in on.
    Optimus: “What are you bots doing?”
    That is when the “Super pink sparkle bomb” went off. Pink and sparkles exploded and coated the room and bots in pink paint and sparkles. Optimus stepped away from the wall leaving an Optimus shape left on the wall that was free of paint. Pink paint dripped off of him with sparkles coating his helm. All the bots tried their best not to laugh at their leader. Bumblebee was the first to crack, Swiftcat slapped a servo over her mouth in an effort to not laugh but when the twins rolled in floor laughing she could no longer resist herself.
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