SW ROTS and TF's (RID/Armada/Energon) FS/Trade

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Galvatron2020, Aug 21, 2005.

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    Aug 15, 2005
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    I've got the following loose ROTS figures for sale/trade. PM me with any reasonable offers.

    Anakin Skywalker #02
    Super Battle Droid #04
    Clone Trooper #06
    Clone Trooper #06
    General Grievous #09
    Battle Droid #17
    Red Royal Guard #23
    Obi-Wan #27
    Clone Commander #33
    Clone Commander #33
    Clone Pilot #34
    Clone Trooper #41
    Destroyer Droid #44

    And 3 of the Episode One Battle Droids.

    As far as Transformers go, I've got quite a lot of RID, Armada, and Energon, too many to list right now. If you're looking for specific figures from these lines PM me with a want list, and what you have to trade or would be willing to pay for each figure.

    All my figures are in excellent shape and are complete, just basically used for display during that lines run. Once the series was over and a new one began I placed them in storage to make room for the new series.

    As far as trades go I'm currently looking for either a 20th Ann Prime, a Takara MP Prime, a Takara MP Ultra Magnus, G1 original figures, loose but complete, send me your list to check out, the Hasbro reisses of Skids, Silverstreak, & Thundercracker, these can also be loose but complete, and the Takara reissues of Starscream, Insecticons, and God Ginrai. I'm also looking for Predaking parts, namely the wings, hands and feet. Also in need of TF Alternators, especially Wheeljack.

    So send me your want/trade list and we'll make a deal. I'm also willing to send first as long as you have good refs.