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Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Starscream NZ, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Jun 27, 2005
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    over in my country, TF's don't come overly cheap, and Starscream was no different, his usual shelf price is $146 in the cheapest store, $150 in the rest, anyway i already had the GF version so i wouldn't have to suffer the giant version. Anyways, he shows up on the shelves, and whats this? he's got a FREE Universe Ultra attached to him, now, that sweetens the deal, but i still can't just pull $150 out of my ass and i'd much rather get Prime or Megs.

    I get word last night on my message board of a friend of mine sighting him for $73, so this morning i headed off myself to see if this is true, and it is....50% off Supreme Starscream, and still with the free Universe Ultra, and although this is in New Zealand $, it would come to a total of 49.76 USD.

    when comparing these two toys, i'm quite happy to see there's a lot of different differences in the mould, i'm glad that Hasbro went and out a few extra features on there's, and i'm supposing that these will be on the smaller version as well, help to identify the difference. Starscreams crown is also amazing, it is a perfect replica of G1 Starscreams.

    All in all, this a most impressive gigantic TF, although i do somewhat complain that they didn't give him articulated fingers, it's no big deal overal