Superman and Spider man Trading cards

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    hi i am looking to sell my complete sets of

    Complete set of 180 cards of DC's Skybox The man of steel Superman Platinum Series. Collectors edition and Preimum Edition. I will also include Spectra-Etch immovable object, 3 preimum card rappers, 1 collectors edition wrapper, Forged in steel- brought to his knees, and Forged in steel- The man of tommorow

    Spiderman Cards
    4 fleer ultra Spidy preimum Edition card wrappers
    All 63 Character cards
    All 21 Legacy cards
    All 14 Milestones cards
    All 10 The Venom Flows cards
    All 19 Team-Ups cards
    All 7 Unlikely Allies cards
    All 10 Carnage Us Cards
    All 5 Arachnophobias cards
    And last the checklist

    I have no idea what these are worth so i am taking offers, pm me if you want them