Super Robot Wars RP Interest Check/Sign Up thread

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    Ok, what is this, Nemesis?

    Super Robot Wars, in essence, is a series of crossover games between various mecha anime properties. Y'know. Mazinger, Gundam, VOTOMS, the works. In addition, there are original characters created for each game, as to serve as player avatars and overarching antagonists. But we'll get to that later.

    The basic plot of this RP is as follows. I say basic, because it is very much going to be influenced by the choice of characters and series you make.

    It is the 200th year of the Space Era, an age where mankind reaches for the stars. Outer-space colonies have been established. Exploration has proceeded as far as Pluto. A global government, the Earth Federation, is in control of the Earth. New and wondrous technologies are being developed, such as the mobile weapons called Personal Troopers.

    It is an age of chaos. Forces that seek to overthrow the Federation and rule the world are everywhere. Chief amongst them are the Divine Crusaders, a shadowy organization with their own highly advanced mobile weapons, the Armored Modules. The Earth Sphere teeters on the brink of an apocalyptic war...

    Neat. Give me a sign-up sheet and rules .

    1.) No godmodding. This one should be obvious.
    2.) ((OOC, or out of character discussion should take place like this.))
    3.) Each player will have access to five "series" slots and five characters from each, plus one Original character, of their own devising or from the Original Generation games. Players can claim characters from another's series.
    4.) YOU CAN CLAIM CHARACTERS FROM MECHA ANIME ONLY. This should be obvious, but just saying it outright.

    Sign-up sheet:

    Character Name:
    (What series your character is from. If your claimed character is a Original, please designate whether they are your creation or a Banpresto Original.)
    Appearance: (If non-Banpresto Original OC, include a text description here. Otherwise, just use a image from the series.)
    Mecha: (What do they pilot? Provide a short description and an image.)

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