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    Please use my e-mail: [email protected]
    because I answer it quicker than PMs

    For trading refs, I've got about 3000 or so, I've been dealing online since 1996, I've been to every Botcon since 1996 [and Transcon, and Botcon Japan, and OTFCC, and I was at Cybercon a couple of weeks ago, and I'll be at the Frisco Botcon next month] a lot of you guys out there know me anyway :) 
    refs at MOTL [magictraders] under ID [email protected]
    refs at ebay [1979] under davemamer [same name as here]
    Also have hundreds of personal refs from ATT, ATTM, RTTM, trading from my own website, etc...

    If you don't have something I need, tell me what you have, maybe I can use it.

    If you don't need what I have listed here tell me what you want, maybe I have it [I have a lot of other stuff]
    I have a sealed BT-02 Lambor that I would like to trade for a Binaltech Hound or Swindle
    I'm Looking for these items:

    Loose or boxed-in-a-crappy-box [cheap] 20th anniversary Optimus - if it's loose it must be complete and have nice paint.

    Any loose complete alternators except Smokescreen and Sideswipe

    2 of Alternator Dead End Sealed
    1 of Alternator Shockblast Sealed
    2 of Alternator Tracks Sealed
    2 of Alternator Decepticharge Sealed
    1 of Alternator Meister Sealed

    Orange US G2 Scrapper Sealed

    Parts/accessories needed:
    2 Euro Predator handguns
    Wing for actionmaster take-off's buddy Screech
    Handgun for actionmaster bombshell
    Thrust long Missile x2
    Thrust Short missile x2
    Optimus prime gas nozzle [the small handle piece]
    Astrotrain Gun
    All Vroom parts except the 2 guns
    Waverider's axe
    Barrage Sword
    Aerialbot Skydive's handgun
    Nightbeat's Antennae
    Pointblank's spoiler
    Hardhead's gun
    Octopunch small gun
    Octopunch large gun
    Mindwipe's gun
    Razorclaw's gun
    Chop Shop gun
    Chop Shop spear
    5 Piranacon socket plugs
    Wreck Gar's Axe
    Blurr: shield
    Jetfire gun
    Jetfire backpack center
    Jetfire left calf tab
    Jetfire right calf rear armor
    Jetfire Right Booster Rocket
    Jetfire Wrist armor
    Aerialbot Skydive's Gun
    Metroplex small gun for small car
    Metroplex Left arm for small car
    Skullcruncher gun, head
    Inferno Left Fist
    Ultra Magnus: Large left fist
    Devastator: Scrapper's Roof
    Slapdash's Front Bumper
    G2 Bruticus: Right foot, chestplate
    Computron: strafe's shoulder gun x2, strafe's handgun, nosecone's side gun, nosecone's handgun, Lightspeed's side gun
    Bruticus: twin backpack cannon
    Airhammer gold missile/gun
    Airhammer visor [yellow]
    Diaclone Devastator - Red head missile, red right fist, red big handgun [RED -> NOT ORANGE]

    Nice TF Bodies Needed [just the figure, parts are not necessary]:
    G2 Superion: Slingshot
    G1 Superion: Fireflight
    G1 Hook for Devastator
    G2 Optimus Prime Cab
    Thunderwing with insert robot
    G1 Snarl
    G2 Green Snarl
    G2 Red Slag
    Actionmaster Blaster Figure
    2x Ramjet main body, do not need wings, but need 2 nice clean bodies
    Wheeljack [but must have both spoilers & both wings]
    Pretender Jazz Shell & Insert


    I have these items:
    Botcon (OTFCC) 2004 Megazarak MIB unused $79.00
    Botcon 1996 Extra Large T-Shirt unused $19.00
    Botcon 1997 Extra Large T-Shirt Unused $19.00
    Botcon 1999 Exclusive Maximal Wristwatch $49.00
    Botcon 2001 Souvenir Program Guide $10.00
    Botcon 2002 Exclusive Catscan MIB [recolored Night Slash Cheetor] $69.00
    Botcon 2002 Exclusive Collector's Plate $59.00
    Botcon 2002 Exclusive Glyph with Comic $25.00
    Botcon 2002 Tap-Out Sealed $15.00
    Botcon 2003 OTFCC Sideswipe MIB $59.00
    Botcon Japan 1998 Double Punch MIB Complete unused $129.00
    Transformers Botcon Japan 2000 Exclusive Megatron $25.00
    Beast Wars Boxed Arachnid Microverse set $19.00
    Beast Wars Boxed B-Boom $19.00
    Beast Wars Boxed Transquito opened $15.00
    Beast Wars Carded Bantor $7.00
    Beast Wars Carded Buzzclaw $7.00
    Beast Wars Carded Dinobot $69.00
    Beast Wars Carded Noctorro $9.00
    Beast Wars Carded Rhinox $59.00
    Beast Wars Carded Skyshadow $9.00
    Beast Wars Carded Terragator $9.00
    Beast Wars Rock Blister Iguanas $39.00
    Beast Wars Rock Blister Razorbeast $49.00
    Beast Wars Rock Blister Terrorsaur $79.00
    Beast Wars Rock Blister Waspinator $95.00
    Beast Wars Airhammer MOC $9.00
    Beast Wars Armordillo loose complete $7.00
    Beast Wars Claw Jaw Sealed on Card $19.00
    Beast Wars Claw Jaw carded opened $9.00
    Beast Wars Dinobot Rock Blister Sealed on card $95.00
    Beast Wars Drill Bit Sealed on Card $19.00
    Beast Wars Drill Bit loose complete $5.00
    Beast Wars Fox Kids Cheetor loose complete $9.00
    Beast Wars Fox Kids Regular Rhinox Carded $19.00
    Beast Wars Fox Kids Rhinox Sealed on card $29.00
    Beast Wars Iguanas Sealed on Card $19.00
    Beast Wars Injector Sealed on Card $15.00
    Beast Wars Insecticon Sealed on Card $15.00
    Beast Wars Insecticon Loose complete $4.00
    Beast Wars Manterror Sealed on Card $29.00
    Beast Wars Optimus Primal Gorilla opened complete with box $40.00
    Beast Wars PC CD ROM Game used $10.00
    Beast Wars Powerpinch carded opened $9.00
    Beast Wars Razorclaw Sealed on Card $19.00
    Beast Wars Razorclaw loose complete $5.00
    Beast Wars Retrax Carded Opened $9.00
    Beast Wars Silverbolt Sealed on Card $29.00
    Beast Wars Snapper Sealed on Card $39.00
    Beast Wars Target Exclusive Mutating Card Game used $10.00
    Beast Wars Terragator carded opened $4.00
    Beast Wars Terrorsaur loose complete $10.00
    Beast Wars Torca Sealed on Card $15.00
    Autobot Actionmaster Inferno MOSC $19.00
    Autobot Actionmaster Jackpot MOSC $19.00
    Autobot Actionmaster Mainframe MOSC $19.00
    Autobot Dinobot Sludge boxed complete missing insert $95.00
    Autobot Ground Assault Commander Roadbuster boxed missing antenna and 2 missiles $95.00
    Autobot Hound Boxed complete with insert $179.00
    Autobot Inferno boxed complete missing insert $95.00
    Autobot Jumpstarter Topspin boxed complete $25.00
    Autobot Jumpstarter Twin Twist Complete with insert spanish box $39.00
    Autobot Monsterbot Grotusque Boxed complete with insert $95.00
    Autobot Powermaster Optimus Prime boxed complete $149.00
    Autobot Pretender Chainclaw boxed Complete - no instructions $79.00
    Autobot Protectobot First Aid MOSC $69.00
    Autobot Protectobot Leader Hotspot Boxed complete with insert metal chest version $149.00
    Autobot Red Alert boxed complete missing insert [paint chips] $79.00
    Autobot Sideswipe boxed complete with insert $179.00
    Autobot Sixchanger Quickswitch boxed complete no robot points $89.00
    Autobot Small Pretender Longtooth MOSC SEALED $195.00
    Autobot Sparkabot Sizzle MOC opened $15.00
    Autobot Targetmaster Pointblank boxed complete missing insert $95.00
    Autobot Technobot Nosecone MOSC $69.00
    Autobot Throttlebot Rollbar & Decoy MOC opened $19.00
    Autobot Throttlebot Searchlight & Decoy MOC opened $19.00
    Autobot Ultra Magnus boxed complete $95.00
    Decepticon Actionmaster Krok MOSC $19.00
    Decepticon Battlecharger Runabout MOSC $49.00
    Decepticon Combaticon Onslaught boxed complete missing insert $79.00
    Decepticon Combaticon set of 5 with Onslaught's box & instructions $125.00
    Decepticon Duocon Battletrap Boxed complete no insert $29.00
    Decepticon Duocon Flywheels Boxed Complete no insert $29.00
    Decepticon Firecon Sparkstalker MOC opened $19.00
    Decepticon Headmaster Fangry boxed with insert complete $95.00
    Decepticon Headmaster Mindwipe Boxed complete missing insert $79.00
    Decepticon Headmaster Squeezeplay boxed complete missing insert $75.00
    Decepticon Insecticon Bombshell boxed complete no insert $29.00
    Decepticon Insecticon Kickback boxed complete no insert $29.00
    Decepticon Movie Edition Megatron Boxed complete $295.00
    Decepticon Pretender Carnivac complete with box and instructions $75.00
    Decepticon Small Pretender Octopunch MOSC SEALED $195.00
    Decepticon Stunticon Dead End Carded Opened $39.00
    Decepticon Terrorcon Hun-gurrr boxed complete with unused labels missing insert $95.00
    Decepticon Terrorcon Rippersnapper Carded opened $39.00
    Decepticon Triplechanger Astrotrain boxed complete missing insert $69.00
    Decepticon Triplechanger Blitzwing boxed complete missing insert $69.00
    European Exclusive Classic Grimlock Boxed complete [the missiles are a different mold] $95.00
    Transformers Autobot Commander Optimus Prime MIB complete $195.00
    Transformers Decepticon Shrapnel Fully Factory Sealed Worn Box $149.00
    Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy MISB Japanese Box! [not Korean] $79.00
    Beast Wars Neo C-30 Corhada $15.00
    Beast Wars Neo C-34 Randy $10.00
    Beast Wars Neo C-39 Savaib $19.00
    Beast Wars Neo D-29 Guiledart $19.00
    Beast Wars Neo D-31 Sling $10.00
    Beast Wars Neo D-32 Dead End $10.00
    Beast Wars Neo D-34 Crazybolt $10.00
    Beast Wars Neo D-36 Arcadis $15.00
    Beast Wars Neo Guiledart Boxed Opened $10.00
    Beast Wars Neo Kabaya Model set of 4 unused $20.00
    Beast Wars Neo Mach Kick vs. Arcadis Boxed opened $30.00
    Beast Wars Neo Saberbark Boxed opened $7.00
    Beast Wars Neo Sling boxed opened $7.00
    Beast Wars Neo VS-34 Randy versus Crazybolt $19.00
    Car Robots Build Cyclone carded opened $7.00
    Car Robots Buildboy Carded opened $7.00
    Car Robots C-002 Wildride $19.00
    Car Robots C-005 Artfire $7.00
    Car Robots C-006 Eagle Killer $7.00
    Car Robots C-009 Ox $7.00
    Car Robots D-001 Gigatron $39.00
    Dinobots Airraptor $15.00
    Dinobots Dinotron $15.00
    Dinobots Striker $12.00
    Dinobots Triceradon MOC $19.00
    Dinobots T-Wrecks $29.00
    I have lots of G2 Transformers too
    August 2003 Magazine Exclusive Optimus Prime Super Mode $39.00
    Binaltech Sideswipe BT-02 Lambor MISB $39.00
    Change Microns Set of 6 $29.00
    Choro-Q Number 4 Black Megatron Boxed $12.00
    Decepticon Destron D-72 Octane Japanese Box complete but chrome is worn $49.00
    Japanese Exclusive Blue Energy Axe Sealed $15.00
    Japanese Exclusive Clear Energy Saber Sealed $15.00
    Japanese Exclusive Yellow Energy Saber Sealed $15.00
    Japanese Gen1 DashTakar pair from Landcross loose complete worn $30.00
    Japanese Transformers W-3 Watchtron Galvatron MIB $49.00
    Mega SCF RID Megatron $15.00
    Mega SCF RID Optimus Prime $15.00
    Mega SCF Rodimus Convoy $15.00
    Mega SCF Star Saber $15.00
    Mega SCF Victory Leo $15.00
    My Clone Set of 6 Transformers SD Figures $49.00
    SCF Battle Damge Convoy v/s Megatron Tokyo Toy Show Ex. $19.00
    Smallest Transformers Megatron with box $15.00
    Spy Changer Set of 6 $49.00
    Transformers Japanese Sky Garry Loose incomplete pretty worn $30.00
    Autobot Action Master Circuit loose figure only $25.00
    Autobot Action Master Mainframe with Glitch loose complete worn $12.00
    Autobot Action Master Optimus Prime Loose with everything except the figure $75.00
    Autobot Action Master Rumbler Loose figure only $25.00
    Autobot Actionmaster Blaster loose complete $15.00
    Decepticon Action Master Bombshell with Needler loose $75.00
    Decepticon Action Master Devastator figure only $9.00
    Decepticon Action Master Double Punch Loose figure only $45.00
    Decepticon Action Master Megatron with Neutro Fusion Tank loose complete $89.00
    Decepticon Action Master Starscream Figure only loose $20.00
    Decepticon Action Master Treadshot loose incomplete $12.00
    Decepticon Action Master Turbomaster Loose figure only $45.00
    European Exclusive Action Master Circuit loose complete $45.00
    European Exclusive Decepticon Action Master Thundercracker Loose complete two pegs broken $45.00
    Loose Action Master Banzaitron with Gun $10.00
    Loose Action Master krok complete $15.00
    Loose Action Master Prowl complete $49.00
    Transformers European Action Master Take-Off & Screech loose missing 1 wing $49.00
    Japanese Transformers Armada TRU Exclusive Minicons $39.00
    Transformers Armada Air Defense Mini-Con Team MOC $9.00
    Transformers Armada Land Denfense Mini-Con Team MOC $9.00
    Transformers Armada Roadblock loose $10.00
    Transformers Armada Unicron MIB $59.00
    Autobot Cassette Eject Gold Weapons loose complete $25.00
    Autobot Cassette Eject no parts worn $7.00
    Autobot Cassette Eject Silver weapons loose complete $25.00
    Autobot Cassette Rewind Gold Weapons loose complete $25.00
    Autobot Cassette Rewind Silver Wepons loose complete $25.00
    Autobot Cassette Steeljaw Silver Weapons loose Complete $25.00
    Decepticon Cassette Frenzy Gold Weapons loose complete $35.00
    Decepticon Cassette Frenzy Silver Weapons loose complete $25.00
    Decepticon Cassette Overkill loose rusty $7.00
    Decepticon Cassette Ravage loose no parts loose joints $10.00
    Transformers Steeljaw with gold weapons loose complete $25.00
    ...I have more, but it keeps stalling when I try to add it....just ask
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    Do you have BM Primal Prime? Thanks:) 
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    Lake County, IL
    I have a MISB Alt Meister I could part with. Let me know!
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    Edited the post a bit today
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    deleted the sold items and edited the want list. :) 
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    Philadelphia, PA
    Can you send me pictures of Sky Garry? How much for Blurr's shield?
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    I met this guy at Cybercon and he's a real nice guy. He's got a lot of stuff. I'd buy from him.
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    looking for

    hey i would like to get these beast wars from you.

    Armordillo loose complete $7.00
    Powerpinch carded opened $9.00
    Razorclaw loose complete $5.00
    Terrorsaur loose complete $10.00
    Beast Wars Neo C-30 Corhada $15.00
    Cassette Overkill loose rusty $7.00