Super Dragon Ball Heroes for Nintendo Switch & PC

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    More than eight years after its initial release, the popular arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes is finally being released outside of Japan for the Nintendo Switch and PCs. I, for one, am pumped! I've been fascinated by this game ever since I learned of its existence. The roster is among the largest in any Dragon Ball game to date, featuring literally hundreds of characters from all four series plus several original characters and numerous "what-if" transformations and fusions (such as Super Saiyan 4 Broly and a Potara fusion between Vegeta and Future Trunks!), the theme songs are very fun and catchy (though, obviously, you'll have to look up the lyrics if you don't speak Japanese), and don't even get me started on those awesome anime-style trailers! I was so bummed when I found out it was only possible to play this game by purchasing a plane ticket to the Land of the Rising Sun and heading straight for the nearest arcade. But soon, that will no longer be the case. Just three more months, people!

    How do you all feel about this? Is anyone else here as excited as I am? Let me know down below.
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    I am very excited about this! Finally I can play the madness that is dragon Ball heroes! What really peeked my interest was the first what-if I saw, being "what if Baby took over janemba instead of Vegeta". Things get even better from there, SS nappa and raditz, Baby Hatchiyak, demon god dabura-absorbed kid buu of all things! The hype is real!!