Sunstorm reviews the classics (about a year late..)

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Sunstorm9119, Jun 9, 2009.

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    I know these guys have been reviewed before, but I've had mine put away untill today....when I got really bored and freed them. I'm not gonna do Superion, because he's not new to me.

    First up are the Z triplets......
    Prowl, BLUEstreak, and Smokescreen. Great updates of some classic characters IMHO. Strong vehicle modes, and very easily recognizable as to who they are. Complaints? Wussy weaponry, the feet are whacked, and for some reason all I can get them to do is look down... overall i'd give them 4/5

    Next up are Ironhide and Ratchet...
    Let me just say right off that these two may never see vehicle mode again. To me it's that bad...... Now robot mode is alright, once you get past the looking down part (again?), I understand there is a fix for this, (unlike the Z trips..), Ironhide's blue face really doesn't bother me that much. Again, there isn't much doubt as to who these guys are. Anyone else wonder why in the instructions it shows the hands folded back to mount the cannon/blade, when it just slips over the hand? 2.5/5

    Anyway, on to the Lambo twins.....
    These guys I could almost leave in vehicle mode...they are that cool. Strangely enough, the robot modes don't disappoint either. Strange because they are the same bot, just with his head turned backwards. I loved how they were made the same, but just different enough to be great. If you've seen one episode of G1 season one, you know in one look exactly who these two are. My only wish is for some bigger guns...... 4.99/5

    The only real defect I found with ANY of these guys is with Sunstreaker...someone got sloppy with the silver paint on one rear bumper...
    (left knee)

    On to Hound/Ravage
    Love the Hound figure....somehow I don't like Ravage. Hound has great colors, a nice stable robot mode,and an interesting vehicle mode. Ravage is just....meh to me. 4/5

    Great update of a great character, especially the Targetmaster. The colors are spot on, and his vehicle mode is well designed as well. (and no, I don't think HE needs a bigger gun.....) My only gripes are that he seems a bit skinny,and you can only put the gun in his right hand(?).... 4.5/5

    And last is Silverbolt:
    After all the complaints i've seen about this guy, I almost didn't get him. On checking him out, I kinda like him. Yes,his transformation is so simple my 4 year old could figure it out, but if I remember correctly the original wasn't exactly an Alternator either. I think it's a perfect update for the character, and a fitting homage to the first team leader I ever got as a kid...4/5

    Just my :2c:  about these guys....