Summary of DVD Exclusive Pack-Ins (Updated 10/18)

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    Below is a list of announced DVD pack-in and exclusives that should be available when the DVD is released. Unless otherwise noted, the release date for the DVD is October 16th. For your convenience, we've sorted the list by country and store with news links regarding the exclusives/pack-ins for each store. If you notice I'm missing some announced exclusive already or if you have news of a new store DVD exclusive, feel free to drop me a Private Message.

    United States

    Best Buy
    - Box Set – Robot Heroes Exclusives Cliffjumper and Battle Damaged Prime w/ 2-disc Special Edition DVD ($29.99) – Minimum 10 sets per store
    - Free Megatron Lithograph with purchase of DVD – Minimum of 30 per store
    - Exclusive Voyager Figure Repaints – Metallic Megatron and Metallic Ratchet ($19.99) - $5 off of one figure when purchased with DVD
    - Buy the DVD and any version of the movie game and receive a $10 gift card

    - Exclusive 128MB MP3 player with 1-disc DVD – Minimum 4 per store

    -Exclusive "Making-Of" Booklet with purchase of 2-disc Special Edition DVD ($39.99)

    Circuit City
    - Free Gift Card with code for 15 minutes of exclusive online content about the movie included with purchase of DVD
    - Free Transformers Hat with purchase of DVD - First 20 customers per store who purchase Transformers DVD

    - 2-disc DVD set with free Transformers Movie Visual Guide and Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Key Chains.

    Dominick's (Unknown if applicable to other Safeway-owned stores)
    - Purchase the DVD and $30 worth of specified products, receive $10 off instantly

    - Buy the DVD, get a free pack of the Transformeres 3-D Battle Cards
    (Info courtesy of Kaijumaster and Silverwynde)

    Fred Meyer
    - Buy the DVD, get a free T-Shirt

    - Free reversible Transformers beanie with purchase of movie

    - Free LED/Flashlight included with purchase of 2-disc Special Edition DVD (same as sister company, Sears)
    - Buy movie and any Transformers toy $19.99 or greater and get $10 off instantly

    Movie Stop
    - Free movie poster with pre-order of DVD

    - Free Transformers Water Bottle

    - Free LED/Flashlight included with purchase of 2-disc Special Edition DVD (same as sister company, KMart)

    - Buy the DVD and receive a $5 non-themed gift card and a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew
    (Info courtesy of Silverwynde)

    Suncoast (and related stores such as FYE, Sam Goody, etc.)
    - Steel case, Autobot (Protect) and Decepticon (Destroy) versions

    Supervalu Chains (Albertsons, Cub Foods, Jewel-Osco’s, etc.)
    - Mouse Pad with DVD purchase

    - Transforming Optimus Prime Case w/ 2-disc Special Edition DVD
    - Exclusive Prequel Comic w/ DVD purchase
    - Buy the movie and the Target Exclusive "Evolution of a Hero" Collectible Bumblebee Set and receive a $5 gift card.

    - Exclusive Box Set – 1-disc standard DVD & exclusive prequel animation “Beginnings” narrarated by Peter Cullen


    Best Buy
    - Special box set of 2-disc Special Edition DVD, Exclusive Book, and previously released 3" Titanium figure

    Future Shop
    - Steel case 2-disc Special Edition DVD

    -$10 themed Transformers saving card with the purchase of the movie between Oct 16 to the 21st. Must spend a minimum $50 before taxes, the card can only be put towards kids clothing or toys and must be used before Oct. 28th. (Info courtesy of wolfnfox)


    The transforming Optimus Prime 2-disc DVD case will be sold at stores in the country. There is no confirmation on if this will be a store exclusive or country-wide release.

    (Info courtesy of Cybertron Philippines)
    -Available within the country will be a 1-disc steel case, 2-disc steel case, and the 2-disc special edition transforming Optimu Prime case.
    -Those that pre-order receive a collectible Transformers movie pin
    -All special cases are limited. All supplies from distributor/supplier are spoken for and pre-orders have been suspended.

    United Kingdom - 12/3/07 Release

    Transforming Optimus Prime 2-disc DVD case (£22.99)
    (Info courtesy of Takara Destron & Omnius)
    - Steel case 2-disk Special Edition DVD w/ prequel comic

    Japan - 12/19/07 Release

    Details are not yet available, but those who purchase the DVD or HD-DVD will be able to receive a Spychanger Movie Optimus Prime (repainted from the Robots in Diguise Spychanger Scourge mold)

    - Exclusive 1-disc DVD with Blackout repaint "Version 4500X", metallic Scorponok, and set of brass insignias (8990 Yen)
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