Stunticon Deadend custom for sale

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    Deadend custom painted from the 2008 Bumblebee/Cliffjumper Camaro mold. I painted with both acrylic and enamels. The car was sprayed with burnt sienna enamel and the bot mode was hand painted with a combination of acrylic and enamel highlights. I used a gunmetal shade for the dark parts to keep that dark feel and lined some panels as well. I used a color of red from Citadel acrylic paints that very closely mathces the car color for the bot mode. Then I drybrushed steel for the metallic look and went over that with silver for highlighting. Then added small details with a light copper and aluminum. The head if you haven`t figured it out is from Classics Grimlock trimmed here and there and painted to resemble Deadends motocross looking helmet. I gave him a new air-compression blaster as well using Movie Wreckages alt mode gun. I added a barrel to the front of it using styrene tubing for more length.


    He is up for sale if your interested:
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