Stuff for sale(G1/RiD/Armada)

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Galaxy Convoy, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Stuff for sale(G1/RiD/Armada/Alternators)

    I have a few things for sale, need a little extra Xmas money:

    Armada - Air Military Team(Dark Saber) minicons, MOSC - asking for $10

    RiD - Nightcruz, Scavenger, Mirage GT 3 pack, MISB, - asking for $20

    RiD - Air Attack Optimus Primal, loose, but complete with instructions(if I can find them) - asking for $25

    G1 - Predaking, loose. Complete with all 5 Predacons and combiner pieces. Has some play and sticker wear, and is missing 4 of the 5 individual members' swords(just have Razorclaw's), and Divebomb's big cannon. Looking for $90, but I'm open to offers.

    I also have a loose, but slightly broken Alt Swerve. The front half of the car attached to his right leg broke off when I transformed it the first time. The piece snaps back on, but it is kinda floppy in robot mode. Otherwise it transforms back to vehicle mode just fine. You can't even tell it's broken. Not really asking for a high price, just what I paid for it, $20. Will come with the still sealed instructions and unapplied flame decals. I can include the packaging as well.

    Here's some pics of it:

    Well that's it. PM me if interested in anything, and pics are available upon request. I prefer PayPal, but I'll accept money orders too. Thanks for looking.