Studio, Titans Return, FT Cupola, FansProject Unopened For Sale!

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    Hi All,
    I am in the USA and take pay pal. I pack well and ship fast. Trying to clear some things out. I have put the qty in () beside the item. Everything is new unopened, but as with Hasbro some have card bends, and shipping wear to boxes. Would be happy to pick out a good one if I have one. Please message with any questions or to purchase something. Deb *cross posted*

    Make Toys Cupola $$110.25
    FansProject Sludge (5) $82.50
    Fansproject dino combiner set of 6 $349.15

    **Studio Series
    Leader Grimlock $46.00
    Voyager Thundercracker (4) $30.00
    Voyager Brawl $35.00
    Voyager Starscream $30.00

    Titan Returns
    **Deluxe $15.00 each
    Hardhead (top of card is curved, still in tact)
    Chromedome (2)
    Skullsmasher (top of card is curved, still in tact) (2)
    Legend Stripes (top of card is curved, still in tact) $10.00

    Crashbash $10.00
    Loudmouth $8.00
    Apeface $8.00
    Brawn (3) $5.50
    Fangry (2) $5.50
    Nightbeat (9) $5.50
    Shuffler (4) $5.50
    Overboard (5) $5.50
    Ptero (5) $5.50
    Repugnus (2) $5.50
    Sawback (2) $5.50
    Skytread (8) $5.50 tf.jpg tf3.jpg
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    Glad to see you got you listing up. Since you’re looking to clear out a few items and had the ‘Help?’ thread a few days ago, just passing on a few pieces of advice... followed by a couple of questions for clarity.

    When listing items for sale, it’s usually a good idea to (1) price compare with retailers that still have items in stock and then (2) check eBay’s sold filter & recent end date sort on specific figures (to distinguish the prices asked for versus prices items sold for in the ‘current’ market).

    For (1), you could start with site sponsors (like bbts, chosenprime, toydojo, tfsource, etc... the various sponsor links appear on the banner of most pages across the site). I bring this up because the first three items you listed are 3P items that are selling for less than your asking price (and a few weeks back during November sales were advertised & sold at even lower prices).

    For your sealed on card/in box items that are out of production & retailers’ stock, the (2) eBay sold check piece of advice can come more into play.

    But hey, at the end of the day, you still make the call on what you want to price your items as, as well as determine your clear out space value:vs:get $$ ratio.

    So all that said..err typed, a couple of questions:
    1) do your prices include shipping?
    2) which fansproject dino combiner set are you selling?

    Just a few screenshots taken this morning in context to the aforementioned...

    The below I think were BF sold at even lower prices in deals in the ~$40-$50 range; but even currently have prices lower than your initial/current ones.

    Search for Fansproject
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    Hi, Thank you I was finally able to post! Thank you for the tips, I did all that. :)  I know some are always gonna be higher other places. I priced them barely over what I paid for them.