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    01 Bumblebee: Bumblebee faces off with Decepticons to protect his human friends. (Police Chase)

    02 Decepticon Stinger: Decepticon Stinger materializes into a merciless, man-made warrior. (Hong Kong Pursuit)

    03 Crowbar: Crowbar obliterates oncoming obstacles to reach the Autobots. (High Speed Chase)

    04 Autobot Ratchet: Autobot Ratchet clears the path with steadfast speed. (Mission City Battle)

    05 Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime fearlessly takes on Decepticons, risking it all for freedom. (Forest Fight)

    06 Starscream: Starscream soars amid skyscrapers with tactical precision to annihilate opponents. (Mission City Battle)

    07 Grimlock: Freed from his confines, Grimlock unleashes massive Dinobot force. (Hong Kong Pursuit)

    08 Decepticon Blackout: Decepticon Blackout shocks human defenses with unstoppable force. (Desert Base Assault)

    09 Thundercracker: Thundercracker tears through the skies above Chicago, relishing the destruction he rains down on the Autobots. (Chicago Aerial Offensive)

    10 Autobot Jazz: Autobot Jazz brings all he's got to defeat the Decepticons. (Mission City Battle)

    11 Lockdown: Lockdown proves why he is one of the most feared bounty hunters across the galaxies. (Enemy Ship Infiltration)

    12 Decepticon Brawl: Decepticon Brawl rips through metal and concrete, fulfilling his evil orders from Megatron. (Mission City Battle)

    13 Megatron: Megatron holds back nothing to unleash destruction against his ultimate nemesis. (Forest Fight)

    14 Autobot Ironhide: Ironhide dodges missiles and returns fire as he answers the call to protect Mission City. (Mission City Battle)

    15 Bumblebee: Charlie chases freedom down the California highway with her first car - Bumblebee. (Highway Freedom)

    16 Autobot Ratchet: Autobot Ratchet helps destroy the Control Pillar, saving earth from Sentinel Prime and the Decepticons. (Battle of Chicago)

    17 Shadow Raider: Lockdown dispatches his mercenary Shadow Raider troops to eliminate the intruders aboard the bounty hunter's ship. (Enemy Ship Infiltration)

    18 Bumblebee: Bumblebee tunes up and lays low in Charlie's garage. (Charlie's Garage)

    19 Bumblebee Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage:

    Side A: 1. Let the Good Times Roll Out
    2. Got You On Speed Dial
    3. Mr. Kasettobotto
    4. Rock Out With Your Legout

    Side B: 1. Energon For Nothing
    2. Alt-Mode Monday
    3. Rust Will Tear Us Apart
    4. Get Stung

    20 Bumblebee Vol. 2 Retro Pop Highway:

    Side A: 1. Won't You Roll Out With Me
    2. Spark of Rock N' Roll
    3. Optics Without a Faceplate
    4. Mr. Kasettobotto (Blaster Roadtrip Remix)

    Side B: 1. Rock Me Alpha Trion
    2. Owner of a Lonely Spark
    3. Hungry Like a Predacon
    4. Walk Like a Cybertronian

    21 Starscream: Starscream weaves through the trees in pursuit of Sam Witwicky and the Cybertronian secrets locked inside his mind. (Forest Fight)

    22 Dropkick: Dropkick detects the signal of a high-level Autobot criminal and prepares to close in on his target. (Autobot Pursuit)

    23 KSI Sentry: Hijacked by the Decepticons, the KSI Sentry combat drones flood the city in pursuit of the Seed. (Hong Kong Pursuit)

    24 Bumblebee (1967 Volkswagen Beetle) - 1987: Bumblebee lays low in a small California town in his classic Volkswagen Beetle mode. (California Hideout)

    25 Bumblebee (2016 Chevrolet Camaro) - 2016: Bumblebee races through the streets of London in his sleek Camaro mode. (London Escape)

    26 WWII Bumblebee: Bumblebee infiltrates an enemy stronghold, unleashing the war machine within. (WWII Flashback)

    27 Clunker Bumblebee: Bumblebee shatters the competition to become Sam Witwicky's first car. (Used Car Shopping)

    28 Barricade: Barricade launches into a high-speed pursuit, optics set on username: LadysMan217. (Police Chase)

    29 Sideswipe: Sideswipe backs up Ironhide in a head to head against the Dreads. (Dreads Standoff)

    30 Crankcase: Crankcase takes on the Autobots, refusing to back down. (Dreads Standoff)

    31 Battle-Damaged Megatron: Megatron fights to defend The Fallen against Optimus Prime. (Pyramid Desert Battle)

    32 Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime fends off the ferocious Bonecrusher, waiting for his moment to strike the final blow. (Highway Showdown)

    33 Bonecrusher: Bonecrusher tackles Optimus Prime off a highway overpass, viciously thrashing at his enemy with his razor-sharp claw. (Highway Showdown)

    34 Megatron: From his secluded African base, Megatron schemes with his Decepticon followers. (Serengeti Hideout)

    35 Jetfire: Jetfire makes the ultimate sacrifice, heroically giving up his parts to restore and strengthen Optimus Prime. (Pyramid Desert Battle)

    36 Drift (TLK): (Junkyard Meditation)

    37 Rampage (ROTF): Constructicon Rampage lures Sam Witwicky into a trap to force him to give up the Matrix of Leadership. (Pyramid Desert Battle)

    38 Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie): The iconic art deco suspension bridge spans 4,200 ft and is open to car, bike, giant converting robot and foot traffic. (San Francisco Bridge)

    39 Cogman (TLK): (London Escape)

    40 Shatter (Bumblebee): (Decepticon Arrival)

    41 Scrapmetal (ROTF): (Pyramid Desert Battle)

    42 Long Haul (ROTF): (Pyramid Desert Battle)
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