Studio Series 104 Nightbird with add-ons review.

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    My analysis of the Terrorcons from the Transformers ROTB film continues, and this time it's Nightbird's turn! The name clearly shows inspiration from the characters of the same name from the G1 series, which they share with the dark Fembot from the film the characteristic of being "ninja robots"! - Robot Mode. The robot is very beautiful, with a very attractive silhouette, where the parts of the car, with the two sections of the front hood forming the protective chest vest, the two sections of the sides of the car like panels on the sides of the thighs, plus the central section of the front bonnet as a rear skirt where, together with the rest of the bodywork as a backpack, it forms a sort of "Japanese medieval warrior" style armor (completed by the helmet), without forgetting the genius of the "feminine touch" of the two internal sections of the rear wheels of the car, which divide slightly in two, to form a sort of "heeled shoe", (after all we are talking about a Fembot)! The two small wings on the top of the backpack may seem like a whim of the charcter's designer... but in reality they have a "historical mythological"" value! In fact, in Japanese mythology ninjas were associated with the mythical "Tengu" or "crow men" possessors of ancient secrets in magical and martial arts... and in fact, Nightbird's small wings resemble those of a crow in shape! The robot has many joints (photo 1), solid enough to allow it good poseability which enhance its figure (photo 4, 5, 6), even in opposition to other models (photo 7)! The transformation is quite smooth and intuitive, making it quite pleasant overall! As a weapon he only has a sword (similar to a straight Japanese katana), and has no claws on the back of his hands (but there is a solution for this which I will explain later)! - Alt Mode. The sports car it transforms into is a Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, of which the model is an excellent reproduction, and this Studio Series model in particular faithfully reproduces the colors of the original car from the film (photo 2)! Looking under the car (photo 3), you notice the compact and full transformation of the robot, which leaves almost no empty spaces (note for example, the front skirt and the small folded wings, which cover the empty space between the legs, which form the rear sides of the vehicle)! The official sword can be positioned under the car by hooking the protruding pin on the side of the handle, in a slot behind both rear wheels (therefore of your choice). Windshield and windows are transparent, but with a dark tint to accentuate that "mysterious" effect! In short, the small deluxe class rocks in both modes! - 3D DIY Upgrade Kit. Here I present the 3D DIY upgrade kit I preferred for Nightbird (photo 8), which is composed of: 1) two large wings, which are easily hooked into the two pins of the small official ones (which come off just as easily). 2) Two lower leg sections with attached feet, which are installed by first folding the two official feet of the robot towards the inside of its legs, then fixing the two additional sections. The feet have a joint at the ankle, which allows them to be positioned in various directions. Note a "half wheels" behind the heels of each foot... which honestly aren't aesthetically annoying (given that for example, the two wheels behind the robot's shoulders are almost covered at the front by the shoulders straps, and at the back by the large wings, therefore, a few extra pieces of wheel are not a problem)! 3) Two pairs of claws for his forearms (finally); 4) and two wonderfull well-made and well-coloured katanas, which make you forget that piece of single-coloured plastic of the official sword! The latter can also be positioned behind Nightbird's back (photo 9), and when held, they significantly accentuate his ninja characteristic! The entire kit serves to make the model even more faithful to the CGI of the film, to make it a little taller and also to emphasize the aesthetics of the poses (photo 10, 11)!

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