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    So, long story short, I just don't want to keep these trades around anymore. Rather than going on eBay, I decided that you guys should deserve to get first pick at them. However, there are a couple of rules:

    1.) First Come First Serve. I'm going to be doing this on two separate boards, so if someone on the other board grabs a comic before you did, sorry.
    2.) Money orders only for now. This is such a massive undertaking for me that I want to narrow down the selection a bit before I can even think about switching to Paypal, and I need a paper trail to make sure someone paid and all that. Sorry but for now that's the route I'm going.

    Prices are not set in stone--I'm flexible but only up to a certain extent. These prices are also before shipping, but if you buy $25 or more, I'll do free shipping to anywhere in the USA. Also, if you buy whole runs of stuff (like the Green Lantern or Infinite Crisis tie-ins) I'll be able to cut you a deal. I'm also open to trades, so let me know what you got. Anyway, here we go...
    Avengers: Ultron Unlimited-$5
    Avengers: Red Menace-$5
    Blue Beetle: Shellshocked-$5
    Blue Beetle: Road Trip-$5
    Civil War: The Road To Civil War-$5
    Civil War: Heroes For Hire-$5
    Civil War: Thunderbolts-$5
    Civil War: X-Men-$5
    DC Showcase Presents: Metamorpho-$5
    Decimation: Generation M-$5
    Decimation: Sentinel Squad O.N.E. -$5
    Decimation: Son Of M-$5
    Decimation: X-Men—The 198-$5
    Decimation: X-Men—The Day After-$5
    Fantastic Four: 1234-$10
    Fantastic Four: Imaginauts-$10
    Fantastic Four: Unthinkable-$10
    Fantastic Four: Authoritative Action-$5
    Fantastic Four: Hereafter-$5
    The Final Night (DC) -$5
    Ghost Rider: The Hammer Lane-$10
    G.I. Joe: Snake-Eyes Declassified-$10
    G.I. Joe—America’s Elite: The Newest War-$5
    G.I. Joe—America’s Elite: The Ties That Bind-$5
    G.I. Joe—America’s Elite: In Sheep’s Clothing-$10
    G.I. Joe—Arashikage Showdown-$5
    Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn-$5
    Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II-$5
    Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New Dawn-$10
    Green Lantern: A New Dawn-$5
    Green Lantern: Baptism Of Fire-$5
    Green Lantern: New Journey, Old Path-$5
    Green Lantern: The Power of Ion-$5
    Green Lantern: Brother’s Keeper-$5
    Green Lantern: Legacy—The Last Will & Testament of Hal Jordan HC-$15
    DC Showcase Presents: Green Lantern-$5
    House Of M-$10
    House Of M: Fantastic Four/Iron Man-$5
    House Of M: The Incredible Hulk-$5
    House Of M: New X-Men—Academy X-$5
    House Of M: Spider-Man-$5
    House Of M: Uncanny X-Men-$5
    House Of M: World Of M featuring Wolverine-$5
    Adam Strange: Planet Heist-$10
    Day Of Vengeance-$5
    The OMAC Project-$5
    Rann-Thanagar War-$5
    Villains United-$5
    Infinite Crisis Companion-$5
    Secret Six: Six Degrees Of Devastation-$5
    Justice League: A New Beginning-$5
    Formerly Known As The Justice League-$5
    JLA: Crisis Of Conscience-$5
    JLA: World Without A Justice League-$5
    JLA Elseworlds: The Nail-$5
    DC Showcase Presents: Justice League of America-$5
    The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1-$5
    Manhunter: Street Justice-$5
    New Mutants: Back To School-$5
    New X-Men—Academy X: Choosing Sides-$10
    New X-Men—Academy X: Haunted-$10
    New X-Men—Academy X: X-Posed-$10
    New X-Men: Hellions-$5
    New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 1-$5
    New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 2-$5
    New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 3-$5
    New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 4-$5
    Nightwing: A Knight In Bludhaven-$10
    Nightwing: Rough Justice-$10
    Nightwing: Love & Bullets-$5
    Nightwing: A Darker Shade Of Justice-$10
    Nightwing: The Hunt For Oracle-$10
    Nightwing: Big Guns-$5
    The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe—Deluxe Edition Vol. 1-$5
    Runaways: Pride & Joy-$5
    Runaways: Teenage Wasteland-$5
    Runaways: The Good Die Young-$5
    Runaways: True Believers-$5
    Runaways: Escape To New York-$5
    Runaways: Parental Guidance-$5
    Runaways: Live Fast-$5
    Shang-Chi—Master of Kung Fu (Marvel MAX series) -$5
    Street Fighter Vol. 1-$5
    Superman: Our Worlds At War—Book 1-$10
    Superman: Our Worlds At War—Book 2-$10
    Superman: Up, Up And Away!-$5
    Superman: Red Son-$10
    DC Showcase Presents: Superman-$5
    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies-$5
    Superman/Batman: Supergirl-$5
    Teen Titans: A Kid’s Game-$5
    Teen Titans: Family Lost-$5
    Teen Titans: Beast Boys & Girls-$5
    Teen Titans: The Future Is Now-$5
    Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders-$5
    Teen Titans: Life & Death-$5
    Teen Titans: Titans Around The World-$5
    Transformers Energon Vol. 1 (Digest) -$5
    Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Six-$5
    Ultimate X-Men/Ultimates: Ultimate War-$5
    Uncanny X-Men: She Lies With Angels-$5
    Union Jack: London Falling-$5
    Venom: Shiver-$5
    Venom: Run-$10
    Venom: Twist-$5
    Wolverine: The Brotherhood-$5
    Wolverine: Coyote Crossing-$5
    Wolverine: Return Of The Native-$5
    Wolverine: Origins & Endings-$5
    Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Vol. 1-$5
    Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Vol. 2-$5
    Wolverine: SNIKT!-$10
    X23: Innocence Lost-$10
    X-Factor: The Longest Night-$5
    X-Factor: Life & Death Matters-$5
    X-Men: Deadly Genesis HC-$15
    X-Men: Phoenix—Endsong-$10

    All are paperback, but there are a couple hardcovers (HC) in the mix. If you see anything that interests you, PM me or reach me at [email protected].

    Thanks for looking!