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    So over the last few years my collection has grown by leaps and bounds, as has the way I've displayed it. I figured it was time to post a whole new pictures (taken on a Galaxy Note 9). I apologize in advance for some of them being dark... some more lighting is coming soon.

    The pictures below represent my "display" collection. I have almost the entirety of RID 2001, minus what is on display, in storage, along with most of the 2007 Transformers line, assorted ROTF, DOTM and AoE figures, some Unicron Trilogy and Beast Wars and G1/G2, and most of all, a ton of "obsolete" CHUG molds, such as Universe Sidesipe/Red Alert, Classics Hot Rod, Classics Astrotrain, Universe Kup, Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus... things of that nature. My collection is primarily CHUG based but I have some select masterpieces and studio series.

    I've also included a lot of reflections on my collection. I hope you enjoy the read!

    Whole thing at a glance:

    Individual Shelves:

    Unicron and his minions
    Legends Galvatron
    with the Renderform addon kit, Universe Cyclonus (the multipack one), Legends Scourge with a Renderform gun, and three TR Scourges as Sweeps. Their heads are the Sweep heads that came with the Legends Sharkticons. Behind them is 25th Anniversary Unicron, who is going to be replaced in 2021... which is going to be something else because lord knows how anyone will display a beach ball sized Transformer.

    I waited two years for the Renderform kit. And it was well worth it. Azim was nice enough to throw in a G1 helmet by request, but I keep the IDW helmet on display, as I think the body just looks better with it due to the bulk.

    1984/1985 Decepticons (+Octane)
    In the back is TR Bruticus (with Prime Wars Trilogy Blast Off) and TR Menasor. Bruticus has the Transform Dreamwave Addon Kit. Menasor has the Perfect Effect Kit and KO hands/feet.

    In front of them is TR Blitzwing, Legends Astrotrain and TR Octane. Legends Astrotrain is pretty great... I'm torn as to if I should even bother with the WFC:S one.

    Next up we have Generations Thrust, Classics Ramjet and Generations Dirge. To their left is Legends Nightbird... a redeco of Arcee's and an amazing Generations toy. I'm honestly not even tempted to get the Selects one.

    Lastly in the front we have the Insecticons. Shrapnel and Bombshell are TR. Kickback is Legends. What's it going to take to get these guys with a unified paintjob?

    Late G1 and Miscellaneous Decepticons
    I'm not really sure what to call this shelf. It used to be themed but now it's just figures that look good together.

    In the back is Titans Return Liokaiser. He's using Perfect Effect hands and feet originally bought for Bruticus before I got the Transform Dreamwave set. Next to him is PotP Abominus decked out with the Transform Dreamwave addon set. I can't recommend this set enough! PotP Abominus is probably my favorite modern-era combiner.

    In front of them from left to right is PotP Darkwing, TFCC Armada Thrust, TFCC Armada Skywarp, PotP Dreadwind and Prime Wars Trilogy Punch/Counterpunch. Why are they together? No reason, I think they all look good. TFCC Armada Skywarp is one of my favorite figures for some strange reason. I always loved the ninja like design and colors from the original mold, and the TFCC release was the strongest one of them. I like to think of him as some sort of ninja a different character from Skywarp and "G1" in his own right in my head canon.

    In the front is 6 Sharkticons, 3 from TR and 3 from Legends. The 3 from legends had their Sweep head companions donated to the Sweeps. Takara really thought out troop building!

    Miscellaneous G1 Decepticons
    This shelf is a strange one for me. As I arranged and re-arranged my shelves, these guys just never fit in another themed shelf for one reason or another despite the fact that some of them are VERY prominent characters. So I decided to put them all together.

    In the back we have TR Sixshot with the DR DW P31 Ninja Upgrade kit. The swords were a nice bonus, but the real reason to get it was to fix the ridiculous head on the official release. Next to him is TR Overlord with both Shockwave Labs addon kits... thus doing him justice. I feel that it's by far the best hit for him.

    In the second level is RotF Bludgeon (with no melting problem!), with the Headrobots addon kit, TR Quake, and "Thunderwing", aka TLK Nitro Zeus + the TR multipack Thunderwing Titanmaster. I got RotF on a whim long after RotF came out and he self warmed... I consider myself lucky because aside from the Bayverse style strange feet and arms, I'm not exactly sure how a CHUG Bludgeon would be better or different (and the new head ensures that). TLK Nitro Zeus as Thunderwing is fine for now, but really, this has to change asap. We need a new Thunderwing.

    In front of them is TR Croc, HFTD Terradive (a mold I just adore for some reason), and the Duocons, Battletrap and Flywheels! I'm a huge fan of the Terradive mold.

    Lastly in front of them is CW Chopshop, four WFC:S Minicons, TR Overkill, and the Decepticon Clones, Wingspan and Pounce!

    1984 G1 Decepticons
    New Case!
    This shelf has seen the most change over the past year thanks to WFC:S and will see even more in the months to come. Once kind of a sore thumb with a hodge-podge of first and third party... the last year has brought cohesiveness.

    In the back is our old friend, TFC Hercules, with the Rage of Hercules Addon Kit and the Crazydevy CDMW-28 head that if you own the mold, you should buy. To his left is Classics Skywarp and Generations Thundercracker. Guess whose going in the obsolete mold bin soon? I'm going to need to buy new flight stands for their increased size, but I do like how using Deluxes in the back make them seem "higher".

    In the middle row is WFC:S Soundwave+Laserbeak (with Ravage in the chest), Megatron, Starscream and Shockwave... looking absolutely perfect together.

    In the front row is Transformers Adventure Rumble and Frenzy... a mold it's still insane they never released stateside. These guys have been my Rumble and Frenzy for years (even post-TR). I know some people get KOs of the Masterpieces for the same effect, but the asthetic of these guys just goes with siege. I'll probably keep them as my Rumble and Frenzy even after the WFC:S mold comes out.

    Next to Rumble and Frenzy is Henkei Ravage (who came with Henkei Hound). He has some rockets from addon kit for Hound. And lastly in the front is... WFC:S REFLECTOR! Personally, I wish they were the old "scout" class" size, but they look amazing in this display. Once I get the WFC:S Thundercracker and Skywarp, I'm probably going to reorganize this somehow so they hide Starscream and Shockwave less.
    Talk about the difference a year makes.

    Misc Shelf, mostly Third Party
    In the back, we have TFC Ares with a Crazydevy Sword. I've written about TFC Ares a lot in the forums. I got him for super cheap... about $130 in all, so about the price of a Titan class Combiner. And it was so worth it. He looks awesome when displayed right. Ares has a few problems (1) his "ankles" are a goddamn design flaw, (2) TFC clearly rushed him a little bit, and (3) Feral Rex exists. But Feral Rex is a work of art worth four times as much, and one of the best 3P ever made. Ares isn't Feral Rex, but he's good enough if you want, as I did, a Predaking in scale with the CW Combiners, but significantly bulkier than all of them. One thing about him: a lot of pictures on like give him a G1 Predaking-like H-stance. As you see here, he does an A-stance just fine.

    In front of him is two Unique Toys Mania Kings (Galvatron). I LOVE this toy. I bought the first one because I was a Galvatron fan at a time we had only Universe Galvatron. I was pissed off when they came out with the "Cartoon Color" version, but eventually picked him up years later for cheap. I am convinced that Mania King has the best transformation scheme of any Galvatron by far. The way the boots wrap around the body to make a compact and color-accurate cannon mode is genius.

    To the left is the KO of Perfect Effect Reflector that appeared late last year. They were my reflector until, you guessed it, WFC:S made them obsolete. So I put them in camera mode, and I think they look great.

    In the front is probably the last official US release of a gun Megatron (US Legends 2011) we'll ever see. The balls on Hasbro to even try this.

    Vehicle Shelf
    A shelf I've had for some time (due to Fortress Maximus below it) that I recently reorganized. Most of my collection is in bot mode, but I've been trying to display some "meaningful" figures" in vehicle mode.

    In the back is Generations T30 Jetfire, demoted from his 5 year perch on the Autobot shelf, but now in his stunning vehicle form. Next to him is Classics Jetfire, also in his stunny vehicle form. I think these two guys just pop out in this mode.

    Between them is TR Tidalwave, the repaint of broadside, with some assorted Titanmasters on his deck.

    To the left is Henkei Hound. The perfect Hound for years, I recently moved him off the Autobot shelf to make room for WFC:S Hound, in order to promote visual cohesion. He's still one of the best modern Transformers in my opinion. He has some parts of an old addon kit on him.

    In front of Hound is assorted Primes and sparks of combination... just because.

    On the right hand side is Generations Skids... frankly I just ran out of space on the proper shelf and put him there. And next to him is G2 Air Raid, simply because the F-117 is awesome.

    Autobot Headmasters (mostly)
    Ahhh one of the centerpieces of my collection!

    First we got Transformers Legends Fortress Maximus... doin it right (rather than get the inferior TR version). He has on him the DNA Design addon kits for hands, chest guns, helmet piece and boots. On his shoulder is Titanmaster Spike, who came with Legends Bumblebee. I haven't put stickers on him despite having him for several years, because I keep vacillating between using the included set or going for ToyHax's TR Fort Max set (or elements of it)

    In front of Fortress Maximus is Titan Returns Hardhead, Chromedome, Highbrow and Brainstorm. All of their faces have been replaced with their legends versions, that was in some addon kit. Behind them is WFC:S Cog.

    In the front row we have TR Shuffler and TR Sawback (Lione). Go read their tfwiki entries. Lastly, the Autobot clones, TR Fastlane and TR Cloudraker

    Fortress Maximus is one of my favorite transformers and I really feel the Legends release does him perfect justice.

    1984 Autobots
    Like the 1984 Decepticon shelf, this one has been revolutionized thanks to Siege.

    In the back we have Skyfire, aka WFC:S Jetfire. I won't be calling this particular Jetfire anymore, because he's Skyfire and perfectly done.

    Next to him I have a 3 step riser.

    Back Row: Universe Ratchet (I can't wait to replace), Universe Sunstreaker (perfect) and HFTD Jazz (perfect). I own the PotP mold, but I prefer the HFTD release. I have the PotP mold on display as Stepper too.

    Middle Row: WFC:S Ironhide (as good as we're ever going to get), Universe Bluestreak, Generations Trailbreaker. I'd really like a new Trailbreaker.

    Front Row: CW Wheeljack with Toyhax stickers and parts, H.S9 15 (Cliffjumper) WFC:S Sideswipe, CW Mirage (who i can't wait to replace). Wheeljack has got to be replaced some day (I do have his universe mold too, but the style of CW with stickers is better.).

    WFC:S Optimus Prime and Universe Prowl on the left. That prime is never moving, lol.

    Front row: Gears (MS-16 Rocke), Huffer (MS-02 Engineer), Legends Bumblebee, Legends Brawn, PotP Windcharger, WFC:S Hound.

    Very front: Sparkplug and Spike minifigures from somewhere.

    This shelf I've given a particular attention (and money too), since I don't imagine duplicating all of this with masterpiece ever. First, I don't think it's possible or going to be possible to make a "very good" CHUG 1984 G1 Autobot set without 3p. Hasbro just doesn't want to do a proper Cliffjumper, Huffer or Gears, but in the last year we've gotten very good options.

    I'm likely going to keep Universe Sunstreaker unless an eventual WFC release blows it away, even though it isn't a "twin" of Sideswipe anymore. I had the Universe Sideswipe for years, and I just like the WFC:S one better.

    As for Prowl/Bluestreak... I'm not quite sure what to do. I have WFC:S Prowl and I have WFC:S Bluestreak on order. But I REALLY like the Universe molds, except the heads. I may swap them out just to have visual continuity with the other WFC:S stuff, but I don't know.

    Planet X Fall of Cybertron Dinobots
    These are my dinobots. I have other Dinobots in my display, but I consider these the official dinobots of my collection. They have the right size and the best look. The modernized FoC look is generally better than the classic look in my view.

    These are the Planet X FOC Dinobots. They, with Legends Fortress Maximus, TFC Ares and my masterpieces, are the centerpiece of my collection. All except Triton have Toyhax stickers on them. I got Triton for very cheap ($35) on BBTS. I wasn't sure about displaying him since he isn't a canonical Dinobot, but he just looks too cool. Frankly, I really think Planet X misfired with their Sludge, who would have benefited from the longer neck, longer tail, larger head of Triton.

    (Mostly) Female Autobots
    I'm trying somthing new with this shelf. I mostly have my combiners combined, but after putting the Toyhax stickers on Victorion, I realized their bot modes really popped with them. So I sorted them with all my Female Autobots. On the left side of this shelf, you see all Victorion's component limbs in robot mode.

    In the back we have POTP Elita-1. I swaped her head with her combiner head for better proportions. She's carrying an orange/pink verison of Optimus's gun I got from Renderform as a freebie. I kind of like the idea of them having them same gun, I don't know why, haha.

    Next to her is the newly arrived WFC:S Lancer, squeezing in there (who thought we'd have so many female Autobots one day?), followed by TR Alpha Trion. I really don't care for this iteration of the character, but he's the Alpha Trion that exists right now. He has a purple cape form a Classics Starcream addon kit and the Dr. Wu staff.

    Middle row, WFC:S Chromia (replacing the Generations one, which I own), TR Arcee, PotP Moonracer. I had Arcee's head and Spike from Legends Bumblebee on display with my 1986 Autobots as Spike/Daniel in exosuits for a bit, but stopped that when I decided to put this Arcee back on display.

    Front row: PotP Firestar, TR Nautica, Generations Windblade. All three excellent figures.

    Very front: two WFC:S Micromasters, Cybaxx (CW Computron set), Scrounge (CW Computron). I like displaying these last two because I generally don't display those sorta-kinda Micromasters that came with Legends figures, and I use a 3P offering for Cosmos, which makes Scrounge a unique use of the mold in my display.

    Assorted Autobots
    Back when my collection was smaller, I used to display it like you saw in the Decepticon display... with two combiners in the back and voyagers and deluxes in front. As it grew larger, I found I had to find new ways of puttting my figures on display, while not having it look too crowded.

    This shelf is an attempt at that. In the back is Combiner Wars Computron. He's using Perfect Effect Hands, head and chest, but for the purposes of display height, standard CW feet. Of note, I got the Legends guns for Afterburner on Ebay. Afterburner was one of my favorite G1 TFs as a kid, and I wanted to do him "right".

    In the middle back row is Generations Whirl, still a fantastic toy. Next to him is TR Quickswitch. I've been thinking of getting some Shapeways parts and Toyhax stickers to make him more representative of G1 Quickswitch, since it's unlikely we'll ever get a dedicated mold.

    Middle back row: Generations Roadbuster, TR Topspin, TR Twintwist, TR Broadside. I think we all know we're going to get a Leader or Commander class Broadside at some point.

    Middle front row: T30 Scoop, TR Grotusque, PotP Repugnus, TR Doublecross. I like how the monsterbots show off their modes here. Boy do they look great together.

    Front row: TR Roadburn, PotP Outback, PotP Tailgate, Hot Soldiers H.S16 (Hubcap), T30 Swerve, Lost Planet MS-02 Heikew (Pipes). The official Pipes release was just... junk. So Heikew was an easy buy. He's excellent.

    Japanese G1
    One of my favorite shelves. A lot of characters here I thought would never get made again.

    In the back is God Ginrai. In actuality he is TR Magnus Prime, with the Legends Godbomber figure. He has on him the absolutely awesome PC-18 addon kit (wings, guns). Lastly, you can't really see it, but PC-16 Jinrai Prime is in there too, replacing the cab. He represents Masterforce / Victory

    In front of him is the recently released Legends Big Powered set, featuring Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber and Road Fire. Dai Atlas has leg fillers. They represent Zone.

    To the left is PotP Hot Rod, being very Rodimus Prime like, representing Headmasters, and TR Metalhawk representing Masterforce. Why is Hot Rod here? I have his Legends Mold (released first) in the 1986 shelf, which has a bunch of Legends Titan Return releases, so I wanted to pair the alike-figures together.

    In the front row, representing Masterforce is TR Cloudburst, Metalhawk and Landmine. And no, I won't call them by their dumb "Prime" names.

    Next to them, representing Victory and Zone are the Micromaster Autobots, specifically WFC:S Stakeout aka Holi.

    PotP Dinobots
    These came out, and I went in big for them, because who knows when we'll ever get something like this again.

    Behold the PotP Dinobots... Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Swoop, Snarl... and Red Swoop? Let's just call him Strafe. They're all equipped with weapons from the Transform Dream Wave TCW-06 set. Grimlock however has the additional parts form the Perfect Effect PC-23 set for a taller look. Really that's the only reason I got that set.

    In the back behind them is Volcanicus done right. Another whole set of PotP Dinobots, mostly with the combiner portion of the Transform Dreamwave kit. His sword though, is the combined sword from the PC-23 Perfect Effect kit, which looks better than the TCW-06 set.

    1985 Autobots
    Of all the shelves I have, this is the one that needs the most help and I'm overall least happy with.

    In the back is CW Defensor and CW Superion. Both have Perfect Effect KO hands and feed. Superion has the PE chest/head as well and all the proper limbs. He's good.

    In front of him is Generations Smokescreen (to be replaced soon), Generations Solar Storm Grapple and PotP Inferno. Boy do all three of the not work at all. Grapple and his mold mate, Inferno look great with some very hard to find addon kits ( such as Maiden Japan and Gears of War), and I don't have the Universe Inferno, so I made due with the PotP one which just.... isn't Inferno.

    In the middle is RTS Tracks, Generations Hoist and WFC:S Red Alert. I recently replaced Universe Red Alert. Tracks is another figure that just isn't that great anymore.

    In the front row we have TR Seaspray, PotP Beach Comber, Generations Warpath, CW Powerglide and NA H6 Max (Cosmos). Cosmos might be a little small, but he captures the G1 look perfectly. I love the rest of these guys though. They're top notch.

    On the balance, I think this shelf will see at least most of its deluxes redone by the time WFC is over. I wouldn't be shocked if we get a new Warpath along the line too.

    More Autobots with a G1 Japan twist.
    This used to be a 1985 shelf but I changed it to fit new releases, and it's going to change soon anyway.

    In the back we have Year of the Snake Omega Supreme. I never got the Energon mold so this was my exposure to it. It's pretty awesome. He's been outfitted with the Maketoys Armageddon Addon kit I got on clearance for like $30 on TFSource a while ago. It really makes the set very cool. In order to fit it in a detolf shelf, I put some extra tracks (on the back in storage). He was a fine "Omega Supreme" for years, but I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Titan, which will require a reorganization of this shelf and the one above it. I'll likely try and sell this mold and Armageddon. I may combine the two shelves into a "1985 shelf".

    In front of him is a diverse array of Autobots.

    On the left we have TR Breakaway with a Toyhax sticker set and Titan Master from Legends Wheelie as Goshooter! I probably should move him to the G1 Japan shelf.

    Next to him is Generations Nightbeat with the Beelzeboss Untracable Pieces addon kit, which makes him just perfect.

    Next we have Generations Drift, followed by Generations Selects Stepper with a targetmaster in hand. Behind Stepper is Titans Return Blaster and Rewind. I really like this Blaster, but he's too big. I've been thinking about replacing him on display with the FoC version I have in storage.

    In the very front is Fall of Cybertron Air Raid, who is on display for no reason other than I adore his striking look. He's better than FoC Shockwave (who was my Shockwave for many years). This might not be the right shelf for him, but I think he looks good with Omega Supreme.

    Some of these guys probably would be be a better fit on my G1 Japan shelf, but alas it isn't big enough.

    Primus and the Primes
    So if you look at my five detolfs across display on the upper left hand corner (the first image) is Unicron and his creations. Mirroring that, on the upper right, is TRU Exclusive TLK Primus / Cybertron and assorted Optimus Primes. This Primus is a meaningful figure for me. I think he's the best release of the mold (a mold I never owned until I got him). But he's also the final Transformer I ever bought from TRU. I got him on clearance for $70 as TRU was going bankrupt. Was he worth his Original $150 price? Hell no. That was a joke. But for $70? Hell yes. After a life time of buying Transformers from Toys R Us, I'll always remember him as the exclamation point to it.

    Around him is a selection of Optimus Primes from various lines. Not all of the ones I own, but some of the more distinctive ones.

    In the back is Toyworld Orion with the Toyhax stickers.

    Just in front is the Age of Extinction release of Classics Optimus... probably the best release the iconic figure ever had.

    Next to him is of course, Studio Series Bumblebee movie Optimus Prime. I, like many people, adore this figure. He was my 1984 Autobot display Optimus for a bit.

    Titans Return G2 Optimus Prime is there too. He's an interesting figure. I have his more "Laser Optimus Prime" looking repaint from he multipack on display elsewhere. I keep this one here as long time transfans will remember that we long wished for a release of the original G2 Laser Optimus Prime with a red chest, red arms and overall more "Optimus Prime" coloration. Well... it took 20 years but we got it.

    On the right is KBB MP-10V, the downscaled KO of MP-10. He's pretty awesome too, and was my 1984 Autobot display Optimus for a while. I really appreciate the better proportions and head than the official release.

    In the front row we have Orion Pax from the PotP Leader Optimus Prime. The combined form has a pretty great look, but it's crazy we got a new toy in 2017 based on a character that appeared in one episode from a show in 1985. I just love how it turned out.

    In front of him we have Supercon Optimus Prime. This guy was an iconic release for Transfans back in the day. Before we got two G1 looking Optimus Primes in every line, there was nothing official since G2 until Armada came along. The main one with a trailer had some limitations and design flaws. The Supercon (Deluxe class) Optimus was widely regarded as the superior figure, and the best Optimus Prime for some years. The release of Fatimus Prime in Energon only burnished its reputation. He's a good reminder of the day when G1 fans like me relied on homages for our fix.

    Next to him is the deluxe-class release of RTS Combat Hero Optimus Prime release of Laser Optimus prime the 2012 "Ultimate Giftset". BBTS multipack. I just love the look of this figure. I don't know why. It's un-Optimus Prime-y.

    Up front we have a Super Collection Figure Star Convoy (my favorite Optimus design) and lastly TFCC Leo Convoy on the right.I have the original orion pax release, but I put the rarer and more exclusive figure here on display to represent the mold.

    "The Nemesis Primes"
    A new shelf I've added in the past year. I noticed my Nemesis Primes / Black Convoys have started to mutliply and I figured they deserved a dedicate shelf.

    In the back on the left is Amazon exclusive PotP Nemesis Prime flanked by "Nova Prime", aka Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime with the SND Primo X-Mortis upgrade kit. I LOVE this figure and bought Battle Core optimus just for it. It was worth the wait and is a must have. I really wish someway I could display the wings spread as they should be. He's an amazing, amazing figure, and the best rendition of the character.

    In front of PotP Nemesis Prime, hard to see is Destructicon Scourge, a KB Toys exclusive from 2003.

    On the front row of the riser we start with Nemesis Prime from Universe. I got this many years ago on a whim, and frankly, treated him like crap. Never really put him on display and almost always moved between boxes. The recent re-release of this mold in its original Big Convoy form had me take a second look at it, clean it up and put it on display as the unique figure it is. If you think about it, this got a general retail release in 2004, when today it'd be a $80 online exclusive.

    To his right is Legends LG-EX Black Convoy (RID Scourge). Confession time, this is one of my favorite figures in my collection. You may notice the TFCC Scourge there too infront of Universe Nemesis prime. Why both? I long delayed getting LG-EX Black Convoy when it was very cheap (cheaper than the TFCC release) until, it seemed, availible inventory dried up and prices precipitiously rose. I really like the character and the look, so 'settled" on a TFCC Scourge I got for cheap. But then I found a LG-EX Black Convoy for very cheap, and took the dive. I just love how he turned out. THe gun metal grey and the loud orange really "pop". My only wish is that he was voyager sized. But I think he looks amazing. I like the TFCC release, but he just doesn't capture the aggressive look of the Legends one, with its red detailing on the head.


    Lastly, we have PotP Rodimus Uncronus. I don't have the full PotP Rodimus Prime on display, because frankly, he looks terrible. But Rodimus Unicronus REALLY pulls off the mold and is very worth displaying. He's an excellent example of how a different paint job (and a new head) can make a failed figure work.

    Another new shelf I've added in the past year. This was spurred because I noticed that I had been collecting Beast Wars characters little by little over the years, but never displaying them (much less together). With the recent release of PotP Optimal Optimus, I decided o pick up a couple remaining characters to fill it out as best I can. I think in coming years, this will be further fleshed out.

    In the back on the left we start with Beast Wars II Galvatron. This is actually from the Korean Release. I'm not sure why i got him, but it was many, many years ago and very inexpensive. I never really had him on display and am happy to finally put him here.

    To the right is Legends Lioconvoy. This, unlike the original Alpha Trion release, is the proper use of the mold. When I first saw him I was struck by his coloration, but delayed getting him for a long time until I got a good deal. I got him pretty much because I had Beast Wars II Galvatron already, and there wasn't a good Lioconvoy Alternative. I do like how he turned out. The use of the Sentinel Prime head was brilliant.

    On the far right is PotP Optimus Optimus, quipped with both DNA design addon kits. I'm a big fan of this figure, even though judging by his end-of-line limited release, I think Hasbro feels like fandom trolled them by selecting a non-leader class Beast Wars character as the next prime. I think the subsequent fans-choice characters are much more "on rails" because they were forced to do this figure. But he turned out great and the addon kits make him better.

    In the back-middle row we start on the left with Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron. I got him very recently (the last 6 months) because in adding PotP Optimal Optimus to my collection, I realized... I had no BW Megatron! So I got one that I knew existed that I thought was the best one.

    Next up with have TFCC Depthcharge. Yeah... so I love the Teradive mold, and the characters head, coloration and theme work well with the mold, but pretty much the only reason I got this is because it was like $10 when TFCC was shutting down.

    Universe Dinobot. What to say about him. Around 2012 I got him in a lot of Universe figures I missed when I stopped collecting for a while. He tries hard and I like a lot of what he does. He's way too small. He's good enough for now. I hope we get a large Voyager or leader class Dinobot one day.

    Generations Rhinox. Still amazed this guy got made. Perfect update. More of these, Hasbro.

    Front-middle row... Beast Wars II Thrustol. This was probably the first Takara figure I ever bought, around 1999 or 2000 for $30. I got him because I liked the Dinobot character and in my own headcannon wondered "what if Dinobot came back again?". He's kind of like Transmetal II Dinobot, but with more Beast-parts and Maximal-like. Great figure. Great detail.

    Generations Waspinator. Another perfect update. Hasbro, more of these.

    Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal. I got him at the same time as Megatron. I didn't have an Optimus Primal in my collection (weirdly), and liked the look of this one. I like how he looks better than the inner robot on the PotP Optimal Optimus release.

    Universe Cheetor... one of the worst transformers made since 1995. Here because he's the Cheetor I have. Desperate to replace this piece of crap.

    Front row... Legends Blackarachnia. Man, I love this figure. I never got much of animated (more on that later), so this was my first exposure to the mold. I did the chest fix too. I think she really pulls off the look. It's not animation-perfect Blackarachina, but it's good enough.

    Generations Tankkor. I still don't even know how this got made. I don't have much of Beast Machines (and what I do is in storage), so he represents that.

    Generations Ratrap.... the perfect update again. Hasbro, more of these (yes I know I said that 3 times).

    Age of Exinction / The Last Knight and Misc Studio Series.
    This is kind of a "holding case". With the release of Studio series I started to put movie figures from it on display, but I also decided to segregate the original trilogy, and then the AoE/TLK duology. I didn't end up picking up a lot from either line, just the "better figures". That there is is the Studio Series Drift, that I higly reccomend. THis is also the holding area for future RotF Devastator parts.

    So it's something for now. Down the line, it'll probably be where I keep Studio Series Devastator, and I'll move the AoE/TLK figures elsewhere... probably their own shelf with the Dinobots I have in storage.

    Of note, TLK Voyager Optimus Prime has the Dr. Wu addon sword and shield, Hound has the Dr Wu chaigun set, and SS Grimlock has the DNA Design kit.

    Original* G1 and G2 Transformers!
    Yep! I finally put some on display. Not nearly all of them, just some that are meaningful to me.

    In he back row (hard to see) is the original seeker trio.

    That's G2 Optimus Prime, which was my first buy of that mode, bought for me by my parents way back when it came out. To his right and left are G2 Slag and Grimlock (first release).

    In the front there is Cerebros in head form. I actually have G1 Fortress Maximus in storage (incomplete, I got him in parts and have been building him up bit by bit, I intend to restore him some day). I got this guy as part of a $20 lot back when I started to collect Transformers again. I think the seller had no idea it was hidden in there... but I did!

    G2 Bumblebee in the front, flanked by Actionmaster Grimlock.

    Finally that Hot Rod there is actually "Rodimus Major", who was part of the 2003 re-release at TRU.

    Masterpiece I
    I'm not a big Masterpiece collector, but I think I will be in years ahead. What I've gotten so far has been select releases.

    On the back left is Legendary Toys LT02, the KO of MPM Optimus Prime with fixes to the design flaws and a vastly superior paint scheme. He's a GORGEOUS figure and compelled me to sell my Striker Optimus Prime.

    To the back right is Masterpiece Star Saber with the KFC KP-17 joints and sword, and KFC hands. Regardless if you get the KFC Victory Leo, I feel these upgrades are essential to this figure. I have a pretty sad story regarding this figure though. When he was announced I was incredible excited. I had a long term fascination with G1 Japan stretching back to the early 2000s when I first learned about them, and Star Saber was one of my favorite characters. I normally don't buy Masterpieces, but I knew, especially as a 30th anniversary figure, he'd be an essential buy that I wouldn't want to miss. So I ordered him, however on the day he arrived, I found out (fair warning this is about to get sad) a friend of mine had taken his own life. I just wasn't in the mood for Transformers for a while. So far from scrambling to open and transform him, I took him out of his shipping box (but not the plastic it came wrapped in from Hobby Link Japan) and just put it on the top shelf in my closet. I couldn't bring myself to open it for a long time. I soon got other TFs and opened others, but the circumstances of that day just made me not want to go over, take off the wrapping and open the box of this particular one. So he sat in my closet for basically two years before I decided I wanted to open it, which I think was kind of my finally accepting moving on past what happened. Yet even still whenever I see that figure, I still think of that tragic day and what happened with my friend. Let nobody tell you emotional attachment to toys is silly. Anyway sorry to be a downer. I told you it'd be sad.


    In front of them we have MPM Bumblebee and Masterpiece Soundwave and his cassettes (none of them KOs except for Ratbat). Honestly I kind of got this figure by accident. I said I wasn't an MP collector, but preordered him on BBTS and forgot about it. He fell into my Pile of Loot, and I figured what the hell. I'm not a huge Soundwave fan, like some folks are. He's a fine figure and I'm happy I have him. But I'm not sure I would have got him under other circumstances.

    RID 2001!
    The line that got me into Transformers in a BIG way. Man, I think I have almost every figure of this except a handful. I was so excited when they came out. I still remember asile stacked with Optimus Prime and Magnus. I can't believe Hasbro considered this a "stop gap" line

    In the back of Galvatron... just a work of art. To the right is Omega Prime (the original release). I actually LOVE the RID Prime's Cab robot mode, but I think the combined form is again, a work of art. These have only been displayed or in storage since 2001, so the chromes parts are in like-new shape.

    In the middle row we have Generations Skybyte and RID Scourge. So RiD Skybyte I never bought, so this one is taking his place. RID Scourge (a TRU exclusive at the time) was a fan favorite TF for a while, and for me was my exposure to the G2 Laser Optimus Prime mold (I never got the original). He's stunning. I've been thicking of getting Toyhax stickers for him, but I'm torn.

    In the front we have the Autobot brothers! Powered up Sideburn, Prowl and X-Brawn! I got this Sideburn because, of course, he looked like Hot Rod. This was 2001 after all. The age of homages.

    I have in storage Fortress (Brave) Maximus... the Korean release. Barely opened, in great shape. I'm hoping to get another Detolf in the next year and probably put the Autobots together with him, and the Decepticons / Predacons together on another shelf.

    The outstanding question for me though, is do I splurge and buy Legends EX Baldigus/Ruination? I can't believe that the CW Combaticons haven't been KO'd in that color. I really want to, but he's a lot of money.

    Animated and Misc Vehicles
    On the left we have Classics Hot Rod with the FansProject TFX-04 Protector upgrade kit and sidearm targetmaster (and chromed parts). This guy was my "Rodimus Prime", along with City Commander (who I also own, in storage) for many years, but the release of official figures had them moved around. I'm excited I can finally display him in vehicle mode, which is striking. I hope to put City Commander on display in robot mode somewhere.

    In the middle is Animated Cybertronian Optimus Prime, Arcess, Hot Rod and Slug (Slag). I mostly skipped Animated. I loved the show but just wasn't buying TFs then. What I did get was figures I thought were exceptional or one offs. In addition to what is displayed, I have Cybertronian Megatron in storage. Of note is Arcess, who was mine (and a lot of people's) CHUG Arcee for a little bit, often with a 3P head. The Hod Rod figure in the back is genuinely exceptional His Transformation is probably the best of any Hot Rod figure ever made, by far. Hasbro needs to do him, in a CHUG style.

    To the right is CW Skylynx. I used to have him with my 1986 shelf, but there was just no room to do him justice.

    I'd love to have a shelf where I could have figures I picked up that belong to lines I only have a few of. So these animated, my Cyberverse Shockwave, my couple of Beast Machines. Things that just don't fit anywhere else.

    1986 Autobots!
    I adore this shelf, and how far it's come since its humble beginnings.

    In the back we have Trilling 30 Metroplex with the Toyhax upgrade kit. If you had any doube about getting this kit, you shouldn't. It's fantastic. It completes the figure.

    In Metroplex's right hand is Legends Wheelie. The perfect Wheelie comes out, so we're going to do in the right colors.

    In his left hand is WFC:S Sixgun.

    standing on Metroplex's shin is RTS Wreck-Gar. And yes, the handle broke off. I own the PotP Wreck-Gar, but I vastly perfer the look of RTS.

    On the bottom, we have the main event.
    Left to right:
    Legends Blurr - who looks just perfect.
    Legends Kup - the way the TR release should have been.
    Legends Hot Rod - I really like what they did with the mold (Like the TR release too). I'm not sure I would have bought him if I knew PotP Rodimus (and his hot rod) ere coming. He is here because of his legends comrades.
    Legends Arcee - I got the generations version and kept this one boxed for a bit, but then I decided, if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it right.

    Behind them we have:
    TR Perceptor. Yeah I know he was in Season 2, but he had a much larger role in Season 3 and the Movie.
    WFC:S Ultra Magnus. I love the CW release, but this figure is overall better and has a better scale with the rest of these guys.

    WFC:S Springer.... perfect. So so perfect. We finally get the Springer we deserve.

    Overall, this shelf is basically done. Very pleased with how it turned out.

    Masterpiece II
    I have a feeling this is going to expand in coming years with the cartoon releases.

    In the back we have the Toys R Us MP-10 Optimus Prime release... the first one with the long clear box, not the re-release. He's a great figure, but I'm ready for MP-44.

    To the right in the back is the Toys R Us MP Grimlock that was re-released with Age of Extinction. I very much like him, and kind of want to put him with the Season 3 shelf.

    In the middle is the pride and joy of my Masterpieces, MP-36 Megatron. I got him because, honestly, when are we ever going to get a gun Megatron ever again, especially one who looks so perfect and cartoon accurate (I love the look of the Toy release-style one though too). Because I'm not a mad man and don't want to scuff the paint job, I've never Transformed him, and I don't imagine I ever will. If I want to, I'll buy the KO that has better scuff protection.

    To the right in the middle shelf is MP Sideswipe. He's a KO. Good enough though.

    In the front row is MP-20+ Wheeljack. man, I love this guy. He was a total splurge. I don't really think I'll ever get the entire 1984 car cast, but he was one of my favorite character shows, and never got really a "defining" figure, until now. The original MP-20 was toy colors. Universe is cool, but too different. CW is too simbple and weird. This figure though, nails it so hard.

    next to him is the TRU release of MP Prowl. I really like him, but I don't think I'll get MP-17+.

    To the right in the front row is MP-29 Hot Rod. He's pretty cool, but the flaws of his design are absolutely true. I think we'll get another try on him from Takara one day.

    In the front is a KO of MP-17 Bumblebee and Spike. They're good enough for now, but I'll be getting MP-45 one day, probably as a KO.

    I'd honestly get all of Masterpieces, and I even *get* why the larger ones are so expensive. But honestly, the car-sized robots should cost $40-$50... not the prices they're asking.

    The next two shelves are X-Men. I'll leave those to the end and skip to the next TF shelf.

    Awesome figures which need to be on display shelf
    This is my first pass at a new shelf, and really it needs to be somewhere prominent. Over the years there's so many one offs I picked up, that even if I collected the whole, or subset of the line and don't display it, deserve to stand out because of how striking they are. I've had a few characters like this littered elsewhere (i.e. TFCC Armada Skywarp). But I have quite a few more.

    In the back row is is Energon Wing Saber, the figure we all wanted to pretend is Star Saber for a while. Yes, he's a brick, and mostly an accessory for Fattimus prime, but he looks very Japanase-Super-Robot, and different from everything else.

    In the middle is Transformers Galaxy Force Starscream. This is a GORGEOUS Figure up close, and one of the best Starscreams ever made. In truth, it needs to be somewhere else than the bottom shelf.

    To the left is Combat Megatron. I like him, and like the mold, and got him as a contrast to the G2 Laser Optimus Prime in the front. I've toyed with doing a G2 mini-collection for a bit (G2 is when I first really got into Transformers and understood them, I was born in 1983, so was really only old enough for late G1). I haven't pulled the trigger yet though. What's holding me back is the prospect of going for G2 combiners. I really don't want to double-buy Combiner Wars.

    In the middle row is TF: Prime Ultra Magnus. I love this mold, and the Toy Hax stickers on him really make him pop, and should be essential for it. Next to him is TFCC Skybyte. I Like this mold a lot, and I like the detail of the paint job.

    To the right is Galactic Man Shockwave. I kind of got this figure by accident recently. I wasn't sure I wanted him, but it was too late too cancel. There are a lot of TFs to spend $50 on this year, and while a Black Shockwave was cool, I wasn't sure if he was that cool. When he got here, I came to really like him and decided to keep him rather than send him back, especially since I'd have an excuse to display shockwave in his armored up form (as opposed to the G1 look on the 1984 Decepticon shelf). I like to think of him as G2 Shockwave basically.

    In the front row, on the left is Movie the Best Megatron. Man, I dig this figure. He is lathered in silver paint and details. I own the original RotF release and liked it, but never though the paint job did it justice. I was excited when Takara was going to re-release it in Silver, but that was canceled. When Movie the Best was announced, I took the dive. I'm not sure I would have kept it had I known Studio Series was coming, but regardless, he looks like nothing else in my collection.

    In the middle is the Universal Studios exclusive AoE Snarl. I got this recently from BBTS. First of all, this is a great figure. Secondly, I love the smokey look and red visor. It's very otherworldly. Over the course of the TLK period, I got all the Dinobots in their muted color releases (I skipped most of the AoE releases), so I figured I'd complete it with him. While I have the rest in storage, I have him on display. There is something about him that just comes off as unique.

    To the right is G2 Laser Optimus Prime from the giftset. And he's looking just perfect here. I used to have him in my "Primes" display, but decided to put him with Combat Megatron.

    My next shelf is a customized Ikea Hyllis shelf. There is a how-to guide in radicons, but the purpose was originally for large format TFs (driven largely by Trypticon, who can't fit in a Detolf). And no, it's not big enough for WFC Unicron.


    Assorted Late G1 Decepticons and others.
    So we have on the left, the 3 Decepticon Headmasters: TR Skullcruncher, TR Mindwipe and TR Weirdwolf. Like my Autobot Headmasters, they have their Japan cartoon faces from a 3P addon kit.

    On the right is the 3 Decepticon Targetmasters, TR Misfire, TR Slugslinger and TR Triggerhappy, complete with their Siege Targetmasters (finally!)

    In the front are Decepticon Pretenders. Tipped over (he fell!) is TR Scorponok / Zarak on the left. On the right is PotP Cindersaur. I did the fan mode mod that flipped the head (and you swap the arms and legs on ball joints) to give him a hunched, monster like look that is different than PotP Slash.

    On the back on the left is RID 2001 Dreadwind and Smokejumper. I love, love, love these two guys. I missed them in G2, but that was fine, because their RID release had the best paint scheme.

    On the right is FoC Bruticus. The limbs are the Hasbro release, but the core is MBC002 Military Titans. The figure looks FANTASTIC (way better than the armor addon kits), but is fragile as hell and is probably the most look-don't-touch thing in my collection by far. You know, he's a funny figure. MBC002 is legitimately what Hasbro should have released, and produced a near game-perfect looking figure. But I honestly don't know I would have went for it if I had known that Cominber Wars was like 2 years out. A funny thing about collecting TFs since the dawn of CHUG is how we've gone from being excited about homages, to spending money on "good enoughs, because we'll never get the real thing" like FOC Bruticus, to getting pretty much our hearts desire (every combiner, soon even the Seacons). We used to be happy when they painted a Helicopter green. Now we got a near show-perfect Springer. I like FoC Bruticus, but he is a figure that, like TFC Hercules, makes me wonder how much money I could have saved if I could see the future to what we would get just in a few short years. My closet is filled with exactly things like this: CW Megatron, TR Megatron, PotP Starscream. I have an entire box filled with "Obsolete figures". The thing is, some of these are legitmately GREAT figures, but they are out of scale, or out of concept with the display, and I can't display all of them. I think I have around $1500 of "obsolete" figures. If anything, I'm being more conservative now in what I buy. Like take for example the Powerdashers coming out or the Micromaster 10-pack. I 'm not going for either of those because (A) neither are important enough to me and (B) I wouldn't be surprised if we see at least more Micromasters down the line.

    Sorry got off track.

    Lastly in the back is PotP Predaking with the DNA Design DK-07 kit. I think he's a great figure, and the DNA Design kit just fixes all the issues. The sword was ridiculous and I don't display it. No stickers on him yet either, as I might go with Toy Hax.

    Bayverse Trilogy (mostly Studio Series)
    This shelf needs more room, but its good enough for now.

    I love Studio Series. I love it despite the fact it's made every one of my Movie figures entirely obsolete except for two. But that's fine, the results have been something sorely needed.

    In the back on the left we have Blackout... one of the best TF's of the last 10 years in my view. Next to him, DotM Megatron. And next to him (hard to see), RotF Megatron with the DNA Design DK-09 kit. It really fixes the figure. Finally to the right is SS Jetfire. Man is he cool to trasnform. Black magic at work on him!

    In the middle, on the left is SS Barricade, who honestly, I don't think is any better than the DotM figure. Next to him is SS Brawl, who reall captures the look and has a great transformation. Next up is SS-32 Optimus Prime, followed by SS Ironhide, also with the DNA Design DK-10 upgrade kit. He really pulls it off.
    In the front row, we have, at left, DotM Shockwave (awaiting a replacement... one day) and SS TF1 Starscream. Under him is Scorponok and, hilariously, RotF Legends class Ravage, who is pretty excellently in scale for SS. When I saw him, I knew he'd be the in-scale Ravage to get. And sure enough, he's in pretty high demand nowdays.

    Finally we have Studio Series Bumblebee (1977), Sideswipe, Jazz and Ratchet (TF1).

    I really have a very high opinion of these guys, and will probably get another Detolf to put them in where htey can get a bit more light and be spaced apart a bit more. I'm thinking htat's going to wait for Devastator to be complete though.

    Trypticon and friends.
    Trypticon pretty much the reason this shelf got built, even though other figures have been the beneficiary of it. You can fit Metroplex and Fortress maximus in a detolf. You can't fit non-Humanoids.

    I love Trypticon. In fact, prior to taking these pictures I took him out and transformed him a bunch. Attached to him is WFC:S Brunt. Right now he is in what has been called "Siege Mode" by some, I'm thinking of getting another Brunt to make it more aggressive.

    He has no stickers on him. I can't decide between official and Toy Hax.


    This figure has special significance to me. As I said, I was a late comer to G1 (being born in 1983). We hich means my Grimlock, Bumblebee and Starscream were Pretenders, my Optimus Prime was a Power Master, I had no Megatron until G2, and my Scramble City combiners were later one.

    Piranacon was my favorite TF growing up. I had 5 limbs (not Tentakil), and played with them hard. They were pretty dinged up over the years.

    In the past few years, I've started a kind of Piranacon restoraiton project. My snaptrap got new 3P larger spikes, sword and back guns. I bought Tentakil. I cleaned them all. I got 3P ball jointed feet. I have to replace a few more parts and get new stickers. So it's an ongoing thing.

    What isn't on display
    Aside from my Childhood toys, my collections tarted to grow around the late 1990s with KOs of G1 figures (like those boxed Constructions) and some Beast Wars / Machines. It absolutely exploded with RiD (I got most of the line). Armada, Energon and Cybetron I got largely "homage" characters (like Energon Shockblast, Energon Rodimus, Aramada Blurr, Energon Downshift Armada Uncrion, Cybertron Soundwave... thigns like that) but kept it relatively contained. Classics, I got almost all of them. 2007 movie I got very much of it(though not duplicate releases). I skiped most of animated. I was selective about RotF (Leader Prime yes, Leader Megatron no). I was selective about DotM, AoE and TLK too. Transformers Prime, I went in very heavy for, but I skipped RiD and Cyberverse. FoC / WFC are complete.

    So I have a lot of figures in storage, I wish I could display, but I just don't have the room, and some are very much worth deserving to be displayed because of their unique molds or unique place in TF history. For example, Armada Unicron deserves to be on display, as do all the Minicons.

    Some that I have in storage worth noting are:

    Botcon Japan 1997 SHBM Galvatron
    Combiner Wars Devastator
    Armada Unicron
    RotF Leader Optimus Prime
    MP-01 20th Annversary Optimus Prime
    TRU MP Hot Rod (the MP-9 mold release)
    Toyworld Hegemon (first release)
    The Lost Age (Japan AoE) Optimus Prime
    Tokyo Toy Show Dark Side Optimus vs Megatron (their WFC Molds)
    HFTD Leader class RotF Starscream
    RID (Korea) Brave/Fortress Maximus
    FoC G2 Bruticus
    Takara FOC Ratbat
    Micron Legend (Armada) Starscream (the takara paint job)
    Armada Skywarp (love it)
    Alternators Smokescreen
    Alternators Grimlock

    Last Reflections on my collection
    When I started to collect TFs in a serious way again, I remember displaying them on my desk. This moved up to a couple of slamm book size Acryllic jewelry display cases. Then one detolf. Then two. Then three. THen five. And now seven. It's been quite the collecting saga. Here's some pictures of how it evolved.

    August 2014:

    July 2016:

    March 2017:

    So it's been quite the evolution. Figures rotated in and out.. retired (some old). More detolfs to display more figures... not only as the G1 cast grew but also different stories and just great looking molds. I remember a couple of years writing on a notepad the scheme of how I could display all my figures. It would require 8 detolfs. I'm at 7 right now, and I think in order to do that, I'd need another 4 to do it comfortably. (spread it out). Probably just 2 if I skipped obsolete movie stuff and didn't put Titan-sized TFs in them (I do that because my house is VERY dusty).

    All told, my collection cost in the ballpark of $14,000. I have a spreadsheet I keept track of expenses. Everything Generations in 2013 and later is precise. Everything before is ballbark, with MSRP (and where I remember I got a killer deal). You throw in money I've spent on displays, it's probably getting up to close to $15,000.

    Personally, I've as enthusastic as ever about this hobby. PotP is amazing. Generations Select is pretty great. These upcoming molds - the Seacons, Armada Prime, Star Convoy, Omega Supreme - look to be among the best Hasbro has yet made. And we're probably going to get a massive Unicron! I've been already trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to display him in planet mode due to his depth (a double detolf with modes to the struts could fit him in Robot mode if you pull the wings in a little).

    I'm glad I came back to the hobby when I did, and I'm glad I stuck with it. I think a choice I made years ago: I forced myself to choose between going CHUG heavy of MP heavy, was generally the right one. MP has some amazing releases (as does MP-3P), but so much exciting stuff has happened, and is going to happen, in CHUG in coming years.

    Where do I think this collection is going? Well I think the future does point in a direction of moderation. How are they ever going to out do that WFC:S Skyfire? They aren't. That's it. Check him off. Some of the releases coming out (Powerdashers) are "interesting" but not essential. When they invariably do a new, better Hot Rod I'll take the dive, but they'll have to do something incredible with Blurr to make me replace Legends Blurr. Take a look at the WFC:S 1984 Decepticons. None of those will readily be replaced, unless by "Ultimate G1 cartooon style" figures. Like when are they going to do Reflector again? Why would they?

    My outstanding concern is I hope they steer clear of Combiners,. though I think the hope for that is rather low. The later Combiners like Abominus show a level of confidence in the design that the early ones, like Menasor and Bruticus just lacked. It would not surprise me in the slightest if Part 2 or Part 3 of WFC had "Cybetronian Combiners", and we took another spin on the early CW ones that were crappy until you got 3P upgrades. I'd have to think hard about something like that. I already went through that with FOC Bruticus, as I said above.

    So I think the future of my collection is to be more selective. As they replace 1984 characters bad molds (looking at you Wheeljack), yeah I'll jump on it. If they do a Commander Class Skylinx, Broadside or Overlord, you bet I'm there. But I don't think I'm going to jump on every micromaster, ever legends, every starscream repaint coming out. Even with the new Target Exclusive Rainmakers... like... I really want them and have nothing like them, but $80 now when we have $313 on MP-44 Optimus Prime and $574 on Unicron? On top of the $400 in Marvel Legends coming out in the next 2 months, and $300 in main line TF stuff? Yeah.......

    A funny fact is, is that Transformers from a finance perspective are pretty rigid. T30, CW, TR and PotP all came in around $1200-1400 if you bought everything in the line at MSRP. In fact, WFC:S was looking to be the first TF line that was far cheaper (around $700), owing to the fewer Leader class releases and deluxes overall, until all these late-in-line exclusives have inflated it to, you guessed it, around $1300. A bunch of $80 boxes do that.

    So is it worth it? I think to some piece written by a collector a year or two back that was all bitter about the hobby, saying they won't be worth anything and nobody should do this. Really, one of most ignorant pieces on TF I've ever read. Well of course not. These are generally not an investment. I mean, sure I'm sure I could sell my most valuable figures if I really wanted to, but does anyone really, really want my Combiner Wars Optimus Prime (in storage)? Or my Generations Chromia? Or my Cyberverse/Walgreens Shockwave? Of course not. It's the same reason Cars don't appreciate in value, but homes does. You buy an $80,000 BMW, it's worth $30,000 in 3 years. $10,000 in 6. There are things which are investments and there are things which are not. Merchandise is generally not an investment.

    But that doesn't make it, and the $14,000 I've spent, somehow not worth it. The process of collecting, the excitement of building the collection, the pride I have in the fullness of it, and the anticipation I feel waiting for the next big delivery, all bring an avenue of satisfaction to my life. As a software engineer and project manager, I have to explain a lot of what I do. I have to justify constantly. But as a TF collector, I don't have to justify anything. I do it because it's fun and brings me joy. It brings me so much joy, I keep going to the Hasbro Pulse page for WFC Unicron, seeing how the slow crawl is adding up. 500. 700. 1000. 1400. Today 2000. I haven't put my order in yet, but you bet your ass it is going in. But just watching the process of even the crowdfunding of the biggest TF we're ever going to get has been fun.

    So here's to another 20 years of collecting Transformers!

    Bonus Round, some non TFs I have on display:

    Jim Lee 1992 X-Men, awaiting the new Jean Grey, Storm and Ice Man, Colossus molds. Like most 80/90s kids, I grew up with the X-Men Cartoon and this X-Men team (not the wierd/shitty thing they've become). It was really fun to build this display, in the same way its been fun to build the 1984 Autobots display.

    X-Men villains, most 1980s and 1990s. This whole mini-collection started with Onslaught. I loved the look of the character going back to my childhood, and I bought the BAF piece by piece, thinking it a one off. That lead to more villians and X-Men. That in the back there is the new Magneto, a must have figure.

    Pro tip?: he shares some of his molding with the modern Magneto released 2 years ago (and still pretty easy to get). This includes his arms/hands. Those purple hands are from that Modern Magneto.

    Question: is it "right" when Magneto's Headcrest is Purple or Red?

    Star Trek is my other favorite franchise. Over the past few years I built up an eaglemoss collection. I've come to really appreciate this line because the mold is from CG is ripped directly from the shows (or done by people who worked on it updating their old work, or by authorized fan artists), and they've put into plastic and die cast LOTS of ships that have never been put into physical form before. They aren't in scale, but that's a minor quibble honestly. It's amazing to see them in 3D.

    Funny enough though, that big Enterprise E up there is the First Contact Enterprise E from Diamond Select.

    It all started with me getting a Defiant and Steamrunner class (two of my favorite ship designs), but it spiraled a bit out of control. I think I'm mostly "done" though. Only a few ships left really.


    Anyway thank you for reading, and I hope the ways I've organized these inspire your own awesome collections!

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    Your collection is impressive but equally impressive is the massive write up you did for this. It really shows your pride and appreciation for the figures. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!
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  3. Boomatronous

    Boomatronous Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2019
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    I think your collection is absolutely impressive and am glad you shared it.

    I dig the narrative you gave to each photo, almost felt like taking a guided tour thru a museum. To that point I found it both educational and inspiring

    I will be working on those Planet X Dinobots thanks to you!

    Keep it up, dont forget to handle those guys from time to time
  4. Blackout32


    Jul 9, 2007
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    Cybertron in the Matrix of leadership
    Very cool and awesome collection you have. Alot of love and details went into this and huge applaud to ya.
  5. Starscream1997

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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Dude seriously nice collection you got good taste and I liked the write ups
  6. MrUniqZ

    MrUniqZ Well-Known Member

    Mar 20, 2018
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    I'm on the journey with you. I have probably half of your transformer collection :)  .. except I have some OG he man figures instead of Marvel Legends :) .
  7. Transider

    Transider - caught in an organized chaos -

    Nov 16, 2019
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    Great collection!