Sting of a Bee

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    This fic is all about Bumblebee and his experiences during the war and the recnt events of ROTF. This takes place on the ship ride to Diego and when they get there. I hope you enjoy it :) 

    Sting of a Bee: Memories and Nightmares

    It was 2 a.m. when Bumblebee woke startled and afraid. His engine roared to life and he transformed. He looked around in the cargo hold. His gazed fell on the motionless Peterbilt. He sighed and walked out to the deck. He stopped when he saw a silhouette of a familiar Autobot. He walks over with his head down. On the deck was a recovering Arcee. Bumblebee, who has regain his voice, calls out her name.

    Bumblebee- “Arcee?”

    It was weird to hear his own voice again. He had gotten so use to the radio, that his true voice sounded almost alien. Arcee turned her head as Bumblebee came up next to her.

    Arcee- “What are you doing up?”

    Bumblebee- “Couldn’t sleep. Shouldn’t you be in the recovery bay?”

    Arcee- “Yes but it’s nice out.”

    Bumblebee looked at her with bright optics. His mind wandered back to Cybertron and the war.

    *Bumblebee was taking cover from the fire and ammo of the Decepticons. He looked over his shoulder as Arcee jumped over the wall next to him.

    Arcee- “The rest of the team should be here by now! Where are they?”

    Cliffjumper- “Hey don’t worry doll face. We’re right here.”

    Arcee- “Nice of you to show up.”

    Bumblebee- “Come on. We have to get back to base.”

    As Bumblebee stood, he was tackled by Barricade.

    Barricade- “Going somewhere?”

    Bumblebee- “Run! Go!”

    Arcee- “Not without you!”

    Bumblebee tried to give a reassuring look as Arcee was pulled away from him. The wall near them collapsed and stirred up smoke and dust. Arcee and the others took off. Bumblebee made sure they were gone before kicking Barricade off.*

    Arcee- “Bumblebee?”

    Bumblebee looked at her and did what looked like a smile.

    Bumblebee- “You need some rest. Now go before Ratchet finds out you’re out here.”

    Arcee smiled and went back to the recovery bay. He looked at the ocean then to the moon. He sighed and turned his head away. He sat down and found a piece of metal bar to fiddle with. He laid back and shut off his optics.

    *Images of blood and energon filled his mind. Suddenly there was a flash and it was gone. Bumblebee looked around and saw nothing. He looked at him self. Blood covered his hands. He looks up and sees Sam. But around him was a medical team. He looked up and saw the sun burring down on them. He looked behind him and saw the pyramids and the battle. He saw Ironhide on the ground holding his chest. He looked back at Sam. Burns and blood covered his body. He looked at Mikeala. She was screaming and cry and trying to get Sam back. Bumblebee sank to his knees and watched as Sam died. And just as fast as it happened he was back. Bumblebee looked at him with hope. He saw him grab the Matrix and limp towards Optimus. He watched him bring the Prime to life. But he cowered in fear as the Fallen appeared. He fell back and watched as the Matrix was taken. He tried screaming to Optimus to get up but nothing came out. He saw the Fallen appear in front of him and drive the staff through his spark.*

    Bumblebee woke from the nightmare. It was dawn and sailors were on the deck. Some were looking at him. Sam came walking over to him.

    Sam- “Bee was are you doing out here?”

    Bumblebee- “I-I…”

    His voice faltered and he looked down. Optimus came on deck and saw the young scout. Everyone left except Sam. Bumblebee stood at the sight of his leader. But he could not look him in the optics.

    Bumblebee- “I got to go.”

    He walked away and down to the hull. Optimus looked at Sam and went after him. Optimus caught up with the scout.

    Optimus- “Bumblebee what is going on?”

    Bumblebee- “Nothing. I just have to do something then we can talk. Okay?”

    He walks off and Optimus looks at him confused. Bumblebee enters the cargo hold where the Autobots are staying. He sits down in a corner and powers down. Ironhide walks in and spots the young bot. He walks over and gently kicks him. Bumblebee wakes up and looks at the weapon specialist.

    Ironhide- “What’s eatin’ ya kid?”

    Bumblebee- “What? Oh nothing.”

    Ironhide- “Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong?”

    Bumblebee- “Everything. Nothing seems to be right anymore. I don’t know. Maybe I’m taking the Prime thing to hard.”

    Ironhide- “Or Sam.”

    Bumblebee looked up at Ironhide and stood. Ironhide put an arm around him.

    Ironhide- “Kid, he came back. Both of them. The Fallen is dead. There’s nothing to worry about.”

    Bumblebee- “I know but if I was there a few minutes earlier…”

    Ironhide- “And then what would happen? You go down instead of Optimus and leave Sam without his guardian? And me without a sparring partner? I don‘t think so.”

    Bumblebee- “But I feel it was my fault. For no being with him. For not getting there in time.”

    Ironhide- “Bee, you have to let it go. Prime’s okay now. We aren’t going to lose him again. I promise.”
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    Nice! I hope you have more!
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    Here's more to Sting of a Bee! And the title because a bee sting can be remebered. And since this is going into the memories of Bumblebee... Anyway here's a second part to Memories and Nightmares.Leading off where we left Ironhide and Bumblebee. :) 

    Memories and Nightmares(cont.)

    Ironhide gave him a pat on the back and left. Bumblebee went back to find Sam. He told Sam what was happening to him.
    Sam- “Just cause you thought it was your fault you couldn’t face Optimus?”

    Bumblebee- “Yeah. I know I dumb.”

    Sam- “Bee, don’t beat your self up. It’s okay.”

    Bumblebee smiled and picked up the young human. He raced off to the cargo hold. He stopped when he passed the recovery bay and saw Arcee.

    *Arcee- “Bumblebee? Bumblebee! Where did you go?”

    Bumblebee- “I can’t tell you. You have to find me.”

    Arcee- “We’re going to get in trouble fro being here. Can you just please come out?”

    Bumblebee- “Fine.”

    Bumblebee drops down from a rafter and lands in front of Arcee. She shakes his head and Bee shrugs. As they leave a shadow is cast over them. They turn around and see the red gaze of Megatron.

    Arcee- “Lord Megatron?”

    Megatron- “What are you two doing in here?”

    Arcee- “We-we…”

    Bumblebee- “We were getting something for Optimus.”

    Megatron- “In an artillery room?”

    Bumblebee- “Oh. Is this what this place is? Oops. Best be leaving then. Ah sir…Lord Megatron.”

    They turn around and head out the door. Once out of sight, they bolt fro the Autobot base. They quickly enter and find Optimus.

    Bumblebee- “Er…Optimus…Prime, sir?”

    Optimus turns around to greet the two.*

    Sam- “Hey you coming?”

    Bumblebee snapped out of the memory and looked at Sam. He had made it to the end of the corridor. He ran after him and scooped the boy up. They went to go find Optimus. Later that night after everyone has gone to bed. He scans the hull but cannot find Optimus. He looks around and sees the massive truck pull into the space. Bumblebee relaxes and powers down.

    *Cybertron, before the launch of the All Spark.

    Megatron- “I will not ask you again. What is Optimus planning on doing with the All Spark?”

    Bumblebee- “I’m…not telling…you any…thing.

    Barricade- “Maybe another night with Ravage will get him to talk.”

    Megatron- “No. I want to force it out of him my self.”

    Megatron threw the helpless scout up against a wall and took a hold of his arm. He proceeded to rip out. Bumblebee screamed for help as the wires and cables were torn in half. Megatron finally yanked the limb off and dropped Bumblebee. He looked up at the warlord. Megatron put his foot on Bumblebee’s chest and added force.

    Megatron- “Where is the cube?”

    Bumblebee- “Go burn…in…the Pit…Piece of junk...”

    Barricade- “My lord give him to me. I will make him talk.”

    Megatron- “No. Prime will reveal the cube soon enough. Let’s just see if he will come to save his precious scout.”

    Megatron took one clawed hand and grabbed Bumblebee by the throat. He lifted the weak Autobot to his optic level.

    Megatron- “If he won’t talk fine. Then I guess he should never talk again.”

    Megatron took his free hand and placed his claws over Bumblebee’s throat. He snapped his claws shut. They dug deep into the bot throat. Bumblebee began screaming as Megatron tore out his vocal processor. He dropped the wounded scout as he saw the All Spark appear in the sky.

    Megatron- “Ahh the Prime did reveal the cube. But at what cost?”

    He looks at Bumblebee and takes off after it. Barricade comes closer to Bumblebee but is tackled by Ironhide. Optimus is right behind him and gently scoops up the scout.

    Optimus- “You’re going to be okay, Bumblebee. I promise.”

    Ironhide- “Prime let’s go!”*

    Bumblebee wakes up and transforms. He looks around. He looks at Prime and Ironhide. He blinks a few times and sits down. He puts his head in his hands. He hears clicking and parts moving. He looks up and sees Optimus in front of him. Optimus kneels down.

    Optimus- “We need to talk.”

    They walk out of the cargo bay and into the corridor. Bumblebee looks from the ground to Optimus. Optimus lifts his hand and Bumblebee flinches away. Optimus draws back and looks at Bumblebee, hurt.

    Bumblebee- “Optimus, I’m sorry. It’s just been stressful for me lately. First losing you then Sam. I just couldn’t handle it.”

    Optimus- “But you flinched away from me. Like you are afraid of me.”

    Bumblebee- “Optimus, it’s not like that. It’s just…You’re Megatron’s brother. I just keep having reoccurring…”

    Optimus- “Nightmares.”

    Bumblebee- “Yeah. Howja know?”

    Optimus- “Because I’ve been having nightmares too.”

    Bumblebee- “Oh…”

    Optimus- “Bumblebee…If you ever need to talk to me just come find me. You know I care about you like what a human would call a son?”

    Bumblebee- “What about Ironhide?”

    Optimus- “That’s a different story. Look just come find me when you need me.”
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    I like this. A nice look into BB's past trauma and the fear and insecurity it generates in him. I always enjoy stories with flashbacks.

    So I take it the other two bike sisters survived as well as Arcee here?
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    Yes the two sisters did survive.
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    Old and New Friends.

    This Part goes more into Bumblebee's relations with Sam and Jazz.

    Bumblebee went back into the bay and recharges.

    *Sam: “Bee, if you hate me, I understand…I messed up. I’m sorry.”

    Bumblebee: “Young fella, you are the person I care about most in my life. If there’s anything you need I won’t be far away.”

    The dream changes from the abandoned court yard to the bridge in 2007. Sam has grabbed a cryo hose and sprays a man. Bumblebee watches and gasps out Sam’s name. He drops his head as Sam is loaded into the S7 SUV. Sam: “Oh my God. Bumblebee, your legs…Your legs… Here. Here, back, back, back, back! You all right?… Please get up. Bumblebee? Get up!… Ratchet!”

    Bumblebee crawls for the All spark.

    Sam: “You got to get up. You’re okay. You’re okay…Come on!”

    Sam looked at him. They all jumped when Brawl fired a shot at them. Bumblebee looks behind him then to Sam. He ran over to where Bumblebee was going. He sat on a pile of debris.

    Sam: “I’m not gonna leave you.”

    Bumblebee grabs the All Spark and hands it to the human.

    Sam: “Bee I can’t. I’m not leaving you.”

    Bumblebee put his head down and Sam steps next to him.

    Sam: “Bee you have to get up. Don’t quit on me. Please get up.”

    Not far away Sam hears Ratchet’s voice.

    Ratchet: “It’s Megatron! Retreat! Move! Fall back!”

    Sam and Bee look towards the battle and watch Megatron come into view.

    Sam: “Oh my god.”

    Jazz readies to fire at him.

    Lennox: “Fall back!”

    Jazz fires but it does nothing. Megatron fires at the Autobot and sends him back.

    Bumblebee: “*Jazz*!”

    Sam look at the silver mechs and watches as Megatron picks up Jazz and flies off. Mikeala shows up with a tow truck.

    Mikeala: “Sam help me with this.”

    Bumblebee: “*Jazz! Jazz!*”*

    Bumblebee wakes up.

    Bumblebee: “Jazz!”

    It’s early dawn and most of the Autobots are ready up and out of the bay. Bumblebee punches the wall and lets energon tears roll from his eyes. He feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns around to see Ironhide. Bee stands and hugs the weapon specialist around the waist. Ironhide puts his arms around the scout and holds him tight.

    Ironhide: “Kid, no one would have known what Jazz was doing. It’s my fault he’s dead.”

    Both stood there in silence until Ironhide said something.

    Ironhide: “Come on. Optimus and Sam are looking for you.”

    Bumblebee sighs and follows the weapon specialist.

    *Jazz: “Bee you are on cocky bot.”

    Bumblebee: “Good. Now I can keep up with you.”

    Jazz: “All right, all right. No more talking. We have to get back to base.”

    Bumblebee: “I’ll race you.”

    Jazz: “You’re on!”

    They head off and Jazz pulls ahead of Bumblebee. Bumblebee sees a ramp on drives on it. He is airborne and lands in front of Jazz. Jazz transforms and tackles Bumblebee. Bumblebee transforms and wrestles to get Jazz off.

    Jazz: “Come on Bee, use your legs.”

    Bumblebee: “Good idea.”

    He kicks Jazz away and jumps on him. Jazz gets the young bot off and races off. Bumblebee follows close behind. Jazz stops and Bumblebee runs into him.

    Bumblebee: “What’s the matter…?”

    Jazz: “Shh. Where are we?”

    Bumblebee looks around and his optics grow wide.

    Bumblebee: “Jazz we need to get out of here.”

    Jazz: “We’ve probably been spotted already. Just stay still.”

    It’s quiet and motionless until Jazz is knocked down by Ravage.

    Jazz: “Bumblebee run!”

    But Bumblebee’s legs aren’t moving. He stands there watching as Ravage tears off metal. He readies his cannon and fires. He hit’s the end of the cat’s tail and Ravage looks at him. Jazz gets up and grabs the cat. He picks him up and throws the Decepticon far enough for them to run. Bumblebee trips and is grabbed by Soundwave.

    Soundwave: “Going somewhere?”

    He hits Bumblebee across the face, but is knocked off by Jazz.

    Jazz: “Bee run!”

    Bumblebee gets up and runs. Jazz is behind him firing and taking hits.

    Jazz: “Bee don’t stop! Keep running! Don’t look back!”

    They near the edge of the Decepticon territory and find Ironhide and
    Cliffjumper waiting for them holding off Decepticons.

    Ironhide: “Bee run!”

    Cliffjumper grabs Bee and they both run off. Bumblebee looks behind and sees Jazz fall.

    Bumblebee: “Jazz!”*
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    This part goes into more of the Bumblebee and Arcee relations and it has Cliffjumper too! :) 

    Mistakes and Regrets.​

    The two mechs come on deck and walk over to the sitting Sam and Optimus. Ironhide puts a hand on Optimus’ shoulder and he stands. Optimus looks at the young yellow bot. He admires the bright optics of the scout.

    Bumblebee: “What’s going on?”

    He looked at Ironhide, who looked at the ground. Optimus put a hand on Bumblebee’s shoulder, and looked him in the optics.

    Optimus: “Bumblebee, last night we lost the sisters…”

    Bumblebee: “What? No. Arcee was fine when I last saw her. She can’t be gone.”

    Optimus: “She may have seemed fine but her spark was fighting to keep her alive. They tried to keep fighting but they were too weak from the battle. Bumblebee, I’m sorry.”

    Bumblebee: “No. No. No. No, this isn’t true! Arcee isn’t dead! She can’t be dead! No!”

    Optimus: “Bumblebee…”

    Bumblebee: “No! Don’t touch me! This is your fault! It’s your fault she’s dead! If you have kept going and found us instead of fighting Megatron and Starscream, then we wouldn’t have to save your sorry aft in Egypt! Then Arcee wouldn’t have been wounded cuz we would’ve found the Matrix and destroyed the Harvester! And you! It’s your fault Jazz is dead! If you would have gotten there sooner then he would have been saved! If you got him away from Megatron then he would be alive!”

    Bumblebee runs off and Ironhide starts after him, but he is stopped by Prime.

    Prime: “Let him go. He needs to calm down. Then I will talk to him.”

    Bumblebee slams into the wall and slides down it. He put his head in his hands.

    Bumblebee: “She can’t be dead. She can’t be.”

    *Arcee: “Bumblebee?”

    Bumblebee: “Yeah Arcee?”

    Arcee: “Can I tell you something?”

    Bumblebee looks down at the wounded Arcee in his arms.

    Bumblebee: “Yeah.”

    Arcee: “I love you.”

    Bumblebee looks at Sam and Mikeala then back to Arcee.Arcee: “I’ve been talking to Mikeala.”

    Bumblebee: “Oh. Really?”

    Arcee: “I told her that I care about you and been worried about you.”

    Bumblebee: “Really?”

    Arcee: “She told me that when you care about someone and you feel a special bond, that you love them.”

    Bumblebee: “Really?”

    Arcee snuggled into the chest of the scout and powered down. Bumblebee held her closer.

    Bumblebee: “I love you Arcee.”*

    Bumblebee: “I love you. I love you.”

    Bumblebee laid on the floor and shut off his optics. Energon tear rolled down his face. He slowly turned his radio on and music filled the air.

    “Hold on. Before it’s too late…”

    Bumblebee: “You always loved that song.”

    Bumblebee got up and walked to the deck. He sat on the edge of the ship and looked at the sky. His legs dangles over the side. He looked at the churning waters then to the air crafts. No one saw him on the deck. He slipped off and into the waters. A man who was cleaning a F-22 saw the bot fall into the water. He went to go get Optimus and to stop the ship. Optimus looks over the edge and sees Bumblebee go under. Optimus jumps in and goes under. Bumblebee is sinking to the bottom. Optimus reaches him and grabs his arm. He grabs him around the torso and brings him to the surface. Sam and the Autobots are on the deck looking for them. They drop the anchor and Optimus grabs it. They pull the anchor up and Ratchet and Ironhide help the leader and the scout on deck. They lay the scout on the ground and Optimus coughs up water.

    Ironhide: “Sir are you all right?”

    Optimus: “I’m fine.”

    Bumblebee begins to cough and sits up. Ironhide walks over to him and yanks him up by the arm. He takes him over to Optimus and Optimus stands.

    Optimus: “Bumblebee, the sisters sacrificed their lives to help…”

    Bumblebee: “Don’t tell me about sacrifice. I’ve sacrificed enough in this war and all of it for you! I’ve sacrificed myself to make sure the others got to safety! I sacrificed my voice just so Megatron wouldn’t get the All Spark! I made sure that your plan didn’t fail! I am the one who had sacrificed their love just to get this war over with! I watched my own brother give his life to protect you! You killed my brother!”

    Optimus: “Cliffjumper was sent on a unsuccessful mission!”

    Bumblebee: “Led by you!”

    Optimus: “Your brother made the choice to hold off the Decepticons! I tried saving him! But he was to stubborn headed and stupid to listen!”

    Bumblebee threw his fist across Optimus’ face and took out his cannon. He fired at the leader and his him in the chest.

    Bumblebee: “Don’t call Cliffjumper stupid!”

    Optimus fell to his knees and clutched his chest. Ironhide looked at Bumblebee. Bumblebee looked at Ironhide then Optimus then to Sam.

    Bumblebee: “Prime I-I…”

    He ran off and under the deck. He kept running until he came to an empty storage bay. He ran in and hid. He shut off his optics.

    Bumblebee: “What have I done? What did I just do?”

    * Ratchet was repairing Jazz and Bumblebee from the fight with Ravage, when the medic bay doors opened. Smokescreen and Prowl. Both were carrying Optimus on their shoulders.

    Ratchet: “What happened?”

    Prowl: “We were ambushed. Prime told us to run while he took care of the Decepticons.”

    Bumblebee: “Where’s Cliffjumper?”

    Smokescreen: “He’s…ah…coming with the others.”

    Bumblebee: “Oh.”

    Ratchet: “Here, get Prime over here.”

    They take Optimus over to an open table. Ratchet attaches a monitor and works on him. Ratchet goes over to get a tool when Optimus starts to talk.

    Optimus: “Cliffjumper wouldn’t listen. He tried to fight them. They were too strong. We lost him.”

    Bumblebee: “What? No. Cliffjumper is coming with the others. He’s fine.”

    Optimus: “He died trying to save me.”

    Bumblebee: “No you’re lying.”

    As Bumblebee looked at his leader the doors opened again. Wheeljack stepped in carrying the body of Cliffjumper. Bumblebee looked at the red mech in disbelief.

    Bumblebee: “No. No, no, no, no. No not you. Not you. You can’t be dead.”

    Wheeljack: “Ratchet…I couldn’t save him.”

    Ratchet sighed and took the limp body. He carefully laid him in a casket and closed the lid.

    Ratchet: “It’s a shame when they die young.”

    Bumblebee: “He’s dead. He’s dead. They killed him. Prime killed him.”*

    Sam: “Bumblebee!”

    Bumblebee kept still as the footsteps passed. He crawled over to the door and looked out the window. Sam and Mikeala were looking for him. He sunk back into the darkness.

    Bumblebee: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.”

    Ironhide: “Did you find him?”

    Bumblebee flinched at he voice of the black Autobot. He kept still and pressed all his limbs to his body.

    Sam: “No. He probably doesn’t want to be found.”

    Ironhide: “He’s a scout. They are masters at hiding. We’ll find him.”

    They left and Bumblebee didn’t move until he didn’t hear anymore footsteps. He relaxed and slumped against the wall.

    Bumblebee: “I have to go talk to Optimus. But I can’t.”

    Epps: “Bumblebee! Bumblebee!”

    The door opened and Epps stepped in. He looked at the yellow scout.

    Epps: “What are you doing?”

    Bumblebee: “Hiding.”

    Epps: “Everyone is looking for you.”

    Bumblebee: “I know. Do you know why?”

    Epps: “come with me and I’ll show ya.”

    Bumblebee stood and followed the intelligence officer. They came to the medical bay and the door opened. Optimus was laying on a table and Ratchet was getting tools. Ironhide and sideswipe were in there and Bumblebee looked down. Ironhide and Sideswipe stepped out and Ratchet followed. Epps looked at Bumblebee and smiled at him Bumblebee moved over to the table and Optimus sat up with much pain. Bumblebee stopped and looked at Optimus. He saw the metal that he had pierced with his round and could see Optimus’ spark.

    Bumblebee: “Optimus…I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just so mad.”

    Optimus: “No. I am the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have said that about Cliffjumper. He was just trying to help. I’m sorry, I have caused you so my pain.”

    Bumblebee: “I just couldn’t handle it when you said Arcee was gone. I just couldn’t lose anyone else. I loved her Optimus.”

    Optimus: “I know. I know. Before she died she told me to tell you to keep your head held high and don’t let the past bring you down. She loved you Bumblebee and she didn’t want you to worry about her. And you’re right it is my fault she’s dead. I just hope you can forgive me.”

    Bumblebee walked over and sat next to Optimus on the table. He put his arms around the massive frame and Optimus hugged him back.

    Bumblebee: “I can never forgive myself for what I’ve done.”

    Optimus: “But you have to. It’s the only way to let go of the past.”

    Bumblebee looked at him and let go.

    Bumblebee: “I guess I should get out of here so Ratchet can fix you.”

    Optimus: “In a few hours come find me. I need to talk to you.”
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    Stiles..I'm soooo happy I finally had a chance to read your FF...really like the way you've gone into Bee's processor and pulled up all these sad memories of his..Bee and Optimus need to talk and soon...was quite shocked when you had Bee shooting Optimus..ouch!!
    Thankfully I don't think Optimus will court-martial Bee..:)  Good job, next chapter please :popcorn 
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    This part deals with the talk Optimus has for Bumblebee and more with Arcee.

    This Love,This Hate

    Bumblebee runs out of the room and past Ironhide. Sam stops him from chasing the young bot. Bumblebee goes into the cargo hull and transforms. He does wheelies out of happiness and slams into the wall. He stops and tries to recalibrate when he passes out.

    *Bumblebee is returning home from a battle. He and the others are tired and want to see their friends they left behind. The get to the Autobot base and go in. Bumblebee is walking back to his quarters when Arcee calls his name.

    Arcee: “Bumblebee!”

    Bumblebee turns around and Arcee jumps in his arms.

    Arcee: “I was so worried about you!”

    Bumblebee: “Hey I’m perfectly fine.”

    Arcee: “I know. Come on. Let’s go somewhere more private.”

    Arcee takes Bumblebee’s hand. They head off to a remote part of the Autobot base. Arcee lets go and Bumblebee stares at the stars. Arcee nudges him and he looks at her. She runs off and Bumblebee follows. He catches up and tackles her. They tumble down a hill and Arcee falls on top of Bumblebee. She nuzzles the bot and Bumblebee holds her tight. The next morning Arcee is being held by Bumblebee as they sleep on the ground. Bumblebee wakes up to see the rising Cybertronian sun. He suddenly sits up and wakes Arcee.

    Bumblebee: “I have to go. I have a meeting with Optimus.”

    Arcee: “But I don’t want you to go.”

    She wraps her arms around the scout and he holds her close. She gets closer and Bumblebee looks at her.

    Bumblebee: “Arcee?”

    Arcee: “Hmm?”

    Bumblebee: “I have to go. Please I don’t want Prime mad at me.”

    Arcee lets go and Bumblebee leaves. He quickly comes back and picks up the femme. Arcee giggles and Bumblebee puts her down.

    Bumblebee: “Bye.”

    Arcee: “Bye.”

    Bumblebee races off and Arcee watches him. She heads back to her quarters. Bumblebee reaches the main base and goes to look for Optimus. He finds him and Optimus tells him to come in. Bumblebee sits down and Optimus looks at him.

    Optimus: “Bumblebee, where have you been?”

    Bumblebee: “No where. Why?”

    Optimus: “Never mind. There’s something important I have to tell you.”

    Bumblebee: “What is it?”

    Optimus: “You’re creator was not killed in battle like I told you. He isn’t a miner either. He works in the science district. And he’s a good bot. Bumblebee what I’m about to tell you next, may surprise you. Just let me understand you won’t hate me for it.”

    Bumblebee: “Prime what are you telling me?”

    Optimus: “Bumblebee…I…”

    The alarms go off and Optimus looks out his window.

    Optimus: “Get outside now.! The base is under attack!”

    Bumblebee and Optimus get outside and fire at Shockwave and Blackout.

    Bumblebee wakes up and looks to see what time it is.

    Bumblebee: “Slag. I better go find Optimus.”

    He transforms and goes into the corridor. He walks to the medical bay and enters. Optimus is lying on the table. Bumblebee walks over to him and gently shakes his shoulder.

    Bumblebee: “Boss? Boss?”

    Optimus’ head tilts to face Bumblebee. He looks in horror as he looks into the empty optics. Optimus’ spark was out and no life showed or moved in the leader. Ironhide and Ratchet stepped out from the shadows.

    Ironhide: “You killed him.”

    Ratchet: “You killed Optimus Prime.”

    Bumblebee: “No. No. I didn’t mean to. It was an accident.”

    Ironhide: “You killed him.”

    Ironhide and Ratchet proceed forward and Bumblebee backs up. He darts out of the room and into pure darkness. A few dim lights come on and the passage way fills with water. Bumblebee is swept away and into the ocean. He sinks to the bottom and sees Megatron. The corpse comes to life and moves toward Bumblebee.

    Bumblebee: “Stay away from me.”

    Megatron extends his claws and grabs Bumblebee by the throat. The Fallen appears and takes a hold of the vocal processors. Bumblebee screams for help. The body of Optimus appears and moves toward the Fallen.

    Optimus: “May I?”

    Fallen lets go and Optimus grabs the processors.

    Optimus: “You were such a good bot.”

    He rips them out and the three attack the scout.*

    Bumblebee jolts awake and looks around. Ironhide, Sideswipe, the Twins, and Ratchet were in the cargo bay. He didn’t see Optimus. He got up and went up top. He saw Optimus on the deck looking toward the stars. Bumblebee walks forward and stops behind Optimus.

    Bumblebee: “Um…Sir?”

    Optimus turns around and Bumblebee flinches at the sight of the wound.

    Optimus: “Bumblebee come here. Sit down.”

    Bumblebee sits down and Optimus sits next to him.

    Optimus: “Do you remember that day when I was telling you about your creator?”

    Bumblebee: “Yeah.”

    Optimus: “What I was trying to tell you was that I helped create you. Bumblebee, I am the equivalent to the human father to you.”

    Bumblebee: “Wait, what?”

    Optimus: “I’m saying I am your father, in a way.”

    Bumblebee: “Is that why you always watch over me? What about Cliffjumper? Does that mean I'm a Prime?”

    Optimus: “Ironhide took part in his creation. But you two are still brothers.And no you are not a Prime. Others helped in your creation. I was there to make sure that you were a scout and no a battle drone. I didn't want you to be in the heart of battle.”

    Bumblebee: “That explains why he always wanted to be in battle. But…”

    Lenox comes over to them.

    Lennox: “Sir we will be reaching Diego shortly. I would gather your troops and meet us at the loading dock.”

    Lennox walks off and Optimus stands. Bumblebee follows Optimus to the cargo bay. Bumblebee finally notices a limp Optimus has. He looks at him and shrugs it off. The reach the cargo bay and open the door. Optimus wakes the others and Bumblebee contacts Sam. They meet Lennox and Epps at the loading dock. Simmons, Leo, and Galloway are there. Ironhide slowly inches his way toward the man. Optimus stops him.

    Optimus: “He’s not worth it.”

    Ironhide: “But he called you…”

    Optimus: “He’s still not worth it.”
  11. Sideswipe94

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    This is pretty emotional. Great Stuff.
  12. moreprimeland

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    I need to hear more about Optimus' and Ironhide's contributions to the creation of Bee and Cliffjumper..also, it was so like Optimus to protect Bee from his creation.. interesting twists on the storyline..continue please :popcorn 
  13. Anodythe

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    Curiouser and curiouser. A right nice twisting of the tale, with a few bumps and slides thrown in for fun. What's next? Can't wait!
  14. Stiles

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    Chapter tells a little of Bumblebee's creation and a new character. :) 


    They dock into Diego and deport from the ship. Optimus goes to the main hangar along with the NEST team and Ironhide. Bumblebee follows Sam and Mikeala to the medical ward. Ratchet has taken the bodies of the sisters there.
    Ratchet- “Bumblebee, can I speak with you?”

    Bumblebee- “Great I’m in trouble.”

    Ratchet ushers him in the ward and closes the door. Bumblebee looks at the offline bodies of the sisters and walks toward Arcee.

    Ratchet: “Bumblebee, do you know there are three ways for our kind to reproduce?”

    Bumblebee: “Yeah. Natural, mechanical., and then the All Spark.”

    Ratchet: “And you know the difference?”

    Bumblebee: “Yeah. Mechanical is were you have creators who assemble you then natural is where that doesn’t happen. Then the All Spark just creates you.”

    Ratchet: “Close enough. I was wondering, have you had “relations” with Arcee?”

    Bumblebee: “Isn’t that kind of personal?”

    Ratchet: “Answer the question.”

    Bumblebee: “Yeah? Why?”

    Ratchet: “I found him next to Arcee when she went offline.”

    He removes a small metal bundle from his chest chamber and holds him out in front of Bumblebee.

    Ratchet: “Arcee told me his name is Vortex.”

    Bumblebee: “What?”

    Ratchet: “Bumblebee, he’s yours.”

    Bumblebee becomes weak in the knees and collapses. Ratchets puts the sparkling down and picks up Bumblebee. He carries him to a table and grabs the small mech from the ground.

    Ratchet: “I’ll talk to you later.”

    The small red mech laid next to Bumblebee and curled up like a cat. Bumblebee’s processor was racing.

    *A bright light was before the young bot and then a silhouette of a tall figure. The mech took his hand and helped him to his feet.

    Optimus: “Bumblebee?”

    Was that his name? Bumblebee? The yellow mech gazed at the Prime.

    Optimus: “I am Optimus. Welcome to the world.”

    Bumblebee looked at the towering being. He clearly see what was in front of him now. He took a step and fell forward. Optimus picked him back up.

    Ratchet: “Optimus watch the little one carefully. He’s not used to walking.”

    Optimus: “Right. Where is Ironhide?”

    Ratchet: “Bumblebee has a brother.”

    Ironhide comes walking in. With him is a small red sparkling.

    Ironhide: “Perfect soldier.”

    Optimus: ‘You created him for war?”

    Ironhide: “Optimus we need more battle drones.”

    Optimus: “You want to put more bot in the heart of battle?”

    Ironhide: “If it gets the job done.”

    Ratchet: “Give him to me Ironhide. I will examine him.”

    Optimus: “Did you a least give him a name?”

    Ironhide: “Yes. I’m not completely sparkless. Cliffjumper.”

    Ratchet: “Both of you give me the sparklings and leave my ward before you start fighting.”

    Optimus leaves and Ironhide pushes him. Ratchet rolls his optics and takes the two over to a table.*

    Bumblebee opens his optics and looks around. Optimus is talking to Ratchet and getting repairs. He sits up and in doing so disturbs the sparkling. Bumblebee looks at him and jumps when it clicks. Optimus looks toward Bumblebee. He walks over and picks up the red mech.

    Optimus: “What’s his name?”

    Ratchet: “Vortex. Arcee named him.”

    Optimus: “Bumblebee?”

    Bumblebee: “Sir I have no idea…”

    Optimus: “You’re going to need my help.”

    Bumblebee: “Yeah.”

    Optimus: “Come, we have a meeting with the President.”
  15. moreprimeland

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    Interesting choice for the sparklings name Stiles...will he become a helicopter or an auto??
    Keep writing and let's see what happens next!! :popcorn 
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    this is interesting, different, but very interesting. can't wait to see some more.
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    Somewhere on Namek at this point
    i love this! more please!