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    Ever since I saw the mini-Skorponok that was included with Voyager movie Blackout, I wanted to paint it. If I remember, it was just white plastic with a black smudge washed over it and it looked ridiculous. I hadn't painted anything in years but was satisfied with how he came out. The problem is that a mere two and a half years later, this thing is still sticky and occasionally paint comes off when just picking it up. It collects every errant pet hair that comes near it like a magnet and keeps it. Now, I take it the paints I used at the time (Testor's enamels) and maybe even the type of plastic it is may have something to do with this inability to cure. What would be the best, if any, way to seal or finish it without repainting it? I'd like to avoid using something that given the combination of plastic and paint makes it somehow worse. I was thinking about using Pledge Future Shine floor finish but I was confused by under what circumstances it may act as a thinner. I appreciate any ideas anyone has so I can return him to his place on the shelf.


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