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    I wanted to write a fun little story inspired by my brand new Prime Vehicon, so please enjoy and comment. If you guys want more, I'll do my best to provide! (Note: Knightfall will take second priority to this, as I have more ideas/plans here)

    Aboard the Decepticon warship Nemesis, there are always 700 Vehicon troopers at any given time; 250 car soldiers, 250 jet soldiers and 200 miners. This number never changes because when a Vehicon is killed in battle or is otherwise taken out of commission, a new Vehicon is made to fill its place. Throughout the years on Earth, there have been over 5000 different Vehicons on the Nemesis.

    New Vehicons are made using an ingenious cloning device that, provided there are enough resources, can infinitely clone a single Transformer. The original Vehicon, a bounty hunter, has since heavily modified his body, making it nearly impossible to deduce that he was the subject for the cloning. When a Vehicon is created they are given a serial number and a job to carry out while within the warship. Miners are the only Vehicons that don't have jobs on the ship, because they are responsible for finding and collecting Energon to make more Vehicons.

    Car Vehicons are usually given jobs involving mechanics or engineering, whilst Jet Vehicons are always delegated to pilot or navigation roles. Only in extremely rare circumstances will these roles ever be given to the opposite type of Vehicon. Rare circumstances, such as this one.

    It was a beautiful sunset, spraying pink, red and orange all over the cloudless sky. The Nemesis silently glided through the air, its cloaking ability enabled. A group of Vehicons had just returned from a fight with the Autobots, and looked suitably worn. One was even missing his arm. The group all lined up at the front of the ship's bridge and watched in fear as the doors slid open, and Megatron walked in. The Decepticon leader was massive in comparison to his soldiers, and he towered over them when he stopped in front of the Vehicons.

    "Five. Five out of a team of fifteen have returned." Megatron remarked as he looked at each of the troops in turn. They all flinched and looked away when Megatron's gaze fell on them. "I am surprised. Lately we have been lucky to have even one soldier come back to us." Megatron stopped at the Vehicon in the middle. "How did you manage it?"

    "There were only three Autobots there, Lord Megatron, and we were able to force a retreat." The Vehicon said proudly.

    "I sense pride in your voice. Do you wish for me to feel that too?" Megatron asked casually.

    "Only if you wish to, my lord." The Vehicon replied.

    "Well, if that is the case." Megatron looked up at the ceiling and scratched his chin. Suddenly, he lashed out. His hand gripped the Vehicon by the head. "Then I feel no emotion towards the five of you, except anger!" Megatron threw the Vehicon away, ripping his head clean from his shoulders in the process. The others shrunk back. "Three Autobots and you couldn't take down at least one of them! That is far from something you should be proud of!"

    Megatron glared at the remaining Vehicons, then turned and walked away.

    "You're all lucky I spared you, it is a fate the Autobots wouldn't be so kind as to grant to you." Megatron muttered as he left the bridge.

    - Ten Minutes Later -

    At another section of the warship, near the centre, two Vehicon miners discussed the events that they had just witnessed on their way to the Clone Room.

    "I'm glad I'm not a soldier, if that's what greets me when I come back safely."

    "Hey, at least he spared the others. That was surprising though, out of character even."

    "I agree, something's up with the boss. Hopefully it won't interfere with finally winning this war."

    The miners stopped in front of a large door at the end of a hallway, then entered as it shot open. Inside, a large machine took up most of the space. There were ten discs in a line on the floor in front of the machine, all of which were linked by cords to the device. A massive pipe led out from the machine and down into the floor, where the Energon reserves were kept. One of the miners moved to a control panel, and the other flicked a few switches by the pipe.

    "So, just one?" The Vehicon at the controls questioned.

    "Yes, you choose which class." The other confirmed.

    "Ok.." The Vehicon mumbled as he set up the interface. Within a few seconds, it was ready.

    The Vehicon hit a button beside the panel, and the machine lit up. Energon poured from the pipe and into the machine. Electricity shot through a set of cords and into one of the discs. Then, everything stopped as quickly as it had started. The targeted disc began to rise, revealing a cylindrical pod beneath it. The front of the pod opened, and a Vehicon stepped out. It was a car-class Vehicon, but the readings on the panel didn't show it. The Vehicon at the control panel looked between the new Vehicon and the panel in confusion.

    "What's up?" The other Vehicon asked as he approached.

    "I requested a jet, the same class as the one Megatron killed, but it gave me a car."

    Both Vehicons looked at the new one as it stepped out and looked at them.

    "Vehicon #5555, class: jet, function: pilot." The new Vehicon stated.

    "Get Megatron down here." One of the Vehicons whispered to his partner, who moved for the door.

    Before the Vehicon reached it, the door opened itself. Behind it, Megatron and his communications officer Soundwave stood tall. The Vehicon fell back in fright, and the two Decepticons walked in.

    "Soundwave tells me we have a problem with our newest soldier. Care to explain?" Megatron said.

    "I put in everything to make an exact copy of the Vehicon we need to replace, but this is what came out. We haven't fully activated him yet, but he thinks he is the soldier I programmed into the machine." The Vehicon showed Megatron the panel.

    "I don't recall such an occurrence ever taking place before. Do you think there's a reason?" The other Vehicon asked cautiously.

    "The bodies were no doubt mixed up in construction. No matter, destroy it and make another." Megatron said simply. He and Soundwave began to leave.


    Everyone turned in shock to see the speaker, the new Vehicon.

    "I'm not a mistake, and I won't let you destroy me!" The Vehicon declared.

    "Is that so?" Megatron replied as he ejected his sword.

    "Yes." The Vehicon responded, then transformed his hand into a gun and pointed it at Megatron. "I'm not afraid of you."

    "Oh, you should be. You will learn to fear me, Vehicon." Megatron said angrily.

    "You said I will. You intend to keep me alive." The Vehicon observed.

    "I do. So long as you prove your worth. You are a first among the Vehicons, show me that it wouldn't be wise to make you the last."

    With that, Megatron left the room, accompanied by Soundwave. The two miners looked at their companion fearfully.

    "I mean you both no harm." The Vehicon transformed his gun back into a hand. "What are your names?"



    "Do I have a name like that?"

    "You don't remember?" Vehicon 5435 said disbelievingly.

    "I remember waking up for the first time, and hearing that large steel one tell you to destroy me." The Vehicon recollected.

    "Well then, your name is-"

    "Do you mind if I pick my own?" The Vehicon cut 5435 off.

    "Uh, if you want?" 5434 said uncertainly.

    "Thank you! My name... my name will be... Steve!"
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    Yup. This is needed. *Nod*
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    make more pleaze
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    I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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    I'm glad to hear that, Flaming Matrix, thank you. :) 

    Here's the next part. For those who don't know me, I will often post 1000-1500 word sections at a time. This one is slightly shorter than the first. Enjoy, and comment!

    In the medical bay of the Nemesis, Steve was lying on one of the steel benches, his head transformed to reveal his inner workings. Beside him, Knock Out, the Decepticon doctor, was preparing to inspect Steve. Knock Out brought a scanner out from below the bench and waved it slowly over Steve's head. Knock Out's eyebrow raised as he noticed a peculiar component in the back of the head. He immediately put his hand to his right ear and activated his comm link.

    "Lord Megatron, you'll want to see this."

    Less than a minute later, Megatron was at the door. Knock Out stood up promptly, then handed the scanner to Megatron.

    "Hover it over his head." Knock Out instructed.

    Megatron did so, and made the same face Knock Out did when he noticed the component. Megatron returned the scanner to Knock Out and stood with his hands behind his back, leaning over slightly.

    "Would you care to explain, doctor, how that got there?" Megatron asked.

    "I have no idea, Lord Megatron. All the components in the cloning machine are built to very precise specifications. They take out free will, leaving the Vehicons semi-sentient in a way. I'm not sure how normal components could have been built there. Steve here should only have the standard one." Knock Out explained.

    "Then why does he have both?" Megatron said, trying to keep his patience.

    "All I can say for certain, is that this Vehicon can do everything mentally that you and I can, until his second processor kicks in. It's sort of like a split personality, one minute he could have the unique processor, and free will, the next he could be just like the rest of the Vehicons." Knock Out continued.

    "Can these changes be controlled?" Megatron suddenly looked more interested.

    "We could take out one of the processors with no damage to the other. Other than that, no." Knock Out suggested.

    "See to it that the standard processor is taken out, I want his...unique components left as they are." Megatron ordered.

    "My lord?" Knock Out looked surprised.

    "A fully-sentient Vehicon could be a valuable asset, Knock Out. I will just need a way to keep him under my control. Get to work, I will have Soundwave investigate how the construction went wrong." With that, Megatron turned and left the room.

    Knock Out sat down beside Steve and brought out a tray of tools, then set off removing the processor. Just as he finished, the doors opened again.

    "I've just finished, Lord Megatron." Knock Out said proudly without looking away from Steve.

    "Is that so?" A cold voice very much unlike Megatron's whispered.

    Knock Out jumped and whipped around, knocking his set of tools onto the floor. In front of him stood the lean form of Starscream, who was looking intently at Steve.

    "Starscream! Would it be so hard to announce your arrival!" Knock Out complained as he picked the tools up.

    "No, but the look on your face when I don't never fails to amuse me." Starscream smirked. "So this is the strange Vehicon? News travels quickly around the warship, even if you're the last to know."

    "I was just about to bring him back online. I haven't met him yet, would you like to join me?" Knock Out offered.

    "Yes..." Starscream accepted as Knock Out pushed a button on the control panel next to Steve's bench.

    Steve's head transformed back to its normal state, then he sat up on the edge of the bench. He looked warily at Starscream.

    "Who are you?" He asked innocently.

    "I? I am Starscream, first lieutenant to Lord Megatron. I have been...anxious to meet you since I heard about your coming. The circumstances are so intriguing!" Starscream replied proudly.

    "I wish I knew what was going on. Everyone is telling me that I'm different. That I'm...unique? But I look no different to my brothers!" Steve sounded utterly confused, even upset. "Doc, do you know what makes me different?" He said to Knock Out hopefully.

    "As a matter of fact I do. No, it's not that perfect finish you have, which is increasingly uncommon amongst the Vehicons." Knock Out looked disgusted at the mere thought.

    "Stay on track..." Starscream hissed.

    "I know, I know." Knock Out turned back to Steve. "What sets you apart from the others, is that you are normal!"

    "...what?" Starscream and Steve said in unison.

    "That's my point. You're normal, but not...Vehicon-normal. You function just like Starscream and I, you don't have the restrictions that we have pre-programmed into every other soldier. You think like us, and act like us. It's really quite interesting." Knock Out smiled.

    "So, Vehicon, since you are so separated from your brethren, what shall we call you? A number won't suffice." Starscream pointed out.

    "I chose the name 'Steve'." Steve said with a touch of pride.

    "Steve? That's an odd name for a Transformer, very human if you ask me. A bit too blum too." Starscream remarked.

    "You mean 'glum'?" Knock Out looked strangely at Starscream.

    "Hmm? Oh yes, this accursed language continues to confuse me...but back to you, Steve. What made you choose this name?" Starscream asked pleasantly.

    "On my activation I detected a planet-wide database called the 'Internet'. I saw the name Steve used a lot on a web-forum for giant robots. The connection was obvious, and I like the name, so I chose to be called 'Steve'." Steve explained.

    "Ah, I've been on that same forum. There's a very catchy joke, but it never sticks. I think it's called 'tinkledurg' or something like that." Knock Out scratched his chin.

    "Knock Out?" Starscream said impatiently.


    "Shut up." Starscream glared at the doctor then smiled at Steve. "Well I'd best be off. I hope we meet again soon, Steve."

    Starscream turned and left the medical bay. Knock Out made a rude gesture at his back.

    "I should get going too, I need to find out what Lord Megatron wants me to do." Steve said as he climbed off the bench. "It was nice to meet you, Knock Out."
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    Haha, Steve blum....