Steal Syndrome/ Dialysis Patients

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    Guys and Girls, I know TFW is a varied group and so I come to you again looking for peer advice.

    Many of you know my Mum has been through the wringer....well it looks like we might be about heading back through.....again. *Le Sigh*

    So my question is how many of you that are on Dialysis or are close to someone that is, have steal syndrome ? What have you done to combat the numbness/ ischemic pain? Also her fistula is matured but keeps clotting?

    We are watching for an uptick in pain, fingers that are black, and so forth but its the daily pain that's beginning to wear and I feel like crap cause I don't what to do.

    So as always your thoughts are well regarded and thanks for taking the time to read.

    Also in addition to putting this out there I have been researching the hell out of this topic and naturally of course it's looking like more and more the remedy is more surgery. Boo.

    Thanks again.