Star Wars TFs Wanted - Will Trade

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by trystendaycey, Aug 16, 2010.

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    I am wanting to check out some of these guys and see if the line interests me enough to start collecting it. That said, I would prefer to trade at the moment as I want to know if I feel they are worth the $$$. I have NONE of these so am potentially interested in any complete good condition figure, but I am much more interested in Original Trilogy characters.

    Biggest Wants are:

    Darth Vader Tie Advanced
    Tie Fighter Pilot
    Luke as X-Wing
    Luke as Snowspeeder
    Millenium Falcon
    Emperor's Shuttle (prefer White but will take black also)
    Boba Fett as Slave 1 (or Jango for that matter)
    And why not: Darth Vader as Death Star

    My Haves are:

    Target Universe Leo Prime MISB
    Animated Samari Prowl, C8+ Loose Complete
    Classics Megatron C8 loose (complete since he had no loose accessories)

    I have more but will need to check out the bins. If you are looking for anything in particular shoot me a PM and I may have it.