Star Trek Micro Machines -Warning - Very addictive! ;) -

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    May 2, 2009
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    I've listed some of the better Star Trek Micro Machines for anyone who is going through a Star Trek craving because of the awesome new flick.

    Up for grabs is a complete set of the Collector's Edition Pewter variants (3 complete sets, 24 vessels, Mint-In-Box starting at a penny).

    I've also listed some single ships from the Vessel Collector's II box set. These include the Defiant, Enterprise-B, and Enterprise-D. For those who don't know, the collector's II and III sets sell for a small fortune because they had small production runs and some were the only place to get certain vessels (such as the Defiant I've listed or the Enterprise-E).

    These are great collectibles because they are small and discreet, yet very faithful to actual models from the show. The paint jobs have to be seen to be believed and are accurate down to each ships windows and classification numbers!

    One Penny Vintage Star Trek Micro Machine Auctions

    Thanks for looking!