Introductory: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Part Two (Cartoon Scale)

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    Next up: The Transformers cartoon (US continuity).


    From right to left . . . .

    Skyfire's original character model, Jetfire, smaller and toy accurate, jet mode also included.
    Skyfire's final animation model, based on Japanese scale charts showing him with Autobots and Dinobots.
    Devastator's design taken from scale charts from the cartoon, next to movie appearance which is consistent with scale chart.
    Halonix Maximus, the hologram shown in “Heavy Metal War”, now an official member of the Elite Guard and height based off scene with him and Devastator side by side.
    Omega Supreme is larger than combiners by a little, as shown in “The Key to Vector Sigma”, and consistent with the scale charts showing him larger than Devastator (I corrected the error in the scale guides for season 2 which downscaled Devastator and thus made him out of scale with himself from season 1).
    Menasor and Superion, same height as Devastator.
    Bruticus and Defensor, same height as Devastator.
    Metroplex from Scramble City, sadly Trypticon appeared only at the end of Scramble City with nothing to scale from . . . . but:
    Trypticon and Metroplex, next to Rodimus Prime and a tiny Predaking.
    Sky Lynx was so difficult to get a read on that I just said fuck it. I tried going off his height next to the Dinobots in the best made episode of season 3, “Call of the Primitives”; note that Sky Lynx is in Predaking's league, and he could be shorter than combiners because he's four-legged and longer than tall . . . .
    Predaking, consistent with combiner height though slightly taller.
    Broadside was shown in at least two sizes- around Skyfire height in “Grimlock's New Brain”, and combiner sized in “The Burden Hardest to Bear” . . . . I also included his carrier mode from the awful “Carnage in C-Minor” to compare it to Devastator (I know, scale from “Carnage in C-Minor”, why bother?).
    Abominus and Computron, same as the others.
    Fortress Maximus and Scorponok, based off Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge at their feet before their badly animated fight.

    *For the Record*
    -The scale sheets for seasons 1 and 2 released in The Ark show two different heights for Devastator. The original, giant height from season 1 is what I went with because the second season's chart comparing Optimus, Omega and Devastator was way off, shrinking Devastator dramatically. To make matters worse, Omega Supreme was smaller as a result of this. So I upscaled the side by side of Omega and Devastator based on Devastator's original height and thus getting Omega Supreme's true height as opposed to the one the Ark provided which would have been smaller than season 1's Devastator.
    -I threw in Scramble City Metroplex because it was a quick way to get Defensor in. I try to separate US and Japanese continuity, but hey, Scramble City takes place before the big US/Japan split after season 3, so whatever.
    -The scale chart I have for Trypticon and Metroplex seems to cement my theory that the animators had two different heights for combiners. The giant, 50 footers as they're normally shown, and less mammoth versions which are more or less the height of the leaders standing on their teammates. This may be why Devastator is reduced in size on the season 2 charts. The smaller height is also more common in toy commercials.
    -Fuck you, Sky Lynx.
    -I love The Rebirth, but damn it really fell short in quality. While the badly animated stills of Maximus and Scorponok cement them as being in the same category as Trypticon and Metroplex in the cartoon, it's not concrete that Maximus is the biggest if only because comparing a shitty screen shot of one big guy next to an official chart for another big guy might just be obtuse of me . . . .
    -Obviously, no Unicron. Starscream's encounter with Unicron's head was something, but the official movie charts show Unicron being slightly smaller than Cybertron which is Moon-sized. No fitting that here.

    Well my understanding of G1 is that the scale charts in the Ark book are canon period regardless of studio. Artistic license and liberties may have been taken but Optimus Prime for instance IS 6 meters tall even if AKOM does a shitty job portraying that. Much like in the comics where different artists use different styles, the cartoon can be inconsistent in its portrayals, however the goal here is to find the most official answer or best guess for true scale in the Sunbow cartoon. I take your point, but still I think that would be monotonous to divide the cartoon apart even more than I am about to; I've yet to do commercial scale, Japanese continuity scale, et cetera. I'm already separating the cartoons from the comics, and the comics will also be divided (Marvel, Dreamwave, IDW).

    Basically what's in them are all the character designs used in the comics, cartoons and Japanese series. There's also a scale chart for seasons one and two:


    One thing I forgot to include - the Guardian robots. Seeing as I have Omega Supreme, though, this should suffice.

    Well the Dinobots’ dinosaur modes are straight out of the scale guides. I only used Dinobots for reference, and I admittedly used them a lot. But I made a decision from the start not to include Dinobots or +leader-sized guys like Magnus or Sixshot, with Skyfire/Jetfire being my starting point for "giant" scale.

    The other alt modes are Jetfire's jet mode, also taken from the Ark charts, and Broadside's ship mode. Broadside I admit is too small for a carrier. Honestly I just included it as an extra. He's actually shown in a much more believable and better drawn size in season three outside of the HORRID “Carnage in C-Minor”. Again I just included it because I was on the TFWiki and saw the picture and was like "hah, Broadside-Devastator scale" and threw it in.

    His actual profile says he's over 1,000 feet long . . . . Then again Devastator's says he's "over 60 feet tall" and he's really only 52 in the cartoon.

    But that's why I'm doing these, to show the distinction in scale for giants over the different canon.


    No, my scale is not faulty. I explicitly stated this is US continuity, meaning Season 1 to The Rebirth. Headmasters and Japanese shows were not included here, the exception being Metroplex in Scramble City just because it takes place before Season 3.

    In US continuity all the citybots are roughly the same size. It's only in Japan that Scorponok and Maximus tower over their predecessors. And even that can't be said for sure in the anime, only in supplemental material like you posted. The show never actually shows Maximus and Metroplex together in robot mode.

    No, he's very clearly not Omega Supreme's size, and Cerebros does quite obviously grow that much. One need only watch scenes with Scorponok being boarded by the Decepticons, chasing and then eating Arcee . . . .

    Fort Max and Scorponok are roughly the same size class as Metroplex and Trypticon in the cartoon. Granted, Fort Max was slightly smaller than Omega in Marvel comics, and much smaller in IDW. He was larger than Metroplex in Headmasters.

    And RiD isn't actually “Fortress Maximus”; it's Brave Maximus. And considering Cerebros is like the size of a combiner in RiD/Car Robots it's not any better. But it doesn't matter since again, like Grand Maximus, Brave Maximus isn't the same Fortress Maximus of either US or Japanese continuity.

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