Introductory: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Part Three (Japanese Continuity)

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    Easier said than done. Japanese continuity is a bigger clusterfuck than American continuity. Not to mention scale is incredibly inconsistent between mediums and it's hard to really draw a line between what is canon and what isn't. Not to mention Japanese material is extremely hard to come by. But alas-


    Screencap from Headmasters lends credibility to scale chart involving Fortress Maximus, Metroplex, Raiden, Chromedome and Daniel. Chart is from... I don't know but it's widely circulated though often cropped.

    • Mega Zarak is the same size as Fortress Maximus in the anime.
    • Trypticon image is from Transformers Genrerations, a collector's book from Japan. Scaling off Megatron/Galvatron yields this size, assuming Mega/Galvatron are their typical 6 meters in height.
    • Metroplex from Scramble City can be seen in the previous volume for no reason other than Scramble City aired between Seasons 2 and 3. Which shouldn't matter because it's not American and belongs in this Japanese section but I'm lazy and not fixing it right now.
    • In the Operation Combination magazines Guard City is cited as 60 meters and Battle Gaea as 65 m.
    • Headmaster gestalt height in bottom right corner came from the official scale chart in the Ark II book, and above it is a chart I can't find sources for.
    • The Victory characters likewise are on a scale chart provided in one of the last pages of the Ark II book. It should be noted that the awkward positioning of characters makes it hard to determine intended height but fuck it. Smaller combiners than usual?
    • Masterforce has no scale chart in the Ark II book or anywhere as far as I know. However it was a general attempt on my part to determine a relative height based on typical gestalt size.
    • Likewise, I scaled the Powered Masters and Nine Decepticon Demon Generals off typical combiner-sized counterparts.
    • I didn't include characters from Battlestars because I had virtually no material to go off and what I did have was hard to actually scale from. So yeah, Fuck Battlestars and Return of Convoy. Couldn't do it.
    • I didn't include G2 Optimus because I had no art/visual to use. But Battle Convoy is listed in the G2 Japanese story as 13 meters which is huge compared to usual leader size but then it wouldn't be the first time a supplementary source contradicted the main canon-
    • Comic Bom Bom lists Metroplex's height as 800 meters which is absurd but who determines that right? Just to put that height into context....


    Not in congruence with cartoon continuity, which Japanese continuity is meant to be.

    You're referring to the Bruticus vs Metroplex commercial. However commercials tend to be in their own micro-continuities. Check the previous edition to see the scaling used for the "city" bots in the cartoon. They're more akin to large building complexes than cities. Both American and Japanese continuity used the same scale guides until the split with Headmasters.

    It should be noted, though, that the commercial in which Bruticus appears tiny by Metroplex's thigh might not have been intended scaling as they're not side-by side for long. Also, the commercials tended to down-size combiners, never showing them growing into their usual colossal heights in the cartoon of roughly 50 ft. In the commercials it's more like their size is just the sum of their parts. Lastly, the opposite is not true for Trypticon. Trypticon does not tower of Defensor as much as does Metroplex over Bruticus in their respective commercials. It may simply be artistic liscense for selling toys, not canon scale.

    5.3x actually, but yeah, different sources give conflicting senses of scale. And these are official/supplemental sources. It'd be worse if I scaled off the actual animation. Not that the quality of the animes were bad, but the scale is more inconsistent than you'd think.

    I've always rationalized it as Metroplex never actually being a true city. Rather the 'living core' of Autobot City. The cartoon and Marvel go this route, though he's substantially larger in the Marvel comics than in the cartoon. IDW sidesteps this though by making him and the Metrotitans' starships ala Fort Max in Headmasters.


    I wish I could quantify this.

    I think too big leads to an inability to properly interact with smaller characters. It's likely why Max and Scorp were so small in Marvel.

    In IDW Omega and Devastator are bigger than the Statue of Liberty.


    But I'll get to IDW another day.

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